Toilet selection key points

With the shape of a person like, look at the toilet exterior and exterior surface of the glaze is bright, glittering and translucent, whether there are ripple cracks, eye impurities, appearance symmetry, on the ground is stable and not swinging. Pay attention to the selection of toilet porcelain, porcelain delicate, glazed smooth and dense toilet, water and dirt is not easy to infiltrate, easy to clean, both beautiful and easy to clean. At present, the high-end toilet porcelain is also treated with nano glaze, which is easier to handle.

In the choice of water saving toilet, we should understand the principle of water saving, for example, some products are 6/3 double button double punching tank, there is no pressure device inside the tank, it can effectively solve the contradiction between water adding and rinsing. The flush mute of the toilet may be mute, but it is also a good strategy to reform the way of flushing. The siphon jet flush toilet reduces the noise and increases the effect of the rinsing.

The height of the water seal of the toilet is the key to prevent the smell from returning. The small seal less than 50 millimeters is easy to return and is not suitable for use. Check whether the water in the water tank is a factory product, whether it has 3, 6 liters of water-saving function, water tank, the inside of the pipe is not glazed, knocking any part of the toilet to listen to its sound is crisp.

Before buy toilet, we must make clear the exact size of the lower water inlet center from the wall, which is generally divided into 300, 400mm pits, and how much the length of our home is not understood. The toilet outlet is divided into two types, called the front outlet toilet and the rear outlet toilet. The front water toilet is suitable for large wall distance. The quality of the accessories is the guarantee of the durability of the toilet. Most of the toilet parts are made of plastic, the quality is uneven, the quality of all copper fittings is good, and the beauty is not easy to be aged.

The famous brand store of famous bathroom is not only arranged in neat and beautiful, but also usually with a sample room, which puts the qualification certificates which can prove their strength in a more obvious position. Whether the glaze of the toilet is uniform, there is no obvious color difference and deformation, glossiness is bright enough, there are obvious brown eyes, pinholes, spots, cracks, orange glaze, ripples, blotches, falling dirty and so on. If the toilet glaze quality is not good, it is easy to make the dirt hang on the four walls, and the good glaze is smooth, delicate, without defects. After repeated rinsing, it can still be as smooth as new.

The quality of the glazed surface and the green body of the toilet is very fine, and the hand feels the surface without the slightest bumpy feeling. Some of the lower and middle toilets are glazed, glazed and billets are rough, and pores can be found in the light. To observe the glaze of the reverse bend of the toilet, to reach the mouth of the toilet in the toilet, to touch the smoothness of the inside, and to extend far and far. The smooth inside is a good product, which prevents dirt and clogging and is not easy to leak.

The high grade toilet adopts high-grade ceramics, the sintering temperature of this kind of ceramic is above 1200 degrees, and the requirement of all porcelain of sanitary ware is reached, and the hand has a heavy feeling. Middle and low gear is used in the sanitary ceramics medium and low temperature ceramics, these two kinds of ceramics because of its low burning temperature, burning time is short, so it can not meet the requirements of all porcelain.

The most obvious difference between high temperature ceramics and medium and low temperature ceramics is water absorption. The toilet heated by high temperature will not suck into the sewage crack, and will not smell any more. And some medium and low temperature ceramic water absorption rate is very large, so it is easy to enter the sewage, and it is not easy to clean the smell of the strange smell, long time will also happen to crack and leak phenomenon.

The main function of the toilet is flushing, and the most important factor affecting the flushing is whether the piping design is scientific and reasonable. Therefore, the general regular shop has a water test station for customers to test the water. In the normal standard, the requirement is less than or equal to 6 litres of water, three flushes, an average of at least five water-filled table tennis flush out.