It is easy to do the 8 great trick of collecting the big space in the bathroom

Bathroom is a place which is easy to be ignored by us. This place is free and narrow, and it is not easy to place articles, and it is easy to get damp. But if we use the corners and use our brains to increase the storage capacity of the bathroom, it will bring different advantages to the little corners.

Storage key words: drawer storage
Collocation tips: the drawer type collection way to accept the reception area neat appearance, beautiful, but inside but hidden mysteries, stratified placement of various toiletries and neatly placed, not only easy to take, but also make life more simple, and add a mystical breath to the small bathroom space.

Storage key words: overall storage cabinet
Collocation tips: If bathroom have enough room, you may wish to place a top-down washroom on the side of the bathroom wall side. The middle can be used as a wash table, the following small cabinet style, the upper part is also fully used, can be used as a collection space, the overall collection cabinet style, display practical.

Storage key words: rational placement kitchen shelf
Collocation tips: If the upper space of the washing machine is not used in the washing room, it is very practical to place a movable rack here. Multi layered layering, you can put different kinds of toiletries, or put on towels, bath towels and other items, neat and generous, good storage results.

Storage key words: Wall inlay storage
Collocation tips: Using the built-in structure of the bathroom wall side, it not only increases the storage area, but also occupies no additional space, and gains two at a stroke. Towels and small toiletries are arranged in a neat and practical way.

Storage key words: Ingenious use of metal rings
Collocation tips: Even if the bathroom space is bigger, you will also have some narrow space. You will try every means to increase the storage type of space. The two sides of the bathroom can be constructed with wooden boards for stratified storage space. Layering neatly placed all kinds of supplies, very practical. The space inside the bathroom, metal tube can be used as a hanger, hanging all kinds of clothes, neat and convenient. The elliptical metal ring is attached to the outer wall of the cabinet and towels are added, which adds to the overall storage capacity.

Storage key words: Rational placement small clapboard
Collocation tips: For the Japanese, they will not let go of every corner they can make use of. Japanese love wood color, they will nail the idle wooden board on the wall, as a small storage space. Placing small bamboo baskets not only prevents dampness, but also makes the whole space look cleaner.

Storage key words: Clever use of a coat rack
Collocation tips: The coat rack built by simple lines has small space, but it can hang a lot of things, towels and clothes have the place of shelter, and the towels and other things hanging up will not be dampened. You can also hang up a small bag, you can load toiletries, towels and other items, and greatly enhance the storage capacity of small space.

Storage key words: Trapezoidal storage stacks
Collocation tips: Do you have a small ladder at home? Besides being able to help you get the things in the top cabinet, is the other time abandoned by you? The small ladder used in the bathroom, can be layered on the towel, towel and other articles on the family, and can also be placed in some toilet ornamental plants, neat and generous, from top to bottom, the size layer progressive, solid sense.