How Dissolving Hair with Chemicals?

Purchase an enzymatic drain cleaner to dissolve hair. Purchase a drain unclogging formula that is specifically made to dissolve hair and soap scum. Typically, these types of solutions contain bacteria like bacillus that is intended to feed on hair. Enzymatic drain cleaners are also gentle on pipes and bathroom surfaces.

Check the ingredients list. Caustic drain cleaners made with sodium hydroxide (and other alkaline ingredients) will dissolve soap scum but not hair. While most enzymatic drain openers are free of harmful toxins, always check the label to see if you need to wear protective clothing.

Wear protective clothing, if necessary, before opening the bottle. Refer to the instructions on the bottle about whether or not you need to protect your eyes and skin. If you’re not sure, better to be safe and wear glasses and gloves anyway. If you don’t have protective goggles, sunglasses will work just as well.

Stand outside the shower and pour the cleaning solution down the drain. Pour a slow and steady stream of the solution down the drain until half or all of the bottle is gone. You don’t need to remove the drain stopper. Refer to the instructions on your particular cleaner to see how much you should use. For heavily clogged drains, you might want to use the whole bottle.

Make sure there is no standing water in the shower or tub. If there is, wait until it has drained away before you pour in the formula. Let the unclogging formula sit for 2 hours or for the recommended time. Allow at least 2 hours for the drain opener to dissolve all the hair and grime in the pipes. Refer to the instructions on the bottle to see how long the manufacturer says to let it sit.