How Buying Your Bathroom Mirror?

Stick to your budget. Mirrors can range widely in price, so take into account your desired size and style when determining a budget. Mirrors with more accessories, such as built-in lighting or technological features, will be more expensive than simpler models. You can also cut costs and create a unique piece by adding your own trim to a frameless mirror.

Head to the specialty mirror store if you want professional help. The staff can give you advice about style, sizing, and accessories if you need guidance. Make sure you bring in your measurement information to aid with selection. Purchase online if you’re confident in your decision. Buying online can be cheaper if you know exactly what you want. Be sure to read the labeling carefully and know the exact dimensions of the mirror before you buy, since you can’t see it in person.

Try the clearance section, but know the return policy first. Finding a cheap mirror on clearance can be great, but it can often look different on the wall than it did in the store. Make sure you can return it if necessary.

Choose a vanity cabinet with a mirrored front for more storage. You can save space by having your mirror also serve as a medicine cabinet. You can choose a mounted cabinet, which stands out from the wall, or a recessed one, which is set into the wall so the mirror is flush with the surface of the wall.

Choose a mirror with built-in lighting if your bathroom is poorly-lit. This can save you the hassle of buying lights or sconces separately. For those looking to achieve a sleek, modern look, mirrors with backlit LED light borders are an elegant, futuristic-looking choice.