The decoration method of making small apartment bathroom space twice larger

How does a small bathroom have a delicate space? How will big space enjoy the upgrade? As one of the important rooms of the family, bathroom design should not be underestimated. Practicality, lighting, detail and comfort are all indispensable, and rational layout is the way to win in space. The bathroom has changed from a single shower and toilet to a more beautiful and humanized activity space.

The space is not big, but the bathroom function is not too small. Reasonable design is particularly important, small space with exquisite and practical is the kingly way. Dry and wet separation has always been the goal of the bathroom. The bathroom is divided into two, dry and wet separation can keep the area outside the bath dry hygiene, from the shower area to the hand wash table, the smart structure lets the function no longer interfere with each other. The glass separation is more thorough, the shower curtain saves the space more flexibly, has the dry wet separation, also does not fear to rob the toilet.

Too small space has always been a headache for small spaces, and it can only make every effort to use every corner. Especially the bathroom, it is closely related to our life, make good use of space, so that the bathroom looks twice as large. For small sanitary bathroom space, we must first ensure that its functions are complete and can meet our daily needs. After that, reasonable space layout planning should be carried out, and dry and wet separation should be considered, so as to expand the space on the basis of bathroom maintenance.

The bathroom in dream is placed in an orderly way, allowing you to relax physically and mentally throughout the day. But the reality is the disorderly counter or the dirty clothes everywhere, which makes you realize the importance of receiving. We need to use some storage tools to help us solve this problem. The bathroom cabinet can store large and small objects, making the table clean and tidy. And dirty clothes basket can put dirty clothes together, very convenient.

BARANA bathroom cabinet selection is simple European style solid wood, light luxury and elegance. Large and high-definition silver mirrors, high temperature ceramic pots and rubber solid wood cabinets show their high quality. In addition, its large capacity bathroom cabinet body is also very attractive. Large items can be easily accommodated, making it easy to receive.

Every place can not pass, the bathroom wall space can not be wasted. The use of some wall locker is very convenient to install, and it can also absorb more things. But Wall storage should also pay attention to planning and placing, otherwise the bathroom will be chaotic. If the bathroom space is really small, you may choose the hanging bathroom cabinet and the table, which can save a lot of space. And the space below the bathroom cabinet can also be used to solve the problem of storage. Special attention is needed to prevent moisture and corrosion. The metal storage rack can store towels and articles with holes or laces, and has a variety of storage functions. And its welding is tight and seamless, the whole is firm and stable, and the feel is lubricated without burrs. It fully integrates space with aesthetics, which is both durable and practical.

Wall hanging bathroom cabinet, modern Chinese design, to show simple luxury atmosphere. The original stone mineral resources are selected with hard texture and strong resistance to contamination. Using the South style carving technology, the craftsmen crafted hand by hand, which is durable and durable. There are wall hung upper and lower bathroom cabinets designed for large storage space. Choose a large area of the bath mirror, using the principle of mirror reflection, small apartment bathroom can also be very spacious. The most common is the dressing mirror. Under the reflection of the mirror, people have a spatial illusion that the bathroom space is bigger. At the same time, the mirror can reflect the gloss of the tiles, and show the spacious and bright bathroom. Behind some mirrors are dark bathroom cabinets, which can store bits and pieces of small objects and increase storage space.