What are the precautions for bathroom maintenance?

Everyone is familiar with the basin, and the basin is a tool for filling the liquid, which is mainly used to clean the face. Many people used to wash their faces with the basin. Now, although the faucet has been invented, there are many people who will use the basin. The basin is a kind of face washing tool for people’s life. Wash basins can be divided into many types. Stainless steel basins and ceramic washbasins are more common. Some washbasins are made of plastic. Bathroom washbasins are generally divided into three forms: the table basin, the wall-hang basin and the pedestal basin.

Table basin: the general owner of the table basin is mainly suitable for the bathroom with large area. It can be used in combination with the table surface of natural stone or artificial stone. It can also be used as a bathroom cabinet under the table surface. The bathrooms are both beautiful and practical. The table type basin is also a platform for trimming the upper stage basin and the lower floor basin. The upper basin of the trimming platform is directly installed on the stage, and the washbasin trimming can modify the table surface, which is more beautiful compared with the lower basin. The platform is equipped with solid table material and installed under the table. It is easier to clean than the table basin.

Wall-hang basin: hanging basin, also known as hanging wall type basin. Hanging style basin installation is relatively simple, only need to install according to the steps of the installation drawings can be installed, this basin should be built in the decoration of a short wall, the water pipe into the wall. There are many kinds of hanging basins, many families like to use this, and some public places also use more.

Pedestal basin: simple and generous, although it does not possess the nature of receipt, it is convenient and comfortable to use. The pedestal basin is suitable for the low use rate of the toilet, or the simple bathroom. The general pedestal basin can hide the drainage assembly into the pedestal basin, which has a striking visual focus, and the space under the washbasin is more open and easy to clean.

Maintenance method
1.change the bad habit of placing articles on the basin.
2.The daily necessities of larger size or heavier weight on the top of the basin are installed in addition to the storage cabinet to facilitate the collection of daily necessities and avoid placing on the make-up board.

3. Clean at ordinary times: the appearance of porcelain is soft, brush or sponge clean with neutral detergent, but avoid hot water washing to prevent the basin from cracking. If you want to use the basin to hold water, put cold water in the first place to avoid hot burns.
4. Regular maintenance: the bottom of the bay head can be removed, and the accumulated stains can be removed to keep drainage unobstructed.

5. Regularly check whether there is dark crack in the basin, fill the basin with water and pour it into the colored paint for one night. If there is a dark crack, you can see clearly.
6. When cleaning the basin, we should try to use the sponge cleaning agent to clean, avoid the use of the vegetable cloth, or scrub with hard brush, acid alkali chemical agent or solvent, because it will form fine scratches on the surface of the basin and make it become coarse and easy to deposit dirt.
7. When cleaning the basin, you must pay special attention to the dead part of the joint below the table.