Bathroom decoration details in place, bathing out of the real ego

The bathroom is the second place in addition to the bedroom that lets us out and release ourselves. What details should we pay attention to in order to put up a beautiful and comfortable bathroom? Most bathroom areas are divided into wash area, shower area and toilet area. The location needs to be determined according to the size of the bathroom space. Before the bathroom decoration, it is necessary to have a rough layout plan, otherwise the size of the sanitary ware product is very difficult to handle.

Most of the bathroom area planning is not big, but want to place a lot of things. At this time, you can design a group of wall-hang bathroom cabinets above the toilet, and design a wall mounted small locker above the washing table. Below can also design some receiving cabinet, can also carry on the hollowing treatment to the wall surface, post the floor tile, can form a shelving table, save place to put the bathroom sanitary wares, vacate a lot of space to collect.

Bathroom in the architectural design of the design of the toilet has been arranged in the water position, unless the position is not enough or the design is not reasonable, otherwise it is not appropriate to move and change easily, otherwise the project is not only large, but also the decoration technology is not in place, easy to leave a lot of hidden water hidden danger.

In order to prevent water from soaking through the wall, resulting in moldy walls, the renovation of bathroom decoration, the ground should be fully waterproof. When laying waterproof layer, it should be above 20 cm above the wall and at least not below the threshold height. When the floor has reserved pipes, the waterproof layer must also be wrapped with reserved pipes. After the floor waterproofing is done well, it is necessary to immediately use cement mortar to make bottoming or make protective measures to prevent the waterproofing layer from being damaged.

If the bathroom is not installed in the bathroom, the bad gas and moisture in the bathroom can not be discharged outside. It is still just in the bathroom or is a continuous circulation in the room, which is not conducive to the health of the home air environment. With the exhaust system, the water vapor quickly disperses after shower, which helps protect the washing machine and bathroom cabinet.

It is often heard that there are shower room, glass basin and other exploding incidents. This is mainly related to the quality of the glass used. Good tempered glass is generally hard to break and does not hurt when broken. The eyesight of purchasing is very important at this time, so it requires a lot of effort.

Many people have done a lot of measures for the odour of the ground leakage, but we should know that the most direct way to prevent odor is to cut off. The more you take measures, the slower the water speed is. For the future water consideration, it is recommended to choose a good odour floor leak. The bathroom floor often has water supply. Ordinary tiles are easy to slip over. Especially for families with old people and children, we should pay more attention to this problem. Therefore, we must pay attention to the skid resistance when choosing the floor tiles for the bathroom. Although the price is more expensive, it is the safety and health of the family when they use it.

Bathing at home has become the habit of most people, but usually the bathroom is not a warm place, especially in winter, the temperature difference is very easy for people to get sick. Therefore, heating equipment such as floor heating, heat sink, bath bully and so on is also an indispensable item in bathroom. And the type of product should be determined according to the specific circumstances. As space expands and functions increase, more and more electrical appliances in bathroom are also available. Many families are equipped with intelligent toilet, bath room, massage bathtub, multifunctional bathroom cabinet and other audio-visual equipment such as sanitary ware, TV or stereo. When the budget is limited, it is possible to reserve the sockets first so as not to trouble the wiring again in the future.