Summer Decoration Guide: Let Messy Bathroom Instantly Refreshing

Sliding mirror, cabinet, reasonable use, storage

As far as the whole bathroom space is concerned, it is necessary to reserve a cabinet for all kinds of toiletries, which can ensure the clean and comfortable space of the whole bathroom, as well as bath and toilet.

In addition to the column has a special wet packing area, inside the cabinet is designed specifically for hidden waterproof socket, plug in electrical appliances such as small bathroom, very humane.Wall hanging bathroom product

In the improvement of the small family bathroom, the use of recessed approach: for example, one of the bathrooms will be hollowed out, processed into a shelving, placed debris. In addition, can also consider using wall mounted bathroom products, such as wall mounted washbasin, toilet, bathroom products that can save about 10 cm space than ordinary bathroom products, so that the narrow toilet becomes more spacious.