How much space is it enough for the bathroom?

Bathroom function is most people choose room and decoration easily overlooked part, a suite should design several bathroom accessories, I am afraid the opinion is more difficult to unify. A room with a bathroom cabinet is absolutely genuine local tyrant. For most people, what kind of bathroom ideas is the most reasonable?

At present, the design of commercial housing, less than 90 square meters of small space more than a bathroom , 90-140 square meters of large and medium-space basically two bathroom,main bathroom +guest bathroom. Toilet mainly put three pieces of sanitary ware, that is, wash basin, toilet and bathtub or shower, so it should be more than 3 types. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient for people to turn in the inside.

In the bathroom tiles setting, if it is a bathroom  with a bathtub, the net width of the toilet should not be less than 1.6 meters; if it is a shower toilet, the net width should not be less than 1.2 meters. However, is the bathroom adequate for these designs enough? It is still not enough.

According to the three room of 120 square meters, if two generations live, most of them are four families, and three generations are at least five. Look at what functions as a “qualified”  bathroom bathtub : hand washing basin, bathroom cabinet, toilet, shower room, laundry, make-up table, and storage box. A bathroom actually needs to bear so many functions. We have to do so many things in the bathroom.

Two bathroom can do so many things, in fact, it is not enough, or will “crash”. When more and more people realized this, housing decoration began to introduce the concept of “dry and wet separation”. After the dry and wet separation bathroom is renovated, the “dry area” is used for daily washing, storing and washing, and the “wet area” is used for bath shower and going to the toilet.

This design can make the bathroom meet the different needs of the two parties in the same period, and solve the problem of “crash” in the bathroom to a certain extent. Bath shower, wash basin, toilet, wash clothes are all in a large bathroom, but they can be used at the same time, do not interfere with each other, a bathroom can allow four people at the same time.

Apart from the design of bathroom area and functional area, its distribution is also very particular. The bathroom should be adjacent to the bedroom, and the door should not be right to the living room. If the bathroom is directly facing the living room, the front room should be set in the toilet, and the washing machine can be placed in the front room. And most importantly, the size of the bathroom should be consistent with the area standard of the whole building.