Protecting Your Sink from Scratches or Damages

Wash the sink with a soft sponge. Although ceramic is a tough, durable material, it can still be damaged if scrubbed with an abrasive material. Do not use scouring pads to clean your ceramic sink, especially any pads made of wire or metal. Also do not use scouring powders to clean your ceramic sink, as they could scratch or damage the surface. Instead of these, clean the sink with a soft, non-abrasive sponge.

Some cleaning companies manufacture scouring liquids. Also avoid using these on the ceramic sink. Clean with a gentle, ceramic-specific product. Do not use concentrated drain cleaners in your ceramic sink. Although these products are advertised as being safe on all surfaces, a chemically potent concentrated drain cleaner may damage or erode the surface of your ceramic sink.

If you would like to use a drain cleaner, look for a gentler cleanser that is specifically designed for use on ceramic or porcelain. You may be more likely to find such a drain cleaner at a health store or a natural foods store.

Wash dishes in the sink or in a metal container. Be careful to avoid washing dishes in large plastic bowls. Although the plastic bowls themselves will not harm the ceramic, the bowls will likely accumulate grit and dirt on their bottoms through normal use. This grit can scratch the surface of the ceramic on the bottom of your sink, and these scratches cannot be removed.

When you wash dishes, either fill the sink itself with soapy water, or find a large vessel that will not collect grit on its bottom. For example, use a large metal saucepan.

How Using Commercial or Homemade Cleaners?

Clean soap scum with a commercial glass cleaner if you have it. Spray a little bit of the cleaner on a small area of your shower door, then wipe it off with a clean cloth. If this “test spray” works, repeat this process on the rest of the shower door to clean all the soap scum off of it.

You can buy commercial glass cleaners like Windex or Glance at any grocery store that sells cleaning supplies. You can also try removing the soap scum with an all-purpose bathroom surface cleaner, although this isn’t as likely to be effective as a glass cleaner.

Opt for a damp magic cleaning eraser or dryer sheet for small jobs. Soak the magic cleaning eraser or dryer sheet in a small amount of clean water. Then, scrub the scummy area in a small, circular motion to clean it. This is the best option to take if there’s only a little bit of soap scum you have to clean.

You can buy Magic Erasers and dryer sheets at any grocery store. Using a magic cleaning eraser is also the best method to use if you don’t want to put any chemicals or scented products on your shower door. Use a homemade cleaner made out of vinegar and dish soap. Bring a small pot of vinegar to a boil. Then, using a measuring cup, add equal parts of hot vinegar and dish soap to a spray bottle and mix the ingredients together.

Spray this mixture onto the soap scum and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Finally, rinse the mixture off of the door while scrubbing it with a microfiber cloth. Be very careful when working with hot vinegar, as it will burn you if you get it on your skin. For best results, leave the mixture on your shower door overnight before rinsing it off. If there’s any scum that doesn’t come off when you scrub it with the microfiber cloth, switch to a stiff-bristled brush and scrub a bit more forcefully.

The small bathroom has great knowledge

Looking at the room selection, we noticed that many units have two Bathroom, one is a public Bathroom, and the other is a Bathroom with the master bedroom. Bathroom this daily use frequency is relatively high place, when choosing and purchasing, should pay attention to what aspects of the problem?

The advantages and disadvantages of the main bedroom belt Bathroom. The master bedbelt Bathroom is more convenient, there is more private space of their own, even if three generations live together, the couple also has their own independent space. When the family has a large population, there is no need to line up in the Bathroom.

Shortcomings: The Bathroom is the place where the water vapor gathers, is humid, and the smell is relatively big, easy to float to the bedroom. Sound insulation effect is not good, the upper floor of households in the toilet flushing, bathing and other running water sound, will affect the owner’s rest. If you want to transform the Bathroom of the master bedroom into a cloakroom, small study, etc., more difficult, not easy to transform.

What should we pay attention to in choosing Bathroom? Whether there is a window in the Bathroom, it is easy to ventilate. No matter where you are, Bathroom in your home should be protected from darkness. If the Bathroom in the master bedroom has windows, the problems of dampness and odor can be solved.

Look at the location of the Bathroom, public Bathroom door should not be facing the door, to pay attention to the privacy of the Bathroom. The Bathroom of the master bedroom should not be opposite to the bed, because the large amount of water vapor produced by bathing in the Bathroom every day will rush directly to the bedroom with the air flow, and bedding is extremely easy to absorb water vapor.

Look at the pattern and size of the Bathroom. Many people like dry and wet separation and three separated Bathroom. Like to pay attention to the size and pattern of the Bathroom, whether it is easy to arrange as they like. In addition, we should pay attention to the number and location of floor drain. Bathing area needs a floor drain for drainage, and there is also a floor drain in this area. Pay attention to the location of the floor drain is reasonable, whether easy to place the shower area, but also to ensure the utilization of toilet space.

Pay attention to the privacy of Bathroom, whether it is easy to be peeped by other tenants. Some Bathroom windows are designed outside the apartment. In order to be sanitary, the Bathroom windows are set in the corridor, that is, the outside of the house. The small Bathroom has a great function. When buying a house, we should not neglect the Bathroom. We should pay attention to the matters we should pay attention.

The best way to choose bathroom toilet

Look at the appearance of the toilet. Careful inspection is very important. Choose toilet, the first thing to look at is the appearance, in the end what kind of toilet appearance is the best? The glaze is smooth and glossy. The quality of the toilet should be smooth without foaming and color saturation. After inspecting the outer surface glaze, you should also touch the toilet sewer, if rough, then easy to cause blockage.

Knock on the toilet and listen to the sound. High temperature fired stool has low water absorption and is not easy to absorb sewage and produce peculiar smell. Medium and low-grade toilet water absorption is very high, easy to smell and difficult to clean, a long time, there will be cracks and leakage phenomenon. Test method: tap the toilet gently with the hand, if the voice is hoarse, not clear and loud, it is likely to crack, or the product is not cooked.

need to check the weight of the toilet. The average toilet weight is about 25kg, and a good toilet is about 50kg. High-grade toilet because of the high temperature when firing, reached the level of all-ceramic, so there will be a heavy feeling in the hands. Test method: pick up the lid of the water tank with both hands, and check the weight.

Selecting structure is the most important part quality. In addition to the appearance, the selection of toilet also need to see clearly the structure, outlet, caliber, tank water, and so on, these parts can not be ignored, otherwise it will affect the use of the entire bathroom.

Many brands now have 2-3 drain holes (depending on the caliber), but the more the drain holes, the more the impact. Bathroom outlet has drainage and horizontal drainage, to measure the distance between the center of the outlet and the wall behind the tank, buy the same type of toilet to “sit apart from each other.” The outlet of the horizontal drainage toilet should be equal to the height of the horizontal outlet, preferably slightly higher.

Bathroom internal caliber test. The sewage pipe with large caliber and glazed inner surface is not easy to hang dirt, and the sewage discharge is rapid and powerful, which can effectively prevent blockage. Test method: put the whole hand into the toilet, and generally have a palm capacity.

Brand toilet and common toilet water quality is very different, because almost every family has experienced the hardship of water tank, so when choosing toilet, do not ignore the water this link. Test method: put the water part to the end and hear the button giving out crisp sound for the best. The most important inspection of toilets is the actual test, the water tank, flushing effect, water use, etc. to do a personal inspection test, so that the selection of toilets have quality assurance.

The water leakage of the water storage tank of the toilet can be determined by the sound of dripping water, which is generally not easy to detect. Test method: Put blue ink into the toilet water tank, mix well and see if there is blue water flowing out of the toilet outlet, if there is, indicating the toilet leak. The toilet should have the basic functions of scouring thoroughly.

The flush type and siphon flushing type toilets have strong discharge capacity, but only sound when flushing. The swirling toilet has large water consumption at a time, but has a good mute effect. It is recommended that direct siphon toilet can not only wash dirt quickly, but also save water. Test method: Place a piece of white paper in the toilet, drip a few drops of blue ink into the toilet, and flush the toilet when the paper is dyed blue. See if the toilet flushes thoroughly and listen to the mute effect of flushing.

How much space is it enough for the bathroom?

Bathroom function is most people choose room and decoration easily overlooked part, a suite should design several bathroom accessories, I am afraid the opinion is more difficult to unify. A room with a bathroom cabinet is absolutely genuine local tyrant. For most people, what kind of bathroom ideas is the most reasonable?

At present, the design of commercial housing, less than 90 square meters of small space more than a bathroom , 90-140 square meters of large and medium-space basically two bathroom,main bathroom +guest bathroom. Toilet mainly put three pieces of sanitary ware, that is, wash basin, toilet and bathtub or shower, so it should be more than 3 types. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient for people to turn in the inside.

In the bathroom tiles setting, if it is a bathroom  with a bathtub, the net width of the toilet should not be less than 1.6 meters; if it is a shower toilet, the net width should not be less than 1.2 meters. However, is the bathroom adequate for these designs enough? It is still not enough.

According to the three room of 120 square meters, if two generations live, most of them are four families, and three generations are at least five. Look at what functions as a “qualified”  bathroom bathtub : hand washing basin, bathroom cabinet, toilet, shower room, laundry, make-up table, and storage box. A bathroom actually needs to bear so many functions. We have to do so many things in the bathroom.

Two bathroom can do so many things, in fact, it is not enough, or will “crash”. When more and more people realized this, housing decoration began to introduce the concept of “dry and wet separation”. After the dry and wet separation bathroom is renovated, the “dry area” is used for daily washing, storing and washing, and the “wet area” is used for bath shower and going to the toilet.

This design can make the bathroom meet the different needs of the two parties in the same period, and solve the problem of “crash” in the bathroom to a certain extent. Bath shower, wash basin, toilet, wash clothes are all in a large bathroom, but they can be used at the same time, do not interfere with each other, a bathroom can allow four people at the same time.

Apart from the design of bathroom area and functional area, its distribution is also very particular. The bathroom should be adjacent to the bedroom, and the door should not be right to the living room. If the bathroom is directly facing the living room, the front room should be set in the toilet, and the washing machine can be placed in the front room. And most importantly, the size of the bathroom should be consistent with the area standard of the whole building.

Beautiful and clean coexist, bathroom floor tile selection and purchase skills.

In the bathroom, the home environment is very special. The bathroom floor is bathed in water almost every day, and the moisture is very heavy. So, when doing home decoration, what floor tiles are in the bathroom?

Generally, the mosaic tiles with high quality have low water absorption rate, so that they can quickly dry. If the floor tiles does not indicate the water absorption rate, the tea or water drops can be used on the back of the tiles, and the diffusion degree of the water drops will be inspected a few minutes later, the less water absorbs, which means that the water absorption rate is low and the quality is better.

After heat expansion and contraction, the medallion tiles with high water absorption rate will cause the crack of the tiles surface and the whole wall floor tiles, and the decoration of the northern area bathroom in the four seasons is more important to pay attention to this problem.


When choosing bathroom floor tiles with high texture density, when choosing tiles, you can observe whether the tiles surface is smooth, and whether there are pinholes of uneven thickness. At the same time, you can knock the tiles to hear whether the voice is crisp, which indicates that the has high density and good hardness. Such bathroom cabinet are laid in bathroom space, it is not easy to damage, but also easy to maintain and clean.

The choice between the shower, toilet and the basin is dry and wet. It can be well divided by different materials and varieties of bathroom basin, so that they can not interfere with each other, avoid the past kind of splash. This is one of the most common decoration methods in foreign countries.

The color of toilet is first selected according to the overall style of the bathroom, followed by the color that one likes. For most of the small space bathroom, the color of bathroom tiles is the best choice for light colored tiles, not black or dark. Light color can reflect the effect of sight from the light, making the bathroom look more spacious and bright. When choosing bathroom tiles, place tiles on the same color and pattern from outside 0.8m.

Bathroom floor tile specifications are more common size 300mm*300mm, bathtub water absorption rate is generally around 1%. The decoration materials for the wall and floor of the bathroom are glazed tiles,polished tiles and mosaic tiles. The specifications for bara tiles are 300 x 300mm and 330 x 330mm. The bathroom space is smaller than the living space, and the corners are many. Try not to use the large marble porcelain tiles. Because big size tiles cutting frequency is high, the waste is bigger, also does not suit the floor drain, the inconvenient ground leveling, causes the waste.

When choosing shower tray, it can be identified by judging the thickness of glaze layer on tiles. The surface of the polished tiles can be scratched with hard objects. If there is scratch, it means that the glaze is not enough. When the thin glaze layer on the tile surface is polished, the tiles surface will be easy to store dirt, and it is difficult to clean up and lack safety. And some floor tiles which no glazed, generally unsuitable for a wet and closed environment, because the pores on the tiles can not absorb water and can not be diverged, and can also lead to the appearance of mould.

How do I choose the bathroom? BARANA tells you.

The bathroom is a form of expression that best reflects the master’s artistic taste. With the development of society, the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people’s aesthetic ideas, the toilet has also become a fashion theme in the family decoration. Through the collocation of various products, the artistic taste of every family, the status of the master and the space of the modern elegant life are reflected.

Apart from considering the size, style and color of the bathroom cabinet, the following factors should be considered: moisture-proof, waterproof and moth proofing. The quality of materials directly affects the quality of products, preferably with moisture-proof materials. BARANA multi-storey solid wood board has good structural stability, is not easy to deform, and green environmental protection, environmental protection grade reaches E0 level.

The higher the glossiness of the toilet, the higher the density is, the easier it is to clean. The quality of porcelain is directly related to the life of the toilet. The higher the firing temperature is, the better the quality of porcelain is. The flushing performance of the toilet depends directly on the design of the pipeline, and is also related to the height of the water tank and the water parts. Modern popular flushing methods toilet include direct impact, siphon type and so on. The straight pipe has large diameter and strong flushing. The siphon toilet is due to the pressure difference, which causes the liquid to flow from a high pressure water level to a low pressure level and full of siphons. The noise of the flush is small.

The quality of the water determines whether the toilet is used normally, and more than 90% of the problems appear on the water parts. It is necessary to check the water parts carefully when buying. It is best to install it before the factory comes out, see whether the structure is compact, whether the active connection is sensitive and reliable, and whether the sealing water part is smooth. In line with the concept of water-saving and environmental protection, 6 liters of flushing is a trend, 3/6 up to two stalls, good results.

The wheel base of shower room pulley should use materials that are resistant to compression and heavy resistance, such as 304 stainless steel and high-end synthetic materials. The bearing has good sealing performance, water vapor is not easy to enter the wheel, and the smoothness of the wheels is guaranteed. The pulley and the track should be closely integrated and the gap is small, so it is not easy to fall off when external force is struck, avoiding safety accidents.

Related to glass material, can be divided into ordinary glass and tempered glass, ordinary glass is cheap to use unsafe, now more use of toughened glass, according to national standard safety steel glass per 50*50mm area to reach more than 60 pieces. 3C marks are generally certified on a safe glass. 3C certification is the abbreviation of China compulsory product certification. Shower room without this logo can not be sold. The pull rod of shower room is an important support to ensure the stability of Frameless Shower room. The hardness and intensity of the pull rod are important guarantee for the impact resistance of Shower room. It is recommended not to use a stretchable pull rod, but its strength is weak.

It is often necessary to support the weight of tens of kilograms of glass. If the hardness and thickness are not enough, the service life of the shower room will be very short. Check to see if the surface of aluminum is smooth, whether there is chromatic aberration and trachoma, and section finish. When used for waste aluminum, the smoothness of the surface treatment is not enough, there will be obvious chromatic aberration and sand holes, and the smoothness of the section will be dim.

Now the bathroom is to a kind of noble, elegant style change, the popular thing is not necessarily good, the rapid rise of the avant-garde often, for durable consumer goods is out of date and disappear with the product. And the personality and the classic brand, often have a profound cultural background, its elegant taste, unique, combined with the characteristics of the times and traditional culture, creating a very strong cultural products. BARANA, with bathroom furniture as the soul, is committed to creating a fashion, comfortable and friendly living space for more people and becoming a continuing leader in the classic fashion home bathroom.

How to decorate a small space bathroom?

The bathroom is a necessary functional area in the home. Regardless of the decoration effect of other spaces in the home, the washroom must be well decorated. If the toilet area is large enough you can add the required parts according to the daily needs, but if there have the small space bathroom needs more attention in order to achieve the ideal use effect.

A small bathroom has three functions: shower, wash table and toilet. It is the necessary place to solve personal bathroom. Many people plan the bathroom into dry area and wet area, it is convenient to live and improve the quality of life, but the size of the small space bathroom itself is limited, so it can be designed with the help of shower door, shower curtain and so on. The effect is the same. Small space bathroom in the decoration must be more attention to practicality, some looking beautiful but the actual use of material will be avoided, especially the double pole towel rack this comparison occupies space, but in fact, can not hang two towels of material not to choose. The size between washbasin and water taps material needs to be matched with the choice. Wall decoration can also choose some cheap and fine domestic floor tiles and wall tiles to paving.

Many small bathroom is located in the inner room, and their daylighting is not enough. Therefore, the selection of lighting in lamps and lanterns should be paid more attention to it, and the special environment of the to bathroom is taken into account. It is better to choose some incandescent chandeliers which can be waterproof and explosion-proof to make up for the shortage of lighting problems. The styling of lamps and lanterns can be simple and fashionable, it can also broaden our horizons. Small bathroom wash area, the choice of the basin, bathroom cabinet and other equipment more inclined to shape small and exquisite, to avoid redundant decoration, especially the wash mirror can choose square. The design of towel rack should also be concise, and the height of the towel rack is the same as that of the basin, which is more convenient for human body engineering. The basin should not be selected for the pedestal basin. The space of the column is basically wasted. The wash basin on the lower counter has better storage and can store scattered items.

Small space bathroom in the color selection of the best use of light color system, can be match with white and some bright yellow, light blue, and so on, this way will not cause visual, spiritual, and other aspects of the depression. There are many functions in the bathroom, and many items are used, such as washing products such as washing face milk, sanitary and cleaning articles such as toothbrush cup, shaving tools and so on, and so on. All of these fragmentary items are added up very much, without receiving it in the bathroom, it is more chaotic. At this time, we can put some multifunctional receiving boxes in the bathroom, and can set up common bathroom cabinet, mirror bathroom cabinet and bottom bathroom cabinet and so on.

How should be decorated the bathroom without windows?

No window toilet decoration must use a light color system based on white. It can make the space more light and bright, and also reflect light. The light is not enough and the light comes together. Main lamp and local lighting. For example, bath area lighting, wash area lights, mirror headlights, wall lamps, so that there is a sense of space and bright. The lighting should be considered as uniform as possible, and the headlights should be enhanced. Also, you can arrange double control switches outside the bathroom, so that the lights can be opened before entering the bathroom.

Add a window. We can open a window without windows. If the exterior of the house is not damaged, we can open the room by ourselves, such as opening a window between the rooms on the side. A window is installed between the bathroom and the bedroom, and the blinds are installed. The appearance and mood are good. It can be used as a reference for improving lighting. If you feel that the washroom and the bedroom window, afraid of the tide affect the bedroom, you can open the window after sealing a glass, so not only to solve the problem of lighting, but also will not have tidal gas invasion. If it is the main guardian, it can simply smash the wall and transform it into a transparent internal shield of the whole glass. The curtain can be added outside, and privacy will not be a big problem. If it is the secondary, the outside is the living room or other public space, the window may involve the privacy, in fact, glass brick or grind glass is a good solution, can improve the bathroom lighting, and consider the privacy.

Moisture-proof. First must be dry and wet. The bathroom without windows is old and honest with a completely dry and wet separate shower room. The shower curtain is really chicken ribs here. The waterproof splash is still available, but the barrier to water vapour is useless. Moisture removal equipment. Some of the bathing bully module has the function of dehumidification, or if the problem is serious, it can also increase the dehumidifier in the later period. When the water and electricity are done, you can leave one more socket for the later use. Whether it is a window toilet or a toilet without windows, the problem of waterproofing is very important. The common waterproof problem is not to say, if it is the window toilet renovation when the window or change to glass, the wall should be well waterproof work, glass and other materials to link the location of glass glue.

The paint is waterproof, the bathroom in the general residence is small, and the pipeline is worn through the floor. Nowadays, the material used as waterproof is generally paint. The following are the two kinds of waterproof coating used in toilet water. Synthetic polymer waterproof polyurethane coatings (such as corners need to add polyester cloth, glass fiber cloth, etc.).

The bathroom should be leveled on the ground before the waterproof treatment, and the ground will look for the slope in the direction of floor drain. Cement mortar or pea concrete can be used, but the surface should be smooth. The slope near the entrance is small, and the slope near the floor drain is large. The ground is not flat. When the waterproof coating is painted, it may be painted uneven, or the ground is easily cracked because of the uneven surface. So even if the coating is applied to the ground, it will lose the waterproof effect as the ground is cracked.

The pipe root needs to strengthen the water proof, the pipeline passes through the floor of the floor, should strengthen the waterproof, seal the pipe root with the building seal, then use the cement to smooth, brush the waterproof coating and attach the glass cloth to the 1~2 layer. Toilet waterproof wall treatment, wall treatment needs clean flat light, no floating ash, small particles, wall ground intersection into small original angle or slope angle, brush waterproof coating with glass cloth reinforced layer 1~2 layer. Polyurethane waterproof coating thickness, the total thickness of polyurethane waterproof coating requires more than 1.5 millimeters, can not depend on the number of times, the pipe root, wall corner strengthening layer first brush, dry after a large area of brush, smear scraping, do not have leaking, bubbling, large area brush after a day after curing the next layer.

Toilet waterproof painting, first brush the facade and brush the plane, the next brush direction and the vertical, the last time when the film semi – solidified, throw the coarse sand, easy to combine with cement mortar in the future. Toilet waterproof ground brush requirements: the ground waterproof layer should be painted out of the bathroom outside the 30CM, waterproof floor waterproof layer should be high out of the ground 20CM, the bathroom wall waterproof layer with shower should be high out of the ground 180MM.

Design techniques for bathroom dark doors worthy of reference

The bathroom is a very special area in the home. It is not only a place for people to go to the toilet, but also a place for people to clean the body, so it needs more attention when the function area is decorated. Due to the consideration of aesthetics and geomantic omen, many people will make the washroom door into a secret door. What are the kinds of toilet doors and design skills? The following articles will share with you on these issues and look forward to helping those in need.

Sliding doors, such doors have no door frame, no door locks and door locks and so on hardware, so people call it invisible door. In order to integrate the door with the wall, many people will design the door to be a push door, the wooden push door open is the sanitary, which not only saves space, but also ensures the beauty of the bedroom.

180 degrees revolving door, if you do not like to push the door, you can also design the dark door to 180 degrees of rotation door, the dark door and wall color and pattern are the same, as if the invisible invisible. The use of this kind of secret door can not only make the living room more beautiful, but also use it very conveniently.

The living room bathroom door, the modern style living room, if open a door next to the TV wall, will affect the overall beauty, using the dark door design, because the dark door has no other door frame and door design, and decorated with the same as the background wall ornaments, the dark door and the whole living room of the perfect combination of style, not only play the role of decoration, but also shielded the lack of the visual effect of the toilet.

Under the stairs, the washroom door, in order to facilitate the use, a lot of people will design a bathroom design below the staircase, the same is the use of the dark door design, the dark door and the wall in color to ensure consistency, from the appearance that there is no bathroom here, very good to do the secret.

The hidden door in the bedroom, for health and the use of convenience and other aspects of consideration, many people will be in the bedroom to design a bathroom cabinet, in order to make the bedroom more beautiful. At the same time, in order to avoid the water vapour to the bedroom in the bedroom, the design of the dark door is also adopted. The design of the door is the same as the bedroom background wall. It is not only simple and fashionable, creative, but also able to form a whole with the surrounding environment, and the sense of space is more unified.

It is very important to do wet and dry separation in the bathroom. The effect of the glass partition is much better than the shower curtain, but the glass of the bathroom must be selected for the special toughened glass. There are many inferior glass in the market, and the temperature may explode at a high temperature. If kitchen and bathroom space is not large, it is not recommended to use dark tones, so it is easy to feel depressed. It is suggested to choose a neutral color such as gray. Don’t choose too much white. There is a skill for bathroom tiles, that is, wall pressing technology. This method can make the seam between the wall and the ground in a plane state, and the washroom will have a gradient, so even if the ground has water, it will flow to the ground leak with the slope, and will not produce too much water.