Design techniques for bathroom dark doors worthy of reference

The bathroom is a very special area in the home. It is not only a place for people to go to the toilet, but also a place for people to clean the body, so it needs more attention when the function area is decorated. Due to the consideration of aesthetics and geomantic omen, many people will make the washroom door into a secret door. What are the kinds of toilet doors and design skills? The following articles will share with you on these issues and look forward to helping those in need.

Sliding doors, such doors have no door frame, no door locks and door locks and so on hardware, so people call it invisible door. In order to integrate the door with the wall, many people will design the door to be a push door, the wooden push door open is the sanitary, which not only saves space, but also ensures the beauty of the bedroom.

180 degrees revolving door, if you do not like to push the door, you can also design the dark door to 180 degrees of rotation door, the dark door and wall color and pattern are the same, as if the invisible invisible. The use of this kind of secret door can not only make the living room more beautiful, but also use it very conveniently.

The living room bathroom door, the modern style living room, if open a door next to the TV wall, will affect the overall beauty, using the dark door design, because the dark door has no other door frame and door design, and decorated with the same as the background wall ornaments, the dark door and the whole living room of the perfect combination of style, not only play the role of decoration, but also shielded the lack of the visual effect of the toilet.

Under the stairs, the washroom door, in order to facilitate the use, a lot of people will design a bathroom design below the staircase, the same is the use of the dark door design, the dark door and the wall in color to ensure consistency, from the appearance that there is no bathroom here, very good to do the secret.

The hidden door in the bedroom, for health and the use of convenience and other aspects of consideration, many people will be in the bedroom to design a bathroom cabinet, in order to make the bedroom more beautiful. At the same time, in order to avoid the water vapour to the bedroom in the bedroom, the design of the dark door is also adopted. The design of the door is the same as the bedroom background wall. It is not only simple and fashionable, creative, but also able to form a whole with the surrounding environment, and the sense of space is more unified.

It is very important to do wet and dry separation in the bathroom. The effect of the glass partition is much better than the shower curtain, but the glass of the bathroom must be selected for the special toughened glass. There are many inferior glass in the market, and the temperature may explode at a high temperature. If kitchen and bathroom space is not large, it is not recommended to use dark tones, so it is easy to feel depressed. It is suggested to choose a neutral color such as gray. Don’t choose too much white. There is a skill for bathroom tiles, that is, wall pressing technology. This method can make the seam between the wall and the ground in a plane state, and the washroom will have a gradient, so even if the ground has water, it will flow to the ground leak with the slope, and will not produce too much water.