How Preparing to Remove Your Stuck Shower Head?

Determine why your shower head is stuck. When a shower head is in excellent condition, you should be able to remove it with your hands. If this is not possible, you will need to remove the shower head through other means. Before making any further attempts to remove your shower head, evaluate the fixture to determine why it is stuck:

Search for signs of rust—is there an orange or copper colored ring around the shower head’s connection to the shower arm? Search for signs of mineral build-up—is there a white ring around the the shower head’s attachment to the shower arm? If there are no signs of rust or mineral build-up, it is likely that your shower head is attached too tightly.

Turn off the water supply. Typically, if you are removing your shower head by hand, it is not necessary to turn off the water. Removing a stuck shower head, however, presents more challenges and risks. Therefore, it is advised that you shut off the water source. The water valves may be located in one of two places: Under the bathroom sink. In the basement directly below the tub.

Prepare your work space. Throughout this process, you will work with tools and chemicals that could damage your shower or tub. To prevent damage, cover the floor of your shower or tub with a thick work blanket. You will also handle small bits and pieces. To prevent the loss of parts, stuff a cloth down the drain.

Some kits may come with a spray-on finish. If you use a sprayer instead of a brush or roller, try to spray evenly and in 1 direction. Make sure your walls and fixtures are well-protected by tape where there is a risk of paint spray hitting them. Let your bathtub sit for 2-3 days before you use it. The new finish needs to set completely before you run water over it.

How Sealing Your Marble Shower?

Test to see if your shower needs to be sealed. Unless you have a white marble shower, you should not seal your shower. You should also not seal your shower if there is already an existing seal on it. Test to see if there is sealer by putting a couple of drops of water onto the surface of the shower and allowing the water to dry for ten minutes.

If the area is dark, it means that your marble has absorbed the water and most likely needs to be sealed again. If the sealer has pooled on top of your marble, it means that it’s already sealed. If your shower is already sealed, there’s no reason to do it again, and it can actually be detrimental to your marble.

Dust and clean the inside of your shower with a damp rag. The first step before you seal your shower is to make sure that all the dust and dirt that may be built up is removed before you seal it in. Wipe down your shower with a damp rag and water, then dry it with a clean rag. Make sure that your shower is dry and free of dirt before you start sealing.

Spray down your shower with the sealer and wipe it in. Spray down your shower with the sealer and use a sponge or a rag to wipe the sealer in. Work your way from the top of the shower to the bottom of the shower and try to apply even coats throughout it. Some popular brands of marble sealer include DuPont Stone Sealer and Miracle Sealants.

It’s important that you get a penetrating sealer and not a topical sealer for stone like marble. Allow the sealer to soak for 15 minutes. During this period the sealer will be absorbed by the marble. You should start to see the marble turn a darker color as it absorbs the sealer.

How to Clean and Re Grout Bathroom Tile?

Most bathroom tiles host mildew growth if there’s a lack of air supplied to the bathtub/shower area. Here are some steps that should help restore it to showroom condition. Apply the caulking. Prepare the surface by thoroughly cleaning and drying. Most caulking won’t adhere to a surface that is oily or wet.

Apply silicone, or vinyl caulking to tub/tile edge to keep this area watertight. Caulk around the faucet handles, tub spout, and overflow as needed. Apply a sealant. When the grout has cured, (three to seven days), apply a tile sealant according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Compare the different types of bathroom cabinets. Closet cabinets are floor-to-ceiling units with doors, and have the appearance of built-in furniture. They may be used as linen closets, or to conceal washer/dryer units or water heaters. Base cabinets are freestanding cabinets that sit on the floor. These cabinets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom.

Wall cabinets are hung on the wall, usually over a bathroom fixture. For example, medicine cabinets are narrow units that are generally placed within reach from the sink area, while open-shelved cabinets may be installed over the toilet area for toilet tissue storage.

Consider installation. While base cabinets may be set anywhere on the bathroom floor, closet and wall cabinets will require some labor and expertise when it comes to installation, as they must be firmly attached to the wall’s studs for safety.

It is a wonderful way to teach you to expand the bathroom space easily

Clean and orderly bathroom space is an essential part of home life. Good bathroom space provides a comfortable and relaxing life for everyday household life. To create a healthy and warm bathroom space, the key is to have a proper method of receiving the bathroom. In this little editor, we introduce simple and practical tips to you.

The bathroom space is given out with the help of the bathroom cabinet. The big whole bathroom cabinet, receiving the bathroom tiles of the size of the items, all the debris have been swallowed by this giant, the whole bathroom space vacated a lot of place, also make the whole space generous, while the fresh log color of the cabinet, bring a sense of comfort and relaxation. Bathroom tiles space is not big, so corner corner because of the narrow corner will also be used, with small corner bathroom cabinet, easy to use local space to accept.

Borrow the wall to keep everything on the wall. How could it be wasted on the spacious walls, pegged a row of hooks on the suitable wall of the bathroom space, picking up their favorite style and the style of the bathroom toilet , hanging their own clothes, and It was no longer bothered to wrinkle the clothes. The private space between the bathroom is not short of the wall, so want to increase the capacity to “borrow” to it right, wall shelf, wall collecting basket, can reflect the master’s wisdom, multilayer trapezoid shelf, layers and can put a lot of things.

The space combination has a formula. The whole set of bath in bathroom is an indispensable household item. The combination of basin and surrounding space will eliminate the trouble of bathroom. Many hanging basin, there are a lot of space below, a good increase in the capacity to make good use of this, or directly to buy a floor basin, with a big box with a large collection. Near to the basin, sometimes in the layout of the bathroom space, there will be a lot of space, just to put a suitable three-dimensional receiving cabinet, so that the whole space can be more neat.

A stealth receipt does not appear. Embedded wall, now more and more popular, not only have personality, but also greatly increase the capacity of bathroom space, embedded a lot of small pieces of articles. In the embedded space, the space is carefully combined to make the bathroom style and capacity. Mirror cabinet is also a good helper, the mirror behind the design of small storage space, wash basin and skin care products, and so on, open the mirror is very convenient to get the things you need.

How does the bathroom be anti-seepage and mildew?

The walls of the bathroom are mostly paved with tiles. In order to keep them clean and bright, you can use multifunctional decontamination cream to clean them. As for bathroom tiles crevice, first use toothbrush to dip a little decontamination cream to remove dirt, then brush with a brush at the gap. This can not only prevent seepage, but also prevent the growth of mould.

A clever way to clean the bathroom glass basin. The glossy mirror and windows will be blurred because of their close contact with water for a long time. A spray type glass basin cleaner can be used to spray a large X shape on a whole glass, then fold the dry rags and wipe one round in one direction until the glass seven points dry, then wipe it again with a dry cloth. It can also be wiped with old newspapers. The ink of paper can make the glass shine as early as possible and wipe away stubborn dirt.

The faucet is perfectly change cloth. Water faucets often dip into various baths, shampoos, and detergent, which will make the surface of the faucet chrome plated. You can spray neutral deter gent on soft cloth and gently wipe the faucet once a week. Do not use acid or abrasive cleaners or wire brushes to “torture” faucets.

Make a whitening mask for the toilet. First, put a proper amount of water in the toilet, rinse the toilet brush again, then pour about 5~10 milliliters of detergent or hydroelectric acid, then wash it evenly with a brush, if the dirt is heavy, then a little detergent can be soaked and washed until clean, then rinse with clean water.

Bathroom ceramics are as bright as new. There is also a convenient and environmentally friendly way to clean sanitary ware, which is white vinegar and lemon peel. First, clean the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware, then dip the soft cloth into a little white vinegar to wipe the surface of the sanitary ware or wipe with the lemon peel. Only a little time, the clean will be bright as new, and it will send out the fragrance.

Create a “oxygen bar” in the room. Today, “negative ion” air, you can keep some of the shade of plants, you can also buy a kind of oxygen bar, an oxygen bar similar to the murals can play the role of fresh air and plants, and do not take care, but also decorate the bathroom room, let the bathroom room “oxygen bar”, you may try.

Create an elegant fragrance. There are many kinds of air fresheners on the market, you can choose according to your own preferences. When using the bathroom in the elegant fragrance atmosphere, the music will be relaxed and comfortable at the same time. The simplest way to clean bathroom air is to put a cup of vinegar or a box of cool oil in the bathroom, and the smell will disappear.

How much space is it enough for the bathroom?

Bathroom function is most people choose room and decoration easily overlooked part, a suite should design several bathroom accessories, I am afraid the opinion is more difficult to unify. A room with a bathroom cabinet is absolutely genuine local tyrant. For most people, what kind of bathroom ideas is the most reasonable?

At present, the design of commercial housing, less than 90 square meters of small space more than a bathroom , 90-140 square meters of large and medium-space basically two bathroom,main bathroom +guest bathroom. Toilet mainly put three pieces of sanitary ware, that is, wash basin, toilet and bathtub or shower, so it should be more than 3 types. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient for people to turn in the inside.

In the bathroom tiles setting, if it is a bathroom  with a bathtub, the net width of the toilet should not be less than 1.6 meters; if it is a shower toilet, the net width should not be less than 1.2 meters. However, is the bathroom adequate for these designs enough? It is still not enough.

According to the three room of 120 square meters, if two generations live, most of them are four families, and three generations are at least five. Look at what functions as a “qualified”  bathroom bathtub : hand washing basin, bathroom cabinet, toilet, shower room, laundry, make-up table, and storage box. A bathroom actually needs to bear so many functions. We have to do so many things in the bathroom.

Two bathroom can do so many things, in fact, it is not enough, or will “crash”. When more and more people realized this, housing decoration began to introduce the concept of “dry and wet separation”. After the dry and wet separation bathroom is renovated, the “dry area” is used for daily washing, storing and washing, and the “wet area” is used for bath shower and going to the toilet.

This design can make the bathroom meet the different needs of the two parties in the same period, and solve the problem of “crash” in the bathroom to a certain extent. Bath shower, wash basin, toilet, wash clothes are all in a large bathroom, but they can be used at the same time, do not interfere with each other, a bathroom can allow four people at the same time.

Apart from the design of bathroom area and functional area, its distribution is also very particular. The bathroom should be adjacent to the bedroom, and the door should not be right to the living room. If the bathroom is directly facing the living room, the front room should be set in the toilet, and the washing machine can be placed in the front room. And most importantly, the size of the bathroom should be consistent with the area standard of the whole building.

Design techniques for bathroom dark doors worthy of reference

The bathroom is a very special area in the home. It is not only a place for people to go to the toilet, but also a place for people to clean the body, so it needs more attention when the function area is decorated. Due to the consideration of aesthetics and geomantic omen, many people will make the washroom door into a secret door. What are the kinds of toilet doors and design skills? The following articles will share with you on these issues and look forward to helping those in need.

Sliding doors, such doors have no door frame, no door locks and door locks and so on hardware, so people call it invisible door. In order to integrate the door with the wall, many people will design the door to be a push door, the wooden push door open is the sanitary, which not only saves space, but also ensures the beauty of the bedroom.

180 degrees revolving door, if you do not like to push the door, you can also design the dark door to 180 degrees of rotation door, the dark door and wall color and pattern are the same, as if the invisible invisible. The use of this kind of secret door can not only make the living room more beautiful, but also use it very conveniently.

The living room bathroom door, the modern style living room, if open a door next to the TV wall, will affect the overall beauty, using the dark door design, because the dark door has no other door frame and door design, and decorated with the same as the background wall ornaments, the dark door and the whole living room of the perfect combination of style, not only play the role of decoration, but also shielded the lack of the visual effect of the toilet.

Under the stairs, the washroom door, in order to facilitate the use, a lot of people will design a bathroom design below the staircase, the same is the use of the dark door design, the dark door and the wall in color to ensure consistency, from the appearance that there is no bathroom here, very good to do the secret.

The hidden door in the bedroom, for health and the use of convenience and other aspects of consideration, many people will be in the bedroom to design a bathroom cabinet, in order to make the bedroom more beautiful. At the same time, in order to avoid the water vapour to the bedroom in the bedroom, the design of the dark door is also adopted. The design of the door is the same as the bedroom background wall. It is not only simple and fashionable, creative, but also able to form a whole with the surrounding environment, and the sense of space is more unified.

It is very important to do wet and dry separation in the bathroom. The effect of the glass partition is much better than the shower curtain, but the glass of the bathroom must be selected for the special toughened glass. There are many inferior glass in the market, and the temperature may explode at a high temperature. If kitchen and bathroom space is not large, it is not recommended to use dark tones, so it is easy to feel depressed. It is suggested to choose a neutral color such as gray. Don’t choose too much white. There is a skill for bathroom tiles, that is, wall pressing technology. This method can make the seam between the wall and the ground in a plane state, and the washroom will have a gradient, so even if the ground has water, it will flow to the ground leak with the slope, and will not produce too much water.

toilet installation faq

Toilet Installation FAQ

toilet installation faq

Common problems and solutions of toilet installation

Question 1: after the toilet is installed, can not stand against the wall?

This is related to the selection of the toilet drain distance and the distance of the reserved blowdown pipe from the wall. Some toilet sewage discharge distance from 210mm, 305mm, 400mm three specifications. Under normal circumstances, allow the installation of size 190-210mm, 285-305mm, 380-400mm, that is to say the toilet back, 20mm away from the wall clearance, the purchase should be based on home reserved sewage pipe actual distance from the wall size control, allows the selection of toilet installation size specifications. If the sewage pipe from the wall distance is dead and not standardized, without proper drainage from the toilet when the choice, can buy 1 shifters to adjust. Shifter generally can increase or decrease the maximum distance of the center about 100mm.

Question two: how do you maintain the back of the toilet with a high back?

Toilet parts because of the more complex, and the use of high frequency, affected by water quality and so on. Generally install angle valve, hose, filter, to facilitate the daily maintenance of the toilet. Normally the inlet angle valve is mounted on the side of the toilet and 200mm high above the ground. For this kind of high back toilet, the angle valve is installed on the back of the toilet and is blocked by the toilet after installation. In order to facilitate maintenance, manufacturers in production, taking into account these reasons, usually in the lower part of the toilet, there are maintenance holes. Maintenance can enter the internal switch from the maintenance hole inlet angle valve, or from the upper part of the water tank to the water tank cover is opened or removed to repair, the complete set of product maintenance.

Question three: toilet drain button, press down, can not play or loose, why?

This is related to the quality of the product. It can not be played because the spring is not elastic and loose because it is not locked. Regular manufacturers of buttons, in the warranty period and the number of required use does not occur in this case. But some manufacturers of poor quality of production, the number of times and shelf life will be relatively short.