The bathroom space is well arranged, and the dry and wet separation is in order.

In the functional areas such as living room, bedroom and kitchen, the bathroom area is relatively small. Although the area is not large, but the bathroom is a lot of things to receive, so in the premise of not affecting the use of sanitary ware, how to reasonably plan the bathroom space is a big test.

It is a thorny problem how to accommodate small apartment bathroom and how to meet many needs in limited space. The shower room is partied by glass, and the wall between the washing table and the washing table just takes out a layer of storage to provide enough space. This design also applies to the top of the toilet or the space above the bathtub.

Glass partition in the whole bathroom space is fully used, both sides of the symmetrical reception desk, shower room in the middle, the ground is also different from the dry areas on both sides, very good to meet the requirements of the wet area. The nostalgic ceramic houses, the whole space is covered with cement colored tiles, and the ground is properly matched with mosaic tiles of the same color system.

The rear space designed a rectangular shower room, half of the partition wall with glass will dry and wet separation, corner position left to the absorption basin, hanging style occupies a very small space, the whole looks very harmonious. Although the bathroom space is a square space, but in the design of the deliberate on the ground in the irregular division, triangle paved out a dry wash basin table space, placed in the middle direction.

The diversity of colors makes the characteristics of the whole space immediately reflect, and the cobblestone intermingled with the floor. It plays a good role in space division. Dark bathroom furniture and half face coloured wall with light floor and shower room, each functional area of the space is very clear distinction. A hard – style bathroom space. The shower room is separated by half wall, and the warm yellow light on it becomes the only bright color in the whole space. There is an embedded shelf space in the next corner, so there is no need to worry about the reception.

A large floor window was opened on the solid wall of the bathroom. The bathtub was placed in front of the bathroom. The washing table, bathtub and shower room were connected by the three. The dark space with the transparent gold shower room, imitating the natural rainforest, efficient water saving 30%, enjoy the bath feeling, the water is gentle, the shower experience, the whole space gives people elegant, warm feeling.

The wall next to the bathtub is both the background wall and the partition wall, the corner leaves the space for the toilet, the other side is given the shower room, the interior design is added with the glass door, and the dual insurance is very good dry and wet separation design.