Although the bathroom is small, the sense of fashion can not be less.

In the bathroom, it is a small branch in the architecture system, which is often ignored. Our attention to its functionality is often far greater than its decoration and space design. Because whether we go to the toilet or bathing, the first requirement for bathroom is not clean. Not big? Do you sit in a toilet or a squat? The bathroom is not big. Do you have a bathtub? Besides, it seems that there are no other concerns.

Bathroom not only refers to toilets, but toilets, toilets, baths. According to the layout, toilets can be divided into three types: independent, dual-purpose and eclectic. According to the form, it can be divided into semi open, open and closed. The space between the bathroom will not be very large, and the utilization rate of light will be very large in this narrow space. Bathroom lighting brightness is not very high, too high brightness will easily glare through the mirror to form glare. The cool and shades of lamps that can increase the sense of space should be the best choice.

The bathroom lighting design consists of two parts, one bathroom part and one bathroom section. The bathroom space is dominated by soft light. The demand for illumination is not high, and the light is uniform. The light source itself also has waterproof function, heat dissipation function and not easy water accumulation structure. The general light source is designed in smallpox and walls. In fact, in a lot of cases, the light in the bathroom with the top of the bathroom is darker than the ideal illumination. The bathing bully is not suitable for the bathroom lighting because of the strong light and heat. There should be a special lighting source to solve the problem.

Because of the cosmetic function requirements, the bathroom has higher requirements for the color rendering index of light source. Generally, the high-grade light source with good color rendering is required. The control degree and the angle of light are also higher. It’s best to be on both sides of the makeup area, followed by the top. It is also relative to the brightness of incandescent lamps above 60W. At the same time, in this part of the use of light source is more lively, LED lights, chandeliers and so on in this space will be more useful.

The material of the bathtub is acrylic, cast iron, and steel plate. Acrylic material is now the mainstream, acrylic bathtub is 3-5MM acrylic plate vacuum molding, back coated multilayer glass fiber, good insulation effect, smooth surface clean clean decontamination, the price is moderate. Cast iron bathtub is very heavy, durable, long service life and high price. Strong, wearable, high flatness, smooth glaze, lower price relative to cast iron bathtub. No matter what kind of material of the bathtub to drain the drainage is a good match before the factory, this part is easy to be ignored and the most easily out of the problem. When buying, you must try the drain valve on the spot and operate several times to check whether the switch is sensitive and reliable.

Whether the faucet is plated with copper is usually heavier with copper material. The “heart” of the faucet determines the life of the faucet and the effect of water. It is better to use ceramic spool. The water outlet of the general tap is covered with a rectifying net cover, and a good tap outlet has a double-layer filter screen, which makes the water smooth and smooth without splashing and bubbles, and saves water by 30%. The plating layer can not be maintained for a long time without special maintenance. Good plating has 3 layers, good static surface effect, and guarantees that life will not fall off.