How to decorate a small space bathroom?

The bathroom is a necessary functional area in the home. Regardless of the decoration effect of other spaces in the home, the washroom must be well decorated. If the toilet area is large enough you can add the required parts according to the daily needs, but if there have the small space bathroom needs more attention in order to achieve the ideal use effect.

A small bathroom has three functions: shower, wash table and toilet. It is the necessary place to solve personal bathroom. Many people plan the bathroom into dry area and wet area, it is convenient to live and improve the quality of life, but the size of the small space bathroom itself is limited, so it can be designed with the help of shower door, shower curtain and so on. The effect is the same. Small space bathroom in the decoration must be more attention to practicality, some looking beautiful but the actual use of material will be avoided, especially the double pole towel rack this comparison occupies space, but in fact, can not hang two towels of material not to choose. The size between washbasin and water taps material needs to be matched with the choice. Wall decoration can also choose some cheap and fine domestic floor tiles and wall tiles to paving.

Many small bathroom is located in the inner room, and their daylighting is not enough. Therefore, the selection of lighting in lamps and lanterns should be paid more attention to it, and the special environment of the to bathroom is taken into account. It is better to choose some incandescent chandeliers which can be waterproof and explosion-proof to make up for the shortage of lighting problems. The styling of lamps and lanterns can be simple and fashionable, it can also broaden our horizons. Small bathroom wash area, the choice of the basin, bathroom cabinet and other equipment more inclined to shape small and exquisite, to avoid redundant decoration, especially the wash mirror can choose square. The design of towel rack should also be concise, and the height of the towel rack is the same as that of the basin, which is more convenient for human body engineering. The basin should not be selected for the pedestal basin. The space of the column is basically wasted. The wash basin on the lower counter has better storage and can store scattered items.

Small space bathroom in the color selection of the best use of light color system, can be match with white and some bright yellow, light blue, and so on, this way will not cause visual, spiritual, and other aspects of the depression. There are many functions in the bathroom, and many items are used, such as washing products such as washing face milk, sanitary and cleaning articles such as toothbrush cup, shaving tools and so on, and so on. All of these fragmentary items are added up very much, without receiving it in the bathroom, it is more chaotic. At this time, we can put some multifunctional receiving boxes in the bathroom, and can set up common bathroom cabinet, mirror bathroom cabinet and bottom bathroom cabinet and so on.