How Taping off the Tub?

Tape off the edges of the tub with masking tape. Some bathtubs are not freestanding fixtures and are housed within a painted housing. If your bathtub is set within a wood or plaster housing, use painters tape to tape off the edges of the tub to prevent the new bathtub reglazing from getting on anything other than the tub itself. If your bathtub is free standing, you can skip this step.

Wrap the spout, handles and anything else that’s not the tub in plastic. Everything that’s staying in your bathtub that isn’t the bathtub itself needs to be covered before you start the refinishing process. Make sure the shower head, any exposed plumbing, bath nozzle and anything else you don’t want refinished is covered in plastic. Once you cover things in plastic, use painters tape to secure the plastic in place.

Use paper or plastic to cover the walls of the shower. The walls of the shower should be covered if they’re not a part of the tub itself. You can hang masking paper or loose plastic from the wall using painters tape to secure it in place. If the shower walls are a part of the bathtub, you may want to refinish them along with the tub, rather than taping them off.

Apply a bonding agent to the surface of the tub if it’s made of iron. Iron tubs need a bonding agent to help the new finish seal in place. Some bonding agents can be painted on while others need to be sprayed on. Follow the directions on the agent you purchase closely for good results. You can buy bonding agents for iron tubs at your local hardware store.

Mix some reglazer per its instructions. Reglazer, or finish, is like a thick paint that you’ll apply to the tub to serve as its new surface. Some tub glazes come in self contained cans for you to spray on, while others are meant to be mixed and applied using rollers or paint brushes. Be sure the bonding agent is completely dry before applying the new finish.

How to Clean a Ceramic Sink Without Chemicals?

Ceramic sinks are delicate, and can easily become scratched or stained if not cared for properly. You can save money – and your sink – by using gentle cleansers made from household ingredients. Remove stains using a mild acid like lemon juice or vinegar. For extremely stubborn buildup, use baking soda as an abrasive cleanser. Keep your sink clean by regularly washing it with a sponge and a gentle detergent.

Regularly wash your sink with soap and water. You can prevent dirt and stains from building up in the first place by gently washing your sink after every use. Use a little dish soap and a soft, non-abrasive sponge, and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Wipe down your sink with lemon oil. Lemon oil will help keep your sink smelling fresh, and give it a beautiful sheen.

The oil also protects your sink from stains and dirty buildup. Apply a little lemon oil after your regular cleaning. Avoid leaving anything staining in your sink overnight. Coffee grounds, tea bags, wine, and other dark or staining substances can leave permanent or hard-to-remove marks on your sink. Prevent stains by quickly removing anything that could mark your sink, and rinsing thoroughly after exposure.

Use an electric screwdriver or the back of your claw hammer to remove the screws or nails from the flange. Make sure to check each stud around your bath for any nails. Some older tubs may not be nailed or screwed into the wall. Cut any caulk holding the tub the to floor. Run a razor knife through the caulk or sealant surrounding your tub.

Cut through the line of sealant that connects the apron, or front of your tub, to the floor. Lift the tub out of place with a partner’s help. Grab the tub from the side opposite of the drain and lift it out from its place. Have a partner help slide the tub backward away from the drain pipes. Stand the tub upright and work together to carry it out from your bathroom.

How to Clean and Re Grout Bathroom Tile?

Most bathroom tiles host mildew growth if there’s a lack of air supplied to the bathtub/shower area. Here are some steps that should help restore it to showroom condition. Apply the caulking. Prepare the surface by thoroughly cleaning and drying. Most caulking won’t adhere to a surface that is oily or wet.

Apply silicone, or vinyl caulking to tub/tile edge to keep this area watertight. Caulk around the faucet handles, tub spout, and overflow as needed. Apply a sealant. When the grout has cured, (three to seven days), apply a tile sealant according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Compare the different types of bathroom cabinets. Closet cabinets are floor-to-ceiling units with doors, and have the appearance of built-in furniture. They may be used as linen closets, or to conceal washer/dryer units or water heaters. Base cabinets are freestanding cabinets that sit on the floor. These cabinets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom.

Wall cabinets are hung on the wall, usually over a bathroom fixture. For example, medicine cabinets are narrow units that are generally placed within reach from the sink area, while open-shelved cabinets may be installed over the toilet area for toilet tissue storage.

Consider installation. While base cabinets may be set anywhere on the bathroom floor, closet and wall cabinets will require some labor and expertise when it comes to installation, as they must be firmly attached to the wall’s studs for safety.

How Designing the Bathroom Layout?

Measure the area of your bathroom with a tape measure. Find the lengths and widths of your bathroom walls so you know how much area you have to work with. Check the size of your vanity and bathtub as well so you know what sizes to look for while you’re shopping. If you don’t plan on expanding your bathroom, make sure you look for fixtures that are close to the same size as your existing ones.

Draw plans on a piece of graph paper to get ideas for what to do with the space. Have 1 square on the graph paper equal 1 sq ft (0.093 m2) so you can draw your bathroom to scale. Draw in any fixtures you want to add or replace so you can see how they would fit in your room. Make multiple copies so you can try out different designs so you know what you like best.

Consider what you’ll need in your bathroom in the future. For example, if you plan on raising a family within the next 5-10 years, you may want to have a bathtub instead of just a shower stall. Tip: Look online for free software for interior design, such as SketchUp or RoomSketcher, so you can design on your computer.

Locate where your water lines and electrical outlets are. Note on your design plans where your current plumbing and wiring lead. To avoid spending more money, keep the wires and pipes where they are and make your design around them. If you need to redirect any electricity or water, you will need to hire a professional to work during your renovation. Hiring an electrician or plumber can cost around $200-$300 USD an hour.

Pick a fixture to use as the focal point to design around. Choose at least 1 fixture that you know you want in your bathroom, such as a pedestal sink, handcrafted vanity, or claw-foot tub. When you choose the rest of your fixtures, make sure they match the color and style of the first piece so your room looks cohesive. Don’t pick multiple fixtures with different designs or your bathroom may feel cluttered and eclectic.

How Preventing Bathroom Mold?

Turn the bathroom fan on when the bath or shower is in use. A bathroom fan is very effective at reducing the humidity in the room. Turn the fan on when you start running the bath or the shower and keep it on for at least 5 minutes afterward to help clear the steam. If possible, try to keep the fan on until all of the steam is gone. Open the window and turn the fan on to reduce the humidity the most effectively.

Open the window after you have a bath or a shower. Mold grows faster when there are high humidity and water levels, such as when the bath or shower are used. Open the window straight after using the bath or shower to let the excess water evaporate and the steam escape. Keep the window open until the bathroom is dry. Try to remember to open the window every time to limit mold growth.

Dry all of the surfaces if you are worried about the moisture levels. Although regular cleaning and keeping the bathroom well-ventilated should be effective at keeping mold at bay, sometimes these precautions aren’t enough. If you find a spot in your bathroom where mold keeps returning, use a cleaning cloth to dry it whenever there is excess water. Some common mold areas may include the basin or the shower tiles. You can use a squeegee instead of a cloth on tiles and glass doors.

Use rubber gloves whenever you are working with mold. Keep yourself safe by not touching mold with your bare hands. If you are using vinegar or Borax to clean the mold, regular household rubber gloves are fine. However, if you are working with bleach, choose natural rubber or PVC gloves instead. Take the gloves off as soon as you are finished cleaning so that the spores don’t spread throughout your home.

The small bathroom has great knowledge

Looking at the room selection, we noticed that many units have two Bathroom, one is a public Bathroom, and the other is a Bathroom with the master bedroom. Bathroom this daily use frequency is relatively high place, when choosing and purchasing, should pay attention to what aspects of the problem?

The advantages and disadvantages of the main bedroom belt Bathroom. The master bedbelt Bathroom is more convenient, there is more private space of their own, even if three generations live together, the couple also has their own independent space. When the family has a large population, there is no need to line up in the Bathroom.

Shortcomings: The Bathroom is the place where the water vapor gathers, is humid, and the smell is relatively big, easy to float to the bedroom. Sound insulation effect is not good, the upper floor of households in the toilet flushing, bathing and other running water sound, will affect the owner’s rest. If you want to transform the Bathroom of the master bedroom into a cloakroom, small study, etc., more difficult, not easy to transform.

What should we pay attention to in choosing Bathroom? Whether there is a window in the Bathroom, it is easy to ventilate. No matter where you are, Bathroom in your home should be protected from darkness. If the Bathroom in the master bedroom has windows, the problems of dampness and odor can be solved.

Look at the location of the Bathroom, public Bathroom door should not be facing the door, to pay attention to the privacy of the Bathroom. The Bathroom of the master bedroom should not be opposite to the bed, because the large amount of water vapor produced by bathing in the Bathroom every day will rush directly to the bedroom with the air flow, and bedding is extremely easy to absorb water vapor.

Look at the pattern and size of the Bathroom. Many people like dry and wet separation and three separated Bathroom. Like to pay attention to the size and pattern of the Bathroom, whether it is easy to arrange as they like. In addition, we should pay attention to the number and location of floor drain. Bathing area needs a floor drain for drainage, and there is also a floor drain in this area. Pay attention to the location of the floor drain is reasonable, whether easy to place the shower area, but also to ensure the utilization of toilet space.

Pay attention to the privacy of Bathroom, whether it is easy to be peeped by other tenants. Some Bathroom windows are designed outside the apartment. In order to be sanitary, the Bathroom windows are set in the corridor, that is, the outside of the house. The small Bathroom has a great function. When buying a house, we should not neglect the Bathroom. We should pay attention to the matters we should pay attention.

Beautiful and clean coexist, bathroom floor tile selection and purchase skills.

In the bathroom, the home environment is very special. The bathroom floor is bathed in water almost every day, and the moisture is very heavy. So, when doing home decoration, what floor tiles are in the bathroom?

Generally, the mosaic tiles with high quality have low water absorption rate, so that they can quickly dry. If the floor tiles does not indicate the water absorption rate, the tea or water drops can be used on the back of the tiles, and the diffusion degree of the water drops will be inspected a few minutes later, the less water absorbs, which means that the water absorption rate is low and the quality is better.

After heat expansion and contraction, the medallion tiles with high water absorption rate will cause the crack of the tiles surface and the whole wall floor tiles, and the decoration of the northern area bathroom in the four seasons is more important to pay attention to this problem.


When choosing bathroom floor tiles with high texture density, when choosing tiles, you can observe whether the tiles surface is smooth, and whether there are pinholes of uneven thickness. At the same time, you can knock the tiles to hear whether the voice is crisp, which indicates that the has high density and good hardness. Such bathroom cabinet are laid in bathroom space, it is not easy to damage, but also easy to maintain and clean.

The choice between the shower, toilet and the basin is dry and wet. It can be well divided by different materials and varieties of bathroom basin, so that they can not interfere with each other, avoid the past kind of splash. This is one of the most common decoration methods in foreign countries.

The color of toilet is first selected according to the overall style of the bathroom, followed by the color that one likes. For most of the small space bathroom, the color of bathroom tiles is the best choice for light colored tiles, not black or dark. Light color can reflect the effect of sight from the light, making the bathroom look more spacious and bright. When choosing bathroom tiles, place tiles on the same color and pattern from outside 0.8m.

Bathroom floor tile specifications are more common size 300mm*300mm, bathtub water absorption rate is generally around 1%. The decoration materials for the wall and floor of the bathroom are glazed tiles,polished tiles and mosaic tiles. The specifications for bara tiles are 300 x 300mm and 330 x 330mm. The bathroom space is smaller than the living space, and the corners are many. Try not to use the large marble porcelain tiles. Because big size tiles cutting frequency is high, the waste is bigger, also does not suit the floor drain, the inconvenient ground leveling, causes the waste.

When choosing shower tray, it can be identified by judging the thickness of glaze layer on tiles. The surface of the polished tiles can be scratched with hard objects. If there is scratch, it means that the glaze is not enough. When the thin glaze layer on the tile surface is polished, the tiles surface will be easy to store dirt, and it is difficult to clean up and lack safety. And some floor tiles which no glazed, generally unsuitable for a wet and closed environment, because the pores on the tiles can not absorb water and can not be diverged, and can also lead to the appearance of mould.

How to make rational use of the bathroom decoration budget?

Before bathroom decoration, I believe that many people will make a budget to prevent overspending and save some decoration fees. But for functional bathroom, many places can not be saved, if it is omitted, it is easy to leave many hidden dangers.

Water and electricity do not do well, the decoration is equal to zero. Bathroom is a place where multiple water and electricity are collected. If there are problems of design and selection, the leakage of water leakage is caused by the design and selection. The cost of reworking is not a small amount. Therefore, the quality of good water pipes, wires and wires should be selected in the early stage, and the wiring must comply with the regulations.

The waterproofing in the bathroom is also very important. Not only is the material good, but it also needs to be painted in accordance with the requirements. Generally, the surface waterproofing should be brushed two times and carried out the 24 hours closed water test, and the wall waterproofing must be 180cm height. The waterproof of corner and water pipe should be careful. This is the easiest problem.

The use of sanitary ware is high, and it seldom changes after installation. Therefore, the quality of the product must be better. Otherwise, there will be problems at all times. It will not only repair trouble, but also lead to leakage, difficult cleaning, and no use. The selection of faucet and hose is very important. If you choose it, you have to replace it frequently.

Floor drain and ceiling lamp are commonly used but not noticeable objects in bathroom. Their quality also directly affects everyone’s normal life. If the floor drain is not properly selected, it will lead to poor drainage or return to the water. If the ordinary lamp is wet, it will not be lighted. Therefore, the ceiling lamp must be moisture-proof.

Clever use of light can change the sense of space very well. Bright lighting can make people feel the improvement of space, and dim light will make people feel that space is narrow and uncomfortable. The lighting of second-hand houses is usually not very good. Therefore, to create a sense of space, we first need to start with the bathroom decoration tips and lighting. The lighting of second-hand houses is usually not very good. Therefore, to create a sense of space, we first need to start with the bathroom decoration tips and lighting.

Good layout can increase the utilization rate of space, which is more important for small second-hand housing bathroom. For the 4 square meters bathroom, the most important thing is to arrange the basin, toilet and shower reasonably. The basic layout method of “three big parts” is set from low to high: that is, starting from the bathroom door, and gradually deepening. Among them, the most ideal layout is the washing table to the bathroom door, while the bathroom closes on its side, and the shower room is set at the inside end.

Chinese people have always been fastidious about the square pattern of residence, so people are accustomed to the vertical thinking way of horizontal flat. It is thought that next to the wall, the space can make the space compact, but it often ignores the design of the corner of the room. Reasonable planning of bathroom corner space can not only maximize its utilization value, but also enhance the artistry of the whole home environment. Most suitable for arranging some functional areas, such as wash basin, toilet and bathroom cabinet.

How to decorate a small space bathroom?

The bathroom is a necessary functional area in the home. Regardless of the decoration effect of other spaces in the home, the washroom must be well decorated. If the toilet area is large enough you can add the required parts according to the daily needs, but if there have the small space bathroom needs more attention in order to achieve the ideal use effect.

A small bathroom has three functions: shower, wash table and toilet. It is the necessary place to solve personal bathroom. Many people plan the bathroom into dry area and wet area, it is convenient to live and improve the quality of life, but the size of the small space bathroom itself is limited, so it can be designed with the help of shower door, shower curtain and so on. The effect is the same. Small space bathroom in the decoration must be more attention to practicality, some looking beautiful but the actual use of material will be avoided, especially the double pole towel rack this comparison occupies space, but in fact, can not hang two towels of material not to choose. The size between washbasin and water taps material needs to be matched with the choice. Wall decoration can also choose some cheap and fine domestic floor tiles and wall tiles to paving.

Many small bathroom is located in the inner room, and their daylighting is not enough. Therefore, the selection of lighting in lamps and lanterns should be paid more attention to it, and the special environment of the to bathroom is taken into account. It is better to choose some incandescent chandeliers which can be waterproof and explosion-proof to make up for the shortage of lighting problems. The styling of lamps and lanterns can be simple and fashionable, it can also broaden our horizons. Small bathroom wash area, the choice of the basin, bathroom cabinet and other equipment more inclined to shape small and exquisite, to avoid redundant decoration, especially the wash mirror can choose square. The design of towel rack should also be concise, and the height of the towel rack is the same as that of the basin, which is more convenient for human body engineering. The basin should not be selected for the pedestal basin. The space of the column is basically wasted. The wash basin on the lower counter has better storage and can store scattered items.

Small space bathroom in the color selection of the best use of light color system, can be match with white and some bright yellow, light blue, and so on, this way will not cause visual, spiritual, and other aspects of the depression. There are many functions in the bathroom, and many items are used, such as washing products such as washing face milk, sanitary and cleaning articles such as toothbrush cup, shaving tools and so on, and so on. All of these fragmentary items are added up very much, without receiving it in the bathroom, it is more chaotic. At this time, we can put some multifunctional receiving boxes in the bathroom, and can set up common bathroom cabinet, mirror bathroom cabinet and bottom bathroom cabinet and so on.

Bathtub cleaning and maintenance

The use of bathtub is very popular, many family bathrooms will have a bathtub, in modern fast, high pressure of life, to ease fatigue, relax the body and mind is not a bath in a hot bath in the bathtub. Yes, the bathtub does bring us boundless comfort.

The daily cleaning of bathtub can be done with general liquid detergent and soft cloth, not by washing with ketone or chlorine water. Disinfectants containing formic acid and formaldehyde are prohibited during disinfection. If there are scratches or cigarette burns on the surface of the bathtub, polish them only with 2000# water abrasive paper, then apply toothpaste, and polish with soft cloth. The scale on the surface of the bathtub can be rubbed with soft towel with light acid detergent, such as lemon juice and vinegar.

Hydraulic friction device cleaning: 40 degree C hot water filled with bathtub, 2 grams per liter to add cleaners, start hydraulic massage for about 5 minutes, stop pump drainage, and fill up with cold water, start hydraulic massage for about 3 minutes, stop pump drainage and clean the bathtub. The surface of the cylinder is dirty. Wipe it with wet towel and neutral detergent. This process can be repeated three times, and it will be bright and clean. Do not use hard objects or blade to strike the surface of the bathtub. At the same time, cigarette butts or heat sources above 70 degrees C should not be allowed to touch the surface of the bathtub. Do not use rough surfaces and utensils, clean cylinder surfaces containing chemical solvents or particles. When backwater and nozzle are clogged with impurities such as hair, they can be screwed down.

Do not use more than 80 degrees of hot water, such as repeated use of hot water will reduce the service life of the cylinder, the correct way is to put cold water before putting hot water. Do not start the water pump in the bathtub without water. In hydraulic massage, avoid debris or other articles blocking the backwater outlet, causing too much water pump overload, causing the pump to overheat and burn up the pump.

Nowadays, the baths on the market are mainly acrylic, steel plate and cast iron, of which the sculpt of the Alex bathtub is rich, the heat preservation effect is good and it is easy to clean, but the hardness of its surface is low and the surface is easily scratched. Although the steel bathtub is smooth on the surface, it is not resistant to impact, so it is easy to be cracked. And cast iron bathtub is more heavy, in the process of handling is easy to be hit out of the crack, and no matter what the bathtub, after the use of a long time, there will be a variety of conditions. Because of the high cost of the bathtub, the sale value on the market is also high, so facing a series of problems, generally will not be replaced, but to carry out the bathtub maintenance.

Bathtub maintenance is aimed at different faults. The common faults of the bathtub include: the bathtub can not be flooded; the bathtub is leaking; the bathtub is not energized or the leakage switch is switched off. Can’t adjust the size of the bathtub massage water. The bathtub control panel cannot start. This is the most common fault of the bathtub. The bathtub is not energized or the leakage switch is switched off. The size of the bathtub massage water can not be adjusted according to the failure of the massage bathtub. Different malfunctions require different maintenance methods.

The method of maintenance of the bathtub is corresponding to the fault, in which the bathtub does not water in general is the faucet and the foreign body is blocked, so the maintenance method is to clean the foreign body; the maintenance method of the bathtub leakage is to check the spool of the faucet valve spool and the seal ring. Then the replacement can be done; the massage bathtub is not energized, usually due to the poor contact of the power cord or the leakage of the power circuit, and the corresponding maintenance can be done. If the hydraulic size of the massage bathtub can not be adjusted, it is very likely that the suction of the pump is not enough, it needs to be checked and repaired, or the nozzle is blocked, and the dredging can be restored to normal.

The causes of the cracks in the bathtub are divided into cold cracking, thermal cracking and impact cracking. If the crack is serious, it is suggested that the professional should be invited to repair it; for the small cracking, the adhesive of the corresponding bathtub material can be used to bond, of course, to choose the nontoxic and harmless adhesive to the human body. After cleaning the bathtub and wiping dry, you can use the glue. After it is dry, it can be tested to see if the water is leaking. If it doesn’t leak, it can be put into normal use.