How Preventing Bathroom Mold?

Turn the bathroom fan on when the bath or shower is in use. A bathroom fan is very effective at reducing the humidity in the room. Turn the fan on when you start running the bath or the shower and keep it on for at least 5 minutes afterward to help clear the steam. If possible, try to keep the fan on until all of the steam is gone. Open the window and turn the fan on to reduce the humidity the most effectively.

Open the window after you have a bath or a shower. Mold grows faster when there are high humidity and water levels, such as when the bath or shower are used. Open the window straight after using the bath or shower to let the excess water evaporate and the steam escape. Keep the window open until the bathroom is dry. Try to remember to open the window every time to limit mold growth.

Dry all of the surfaces if you are worried about the moisture levels. Although regular cleaning and keeping the bathroom well-ventilated should be effective at keeping mold at bay, sometimes these precautions aren’t enough. If you find a spot in your bathroom where mold keeps returning, use a cleaning cloth to dry it whenever there is excess water. Some common mold areas may include the basin or the shower tiles. You can use a squeegee instead of a cloth on tiles and glass doors.

Use rubber gloves whenever you are working with mold. Keep yourself safe by not touching mold with your bare hands. If you are using vinegar or Borax to clean the mold, regular household rubber gloves are fine. However, if you are working with bleach, choose natural rubber or PVC gloves instead. Take the gloves off as soon as you are finished cleaning so that the spores don’t spread throughout your home.