whats the best distance between shower and faucet

What’s The Best Distance Between Shower And Faucet?

whats the best distance between shower and faucet

Shower head distance: space height

In determining the distance between shower and when first according to the self home space pattern to determine which items, the first thing to note is the height of the space. According to the spatial pattern of different sizes in the distance control are also different, the need for decoration friends to make on-the-spot investigation, according to the height control needs to design, to ensure the normal use.

Distance between shower and faucet – human needs

The main distance between shower head and faucet is to combine with the owner’s self use needs to consider, and in line with human engineering. From the perspective of decoration design is now generally, between shower and leading about 90-100 cm in height is almost, according to the owner’s demand can be properly adjusted, but the rate is not too big, try to use self protection.

Shower head distance: design style

According to the design style of shower itself is different, in fact, in the location of reservations, there will be some differences, users need to do a good job first overall consideration, combined with the beauty of decorative design to consider. From the design point of view, shower as much as possible with their bathroom decoration style consistent with, so as to form a good use of feelings.

Distance between shower head and faucet pipe distribution

In considering the shower and the leading distance must be according to the distribution of the pipeline to consider, such as the distance between the hot and cold water at about 15 cm, with self home pipeline distribution and design are different, appropriately adjust the distance. At the same time, it can be combined with the design of the bathroom and so on. It can reduce many problems.