What’s the problem will be encountered in the shower room decorate?

Nowadays, people like to have a hot bath in an independent and comfortable shower room. For a busy day of working people, drag the weary body back home, take off the clothes, go into the shower room and twist the switch, let the manna drop from the “day” wash your body, flow in every inch of your skin, take all weariness, and who does not love this kind of shower?

Many people like to spread the flower shower head to a great extent when they are in the bath, and feel that the bath will be more comfortable. But bathroom experts suggest that you try not to make it too much when you use it, because a large amount of water is designed based on the strength that a big European man can accept. If it is used for a long time, it can cause dermis cells to tear and accelerate aging. At the same time, because the pressure of water column will make the spine, shoulders and waist force transition, so Asian women generally use 2/3 is enough.

When bathing, when the water level exceeds the heart position, the burden of the heart will increase, so too long bath time can easily lead to myocardial hypoxia. Especially in the rapid change of cold to heat, blood vessels suddenly open, blood pressure will drop instantly, if it is the elderly who have cardiovascular disease in a hot bath, it is easy to faint and even have life risk.

When winter comes, enjoying the pleasure and joy of bathing in a steaming shower room is a great pleasure in life. However, when you are immersed in a happy shower, the crystal clear shower room may become a “hidden bomb”. The shower room has explode many times, and the bloody lesson has caused people to worry about the safety of the shower room.

In fact, there are many reasons for the self explosion in the shower room. Under normal circumstances, the self explosion rate of the shower room is very low, but if the details of the product are not standardized, such as the glass door does not prevent derailment, or the pull rod above the shower room is a telescopic pull rod, it is easy to lead to the derailment of the shower room, or the deformation, which will increase the probability of the self explosion of the shower room. Therefore, it is very important to buy a quality guaranteed shower room.

Take some safety measures in daily use to improve its safety performance. First of all, slowly increase the water temperature, effectively reduce the probability of explosion. The interior of the shower room is a closed space. The accumulation of high temperature and high pressure will create pressure on the glass screen, which leads to the uneven heating of glass, and is more likely to cause the toughened glass to burst. Therefore, it is advised not to use high temperature hot water suddenly when taking a bath.

Second, try to avoid collision and slow down. Although the strength of tempered glass is relatively high, the characteristic of the tempered glass is more sharp than the ordinary glass, while the shower room is fixed, the upright wall will affect the safety of the tempered glass, and if the collision is further collided, it is very easy to cause the whole explosion. Attach safety explosion-proof membrane to eliminate the danger of glass explosion. On the glass of the shower room, a fine transparent and safe explosion-proof film is attached to the glass, which can increase the glass strength by more than 6 times. Even if the glass burst, it can also stick the self explosive glass fragments together through the adhesive force of the explosion-proof film, and it can play a safe and protective effect.