How Maintaining Your New Vanity?

Reassemble the vanity after it’s dry. When all the pieces are dry, you can remove the painter’s tape and reassemble the vanity pieces with the hardware you stored. Re-stock it with your products, and then it’s ready to be used!

Take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. As you’re putting items back into the vanity, think about how often you use them. If you’ve barely or never used them, get rid of them to make more space inside your new vanity.

Revamp the hardware to give the vanity a whole new look. Switch out your drawer and cabinet handles for new hardware. Try hardware in a different metal, glass knobs, or handles instead of knobs. This will complete the vanity’s transformation and make it feel brand-new.

Patch up scratches by gently sanding and painting over them. Use a very fine grit sandpaper to lightly sand the chipped area. Then use a brush with the same paint that’s already on the vanity and paint over the scratch.

Try to fill the scratch in with the paint so it looks level with the rest of the surface. Let the paint dry for a few minutes, and the vanity should look as good as new. Very fine sandpaper includes grits of 240, 320 and 400.