How should be decorated the bathroom without windows?

No window toilet decoration must use a light color system based on white. It can make the space more light and bright, and also reflect light. The light is not enough and the light comes together. Main lamp and local lighting. For example, bath area lighting, wash area lights, mirror headlights, wall lamps, so that there is a sense of space and bright. The lighting should be considered as uniform as possible, and the headlights should be enhanced. Also, you can arrange double control switches outside the bathroom, so that the lights can be opened before entering the bathroom.

Add a window. We can open a window without windows. If the exterior of the house is not damaged, we can open the room by ourselves, such as opening a window between the rooms on the side. A window is installed between the bathroom and the bedroom, and the blinds are installed. The appearance and mood are good. It can be used as a reference for improving lighting. If you feel that the washroom and the bedroom window, afraid of the tide affect the bedroom, you can open the window after sealing a glass, so not only to solve the problem of lighting, but also will not have tidal gas invasion. If it is the main guardian, it can simply smash the wall and transform it into a transparent internal shield of the whole glass. The curtain can be added outside, and privacy will not be a big problem. If it is the secondary, the outside is the living room or other public space, the window may involve the privacy, in fact, glass brick or grind glass is a good solution, can improve the bathroom lighting, and consider the privacy.

Moisture-proof. First must be dry and wet. The bathroom without windows is old and honest with a completely dry and wet separate shower room. The shower curtain is really chicken ribs here. The waterproof splash is still available, but the barrier to water vapour is useless. Moisture removal equipment. Some of the bathing bully module has the function of dehumidification, or if the problem is serious, it can also increase the dehumidifier in the later period. When the water and electricity are done, you can leave one more socket for the later use. Whether it is a window toilet or a toilet without windows, the problem of waterproofing is very important. The common waterproof problem is not to say, if it is the window toilet renovation when the window or change to glass, the wall should be well waterproof work, glass and other materials to link the location of glass glue.

The paint is waterproof, the bathroom in the general residence is small, and the pipeline is worn through the floor. Nowadays, the material used as waterproof is generally paint. The following are the two kinds of waterproof coating used in toilet water. Synthetic polymer waterproof polyurethane coatings (such as corners need to add polyester cloth, glass fiber cloth, etc.).

The bathroom should be leveled on the ground before the waterproof treatment, and the ground will look for the slope in the direction of floor drain. Cement mortar or pea concrete can be used, but the surface should be smooth. The slope near the entrance is small, and the slope near the floor drain is large. The ground is not flat. When the waterproof coating is painted, it may be painted uneven, or the ground is easily cracked because of the uneven surface. So even if the coating is applied to the ground, it will lose the waterproof effect as the ground is cracked.

The pipe root needs to strengthen the water proof, the pipeline passes through the floor of the floor, should strengthen the waterproof, seal the pipe root with the building seal, then use the cement to smooth, brush the waterproof coating and attach the glass cloth to the 1~2 layer. Toilet waterproof wall treatment, wall treatment needs clean flat light, no floating ash, small particles, wall ground intersection into small original angle or slope angle, brush waterproof coating with glass cloth reinforced layer 1~2 layer. Polyurethane waterproof coating thickness, the total thickness of polyurethane waterproof coating requires more than 1.5 millimeters, can not depend on the number of times, the pipe root, wall corner strengthening layer first brush, dry after a large area of brush, smear scraping, do not have leaking, bubbling, large area brush after a day after curing the next layer.

Toilet waterproof painting, first brush the facade and brush the plane, the next brush direction and the vertical, the last time when the film semi – solidified, throw the coarse sand, easy to combine with cement mortar in the future. Toilet waterproof ground brush requirements: the ground waterproof layer should be painted out of the bathroom outside the 30CM, waterproof floor waterproof layer should be high out of the ground 20CM, the bathroom wall waterproof layer with shower should be high out of the ground 180MM.