How Deciding Bathroom Mirror on Style?

Buy a frameless mirror if you want a contemporary look. Frameless mirrors create a sleek, “floating” effect that suits a modern bathroom. Frameless mirrors will usually need to be glued onto the wall to avoid the appearance of bulky hooks. You can also use picture wire or mirror mounting clips to seamlessly mount or hang a frameless mirror.

Choose a framed mirror for easier hanging. Make sure to choose a frame that matches the décor in your bathroom. For example, choose a cherry wood frame if your bathroom cabinets or vanity are done in cherry, or choose a tiled frame to match your bathroom tiles.

The mirror in your bathroom can also be a fun statement piece. Consider a mirror with a brightly colored or mosaic-style frame, or try a mirror with a unique shape (like a crescent moon or heart) to add flair and style. Narrow frames are best for smaller mirrors and create a sleek, modern look for the space. Thicker frames tend to be richer and more ornate.

Buy a custom-cut mirror and frame for an unusually-sized space. Though it’s typically more expensive and less convenient to buy a custom-made mirror and frame, they can create a unique effect. If you’re framing your mirror separately, ask for frame samples from a framing website or frame/mirror store to decide whether a frame is the right look for your mirror and bathroom.

Create a template for the shape of the mirror. Cut a piece of paper or poster board in your desired shape and hang it on the wall using tape to get an idea of how a style will look in your bathroom. This will save you time and money if you decide the style isn’t what you’re looking for. Making a template can also help you determine if the mirror you have in mind will be the right size for your space.