some knowledge of cleaning and maintenance of bathroom cabinet

Some Knowledge Of Cleaning And Maintenance Of Bathroom Cabinet

some knowledge of cleaning and maintenance of bathroom cabinet

The bathroom cabinet should be handled gently when it is moved, and should not be dragged; when it is placed, the ground should be uneven and the legs should be laid down.

Bathroom cabinets do not use water to wash, usually with a damp cloth gently wipe, so as not to water corrosion. The cleaning agent is best used in neutral, and toothpaste is readily available in the bathroom. It is also a good detergent.

Do not put in the sun exposure bathroom cabinets, to maintain fresh ventilation, dry and wet separation, to develop the habit of opening windows.

Bath cabinets often put some soap, facial cleanser and other cleaning supplies, careless flow of detergent is best cleared immediately, or a layer of cloth under the cleaning supplies.

When installing the water inlet pipe and the water pipe, it should be tightly connected and should be checked regularly, so as to avoid leakage and influence the cabinet.
Avoid the product, the use of other chemical components of solution to corrosion.