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Why Do We Choose Shower Room?

1, you can design an independent shower space, so you can have a relatively independent bath space, to avoid mutual influence, to facilitate daily life. 2, you can save space, because some families have relatively small bathroom space, bathtubs can not be installed, and shower doors can save a lot of space. 3, with a […]

How Can You Choose A Durable Kitchen Faucet

First of all, the design of the faucet is very important. Now the household goods on the market are becoming more and more humane, and faucets are no exception. Faucets usually have many ways of letting out water. But the choice must not be confused by the fancy function locks, try to choose easy to […]

How To Clean The Yellow Dirt On The Ceramic Basin?

As we all know, in the Home Furnishing life, ceramic tile is very important, however, there will be wear and tear, discoloration and other common problems in the use of a long time, especially the bathroom tiles, because the bathroom itself environment is more humid, so it is more serious, which requires us to pay […]

Common sense! Bathroom basin maintenance knowledge!

1.in the bathroom space in the humid environment, accidents to children mostly, because children bathing; love splashing about, because of environmental concerns, if any improper actions, such as a foot standing in the bathtub wall edge, the other foot is put on both sides in the basin around the basin or hands,dangerous behavior. The next, […]

Bathroom Cabinets Do Not Mildew, What Are The Unique Skills?

1, To stop water seep into the wall design Generally speaking, 50% of the moisture in the bathroom comes from the ground, and the design of the bathroom cabinet through the wall can avoid the problem of direct moisture absorption at the bottom, while taking advantage of the maximum space efficiency. 2. Use waterproof material […]

What Are The Bathroom Products?

What does bathroom products include? 1, bath categories: cleaning supplies, towels, bath towels, buckets, showers, anti-skid mats, shelves, partition walls (glass), etc., these are basic bathroom supplies. 2, wash: wash with towel, pots, cups, and a towel rack, faucet, mop pool, these are not necessary, look at the needs of individual purchase. 3, toilet: tissue […]

What Are The Considerations For Bathroom Cabinets

First, look at the bathroom cabinet four edges and corners of quality Glass bathroom cabinet generally refers to the toughened glass bathroom cabinet, and a disadvantage of tempered glass is the biggest four corners easily broken, so the decoration owners in the selection of glass bathroom cabinets, the best look at the four corners of […]

Some Knowledge Of Cleaning And Maintenance Of Bathroom Cabinet

The bathroom cabinet should be handled gently when it is moved, and should not be dragged; when it is placed, the ground should be uneven and the legs should be laid down. Bathroom cabinets do not use water to wash, usually with a damp cloth gently wipe, so as not to water corrosion. The cleaning […]

Install The Washbasin Notes So That The Use Of More Convenient

One: depth is proportional to intensity The water splashed over me, which I’m afraid is the least comfortable for the consumer. As a rule, the depth of the washbasin is proportional to the strength of the flow of water above the faucet, i.e., the deep pool is equipped with a strong faucet. Must not be […]