Full knowledge of toilet

The flushing principles of toilets in the market are basically two categories: direct toilet and siphon toilet. The direct flush toilet is the use of the flow of water to discharge the stool, the general pool wall is more steep, the water area is smaller, so the hydraulic concentration, the drop of water around the circle is increased, and the efficiency of the pollution is high.

The straight flush toilet flushing pipeline is simple, the path is short, the diameter of the pipe is coarse (the diameter is 9 to 10 centimeters), and the gravity acceleration of the water can be washed clean, and the process of the flushing is short. Compared with the siphon style, the straight flush toilet does not return to the water to take the straight flush, easily punching down the larger dirt. It is not easy to cause clogging in the process of scour, and the toilet does not need to be prepared in the toilet. In terms of water saving, it is also better than siphon toilet.

The biggest drawback of the direct flush toilet is the big sound of flushing, and because of the small water surface, it is easy to appear scaling phenomenon, and the odor proof work can not be as good as the siphon toilet. In addition, the direct flush toilet is currently less variety in the market, and the choice surface is not as large as the siphon toilet.

The structure of the siphon toilet is a “~” type. After the drainage pipe is filled with water, the water level will produce a certain water level, and the suction will be discharged by the suction in the drain pipe. The siphon toilet flush is not the use of the flow force, so the water in the pool is large and the noise of the flush is small. Siphon toilet is also divided into two types: swirling siphon and jet siphon.

The swirling siphon toilet bucket nozzle is located on the side of the bottom of the . When the water is washed, the water flows along the wall of the pool to form a whirlpool. This will increase the intensity of the water flow to the pool wall, and increase the suction of the siphon toilet, which is more conducive to the discharge of the viscera of the toilet.

The jet siphon toilet is further improved on the siphon toilet by adding a spray sideway at the bottom of the toilet, aiming at the center of the sewage outlet. When the water is washed, a part of the water flows out of the hole of the cloth around the ring, and part of the water is ejected from the jet. This toilet flush away the dirt quickly on the basis of the siphon. The biggest advantage of siphon toilet is its low noise, called mute. From the scouring capacity, siphon toilet can easily break off the dirt attached to the surface of the toilet, because the siphon toilet has a higher water storage and better odor prevention effect than the direct flushing. Now, there are a wide variety of siphon toilets in the market, and there will be more room for the toilet to buy.

Siphon toilet flush water first to a high water surface, and then wash the dirt down, so it is necessary to have a certain amount of water to achieve the purpose of rinsing, at least 8 to 9 liters of water each time, relative to the cost of water. The siphon toilet drainage pipe is about 56 centimeters, and the water can be blocked easily when the water is washed, so the toilet paper can not be thrown directly into the toilet, and the installation of the siphon toilet is usually equipped with a basket and a basket.

In combination with the characteristics of the jet siphon toilet and the swirling siphon toilet, the flush port is placed on the side of the bottom of the toilet, and the bottom of the toilet is added to the bottom of the toilet, aiming at the center of the drain. When flushing, part of the water is ejected from the toilet lip flushing nozzle, forming a vortex along the wall of the pool, increasing the flushing intensity of the water flow to the wall of the pool, and the other part is ejected from the nozzle.