which is better for bathroom cabinet floor type or hanging type

Which Is Better For Bathroom Cabinet, Floor Type Or Hanging Type?

which is better for bathroom cabinet floor type or hanging type

1. Suspension: the bottom is suspended and supported by parts connected to the wall.

The hanging type requires the wall to be a load-bearing wall or a solid brick wall, which is hung under the bathroom cabinet and is easy to take care of. The toilet is sanitary and basically has no sanitary dead corners. In addition, it can effectively prevent moisture from extending into the cabinet. Insulation walls and lightweight partitions do not install such products. Therefore, the hanging bathroom cabinets are conditional requirements, to see if your home bathroom wall meets these requirements.

2, floor type: bottom touch ground, support by the ground.

Floor cabinet and hang the difference is not big, that is, do not pick the wall, although most of the bathroom cabinet wall type, but landing bathroom cabinets are also beautiful, such as the retro style of solid wood bathroom cabinets.

But under the cabinet is not good care of health, there is the cabinet is easy to damp, suitable for wet and dry separation bathroom. Floor style bathroom cabinets also have floor type bathroom cabinets, preferably placed in larger bathrooms, so as not to feel crowded, and easy to dry and wet separation.