How to choose a bathtub that suits you?

In our daily life, bathrooms are inseparable from the use of bathtubs. Through the decoration of the house, the bathroom will be decorated into a warm and practical place, and the choice of the bathtub, the size of the bathtub affects the consumer’s subjective choice. The size of the bathtub is not only related to the size of the space, but also directly related to the function design of the bathtub. The length of the bathtub ranges from 1.2 m to 1.7 m, and the depth is between 50~70 cm.

The bathtub, which is under 1.5 meters in length, is often deeper than the ordinary bathtub, about 70 centimeters. This is the often said bath tub. Because of the small area of the bottom of the cylinder, the bathtub is easier to stand than the ordinary bathtub. It saves space at the same time and does not affect the comfort of the use.

Because of the price crazy now, people buy house space is also smaller and smaller, most of the friends are welcome to small family house, small apartment house decoration is taken into consideration of the size of the bathtub. Because of the small space, large size can not be put down, too small size of the bathtub has no practical value, in fact, small apartment bathroom can choose a rectangular shape of the bathtub. Put them on the vertical wall of the bathroom. The length of the design takes into account the sense of height and space of the room. The minimum size can be designed to 1.3 meters. Their width is seventy centimeters. It occupies a small space and plays a major role.

The best seller in the market is the circular bathtub. The diameter of the circular bathtub is usually 1.5-1.8 meters. The space needed is relatively large, which is totally unsuitable for ordinary small family houses. They mainly appear in apartments or villas, if your bathroom space is large enough, you can make a round bathtub with a diameter of 2 meters. Is there a feeling of sitting in the ocean with a person sitting in bathtub?

Have you seen a fan-shaped bathtub? Their shapes are a little like a fan. They are mainly installed at the angle between the two walls. Small apartment houses are more suitable. Their design is similar to the circular bathtub, and the size of the bathtub is designed according to the diameter. The minimum size of a bathtub can be 1.2 meters. The inner structure is designed as a small stool, sitting inside to enjoy the warmth of the hot water.

Round bathtub is generally larger, the diameter of 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters in the majority, round bathtub water consumption is relatively large, occupied a large area, most used in villas. The triangle bathtub is generally used less, and there are some irregular shape  bathtubs, used in large bathrooms, family use very little. Oval bathtub most of the size and square of the same, just a length less than 1 meters 4 of the bathtub, the height is higher, the wood is the main, the name is also changed, called bath barrel.

The bathtub length of an ordinary family should not be less than 1500mm.General bathtub size is the size of the shape, the length of the general bathtub from 1.2 meters to 1.7 meters, the conventional size is 1600*750 or 1700*750, depth of 50~70 cm, but the actual use of the size may be reduced by 10-20 centimeters. The minimum size of the bathtub is 120 centimeters long, mainly for children.