How Preparing to Remove Your Stuck Shower Head?

Determine why your shower head is stuck. When a shower head is in excellent condition, you should be able to remove it with your hands. If this is not possible, you will need to remove the shower head through other means. Before making any further attempts to remove your shower head, evaluate the fixture to determine why it is stuck:

Search for signs of rust—is there an orange or copper colored ring around the shower head’s connection to the shower arm? Search for signs of mineral build-up—is there a white ring around the the shower head’s attachment to the shower arm? If there are no signs of rust or mineral build-up, it is likely that your shower head is attached too tightly.

Turn off the water supply. Typically, if you are removing your shower head by hand, it is not necessary to turn off the water. Removing a stuck shower head, however, presents more challenges and risks. Therefore, it is advised that you shut off the water source. The water valves may be located in one of two places: Under the bathroom sink. In the basement directly below the tub.

Prepare your work space. Throughout this process, you will work with tools and chemicals that could damage your shower or tub. To prevent damage, cover the floor of your shower or tub with a thick work blanket. You will also handle small bits and pieces. To prevent the loss of parts, stuff a cloth down the drain.

Some kits may come with a spray-on finish. If you use a sprayer instead of a brush or roller, try to spray evenly and in 1 direction. Make sure your walls and fixtures are well-protected by tape where there is a risk of paint spray hitting them. Let your bathtub sit for 2-3 days before you use it. The new finish needs to set completely before you run water over it.

How Adding New Caulk a Bathtub?

Purchase caulk made for use in bathrooms that is formulated for the type of tub you have. Hardware stores sell a variety of different types of caulk, so pick one that is for kitchens and bathrooms, or “tub and tile”. Caulk for bathtubs comes in either silicone or acrylic latex forms, and the best type to use depends on the material of your bathtub.

For fiberglass bathtubs, silicone caulk is usually the best to use. It comes in a limited color palette and is difficult to smooth, yet is very flexible.
For ceramic tubs, acrylic latex is recommended. It is easier to clean up that silicone and comes in many different colors, yet will need to be replaced slightly sooner than silicone caulk.

Lay down strips of painter’s tape to get clean edges. Place strips of painter’s tape just above all of the edges where you will apply the caulk. Next place parallel strips just below where the caulk will be, leaving a thin gap between the 2 strips. The gap in between these strips will be the width of the caulk.

Although it depends on your style of the bathtub and edging, the gap between the painter’s tape strips is normally around 0.375 inches (0.95 cm). Load the application gun with the caulk tube. Cut the tip off the caulk tube at a 45-degree angle. Push the stick on the application gun through the nozzle of the caulk tube to break the seal.

Then place the caulk tube into the application gun, with the nozzle in the notched end of the gun. Hold the application gun loaded with caulk at a 45-degree angle from the edging. This means that the gun will be at an equal distance from either side of the corner where the caulk will go. The nozzle will be very close to the seam.

How Mixing Your Cleaning Solution?

Pour ⅓ cup (79 milliliters) of liquid dish detergent into a spray bottle. The dish detergent will cut through the oils and grease that make up your soap scum, making it easier to wipe away the stuck on grime. You can use any dish detergent that is formulated to cut through grease. If you use too much detergent in your cleaning solution, it will not ruin your cleaner; however, the cleaning solution will be harder to wash away.

Measure out 1 cup (237 milliliters) of white vinegar. In addition to attacking bacteria and mildew, white vinegar is great for clearing away soap scum and lime deposits. While the smell may be off-putting, it evaporates away once the vinegar dries. If the smell of the vinegar really bothers you, try adding a few drops of a pure essential oil, such as lemon or orange oil.

Heat your vinegar in the microwave. Set the timer for 1 minute to warm the vinegar. Warm vinegar is easier to mix than cool vinegar, so it will help you create a better cleaning solution. You don’t need to boil your vinegar. Depending on the strength of your microwave, you may want to warm your vinegar in 30 second intervals to make sure that it reaches a slightly warm temperature rather than getting too hot or not getting warm enough.

Add the vinegar to the spray bottle and mix. Blend the two ingredients using a swirling motion. Continue moving the bottle until they are completely blended. Avoid shaking the bottle because it will cause excessive sudsing. Your end result should be a slightly foamy substance that is lightly tinted the color of your detergent.

You can increase or decrease the quantity of cleaner that you prepare by adjusting the amount of the ingredients as long as you maintain the 3 to 1 ratio of white vinegar to detergent. If you’d prefer, there are several non-abrasive commercial options available that are safe for fiberglass. Check the label to make sure that the product does not contain abrasive cleaning agents or bleach.

How to choose a bathtub that suits you?

In our daily life, bathrooms are inseparable from the use of bathtubs. Through the decoration of the house, the bathroom will be decorated into a warm and practical place, and the choice of the bathtub, the size of the bathtub affects the consumer’s subjective choice. The size of the bathtub is not only related to the size of the space, but also directly related to the function design of the bathtub. The length of the bathtub ranges from 1.2 m to 1.7 m, and the depth is between 50~70 cm.

The bathtub, which is under 1.5 meters in length, is often deeper than the ordinary bathtub, about 70 centimeters. This is the often said bath tub. Because of the small area of the bottom of the cylinder, the bathtub is easier to stand than the ordinary bathtub. It saves space at the same time and does not affect the comfort of the use.

Because of the price crazy now, people buy house space is also smaller and smaller, most of the friends are welcome to small family house, small apartment house decoration is taken into consideration of the size of the bathtub. Because of the small space, large size can not be put down, too small size of the bathtub has no practical value, in fact, small apartment bathroom can choose a rectangular shape of the bathtub. Put them on the vertical wall of the bathroom. The length of the design takes into account the sense of height and space of the room. The minimum size can be designed to 1.3 meters. Their width is seventy centimeters. It occupies a small space and plays a major role.

The best seller in the market is the circular bathtub. The diameter of the circular bathtub is usually 1.5-1.8 meters. The space needed is relatively large, which is totally unsuitable for ordinary small family houses. They mainly appear in apartments or villas, if your bathroom space is large enough, you can make a round bathtub with a diameter of 2 meters. Is there a feeling of sitting in the ocean with a person sitting in bathtub?

Have you seen a fan-shaped bathtub? Their shapes are a little like a fan. They are mainly installed at the angle between the two walls. Small apartment houses are more suitable. Their design is similar to the circular bathtub, and the size of the bathtub is designed according to the diameter. The minimum size of a bathtub can be 1.2 meters. The inner structure is designed as a small stool, sitting inside to enjoy the warmth of the hot water.

Round bathtub is generally larger, the diameter of 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters in the majority, round bathtub water consumption is relatively large, occupied a large area, most used in villas. The triangle bathtub is generally used less, and there are some irregular shape  bathtubs, used in large bathrooms, family use very little. Oval bathtub most of the size and square of the same, just a length less than 1 meters 4 of the bathtub, the height is higher, the wood is the main, the name is also changed, called bath barrel.

The bathtub length of an ordinary family should not be less than 1500mm.General bathtub size is the size of the shape, the length of the general bathtub from 1.2 meters to 1.7 meters, the conventional size is 1600*750 or 1700*750, depth of 50~70 cm, but the actual use of the size may be reduced by 10-20 centimeters. The minimum size of the bathtub is 120 centimeters long, mainly for children.

how about a round bathtub

How About A Round Bathtub?

how about a round bathtub

The shape of the bathtub is different from the ordinary bathtub. The shape of the bathtub is oblong, while the round bathtub is regular circle. The round bathtub has a large depth and a relatively small diameter, which can give people a different bath experience. The round bathtubs are mostly wooden tubs, with high cost performance. Nowadays many high quality hotels choose wooden circular bathtubs, which are upscale, comfortable and comfortable.

There are many manufacturers of circular bathtub size can be customized according to the needs of the family, if not customized, then the size of the circular bathtub is generally divided into radius of 80 cm, 75 cm, 70 cm, 60 cm. In which 70 cm round bathtub size is common in the general family. In choosing the size of the round bathtub, be sure to choose the height and size of the user, too big or too small will affect the comfort of the bath oh.

On the market round bathtub material is generally divided into ceramic, cast iron, wooden, but in. Ceramic circular bathtub modelling is rich, light weight, good surface finish, the price is cheap; cast iron circular bath weight, easy to clean, durable, but the price is high; the wood like circular bathtub density, good corrosion resistance, good heat preservation performance, but the high price volatility. Therefore, when choosing the material of the round bathtub, it is necessary to combine the actual situation of the family.