5 Bathroom Tips To Share

5 bathroom tips to share

1, space determines bathroom choice
Take the toilet, the hanging toilet is suitable for small space, easy to clean; high-tech computer toilet, the area is larger, suitable for large space.
In addition, in the purchase of toilets, be sure to first confirm the home toilet hole distance, that is, the wall to the drainage center distance, the domestic general 30-40cm based, but there are also 18-22cm.

2, toilets need to pay attention to dirt resistance, durability and practicality
Toilet selection, in addition to shape and function, mainly consider pollution resistance, durability and practicality. The quality of the toilet should be smooth, smooth, no foam, color saturation.
After testing the surface of the glazed surface, you should also touch the sewer of the toilet, if rough, then easy to cause congestion.

3, bath installation should consider family factors
There are children, the elderly, or recommend the installation of bathtubs, bathing what will be more convenient and safe.
If the bathroom space is not large, you can buy a short and deep Japanese bathtub or cask. If the space is large enough, you can choose according to your own needs. Such as love bath, bath bath tub embedded can choose the special.

4, it is recommended to choose strong antibacterial material
Because of the housing construction as well as the weather, summer toilet is easily affected by high temperature, leading to the breeding of bacteria, shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, anti damp smell. A long time, but also prone to wall tiles, tiles fall off and other issues.
Therefore, in the selection of bathroom equipment, must use anti fouling antibacterial material, currently on the market already has anti-bacterial nanotechnology, the price is moderate, you can consider the start.