How to Seal Around a Basin or Bathtub with Silicone?

Learn how to seal a basin or bathtub using silicone or caulk. This process of silicone sealing stops water penetration into joints around wash basins, bathtubs or shower trays. Prepare the area. Remove any old silicone from the work area. This can be done with a utility knife. Any contaminants like oil and grease could prevent the silicone from bonding so clean the area thoroughly with alcohol.

Load the silicone gun. With a knife, cut the tip at 45 degrees, keeping the hole fairly small. This will give you better control over the amount of silicone released. The opening should not be so big that a bead cannot be formed, and it should not be so small that caulk tube seems highly pressurized. Pop the silicone seal. Most tubes have a thin barrier inside the tube to prevent the caulk from curing.

Many silicone guns have a tool to do this built on them. However, if yours does not, then a long nail or something similar will work. Load the tube of silicone into the gun. Test the sealing. Silicone sealing can be tricky. Hold the caulk gun over trash and depress trigger to move caulk forward, filling the tip. Caulk should flow out, not squirt or drip. Release the trigger lock to relieve the light pressure inside the tube.

You may want to first practice on a test piece if you have never done it before. Use the corner of a cardboard box. This will give you a feel for the gun and the rate of the silicone flow. The tip should be slightly above the surface, nearly touching. As you begin to press the trigger, watch the flow of caulk. With one steady motion, move the caulk gun straight along seam, creating a uniform bead.

Before flow stops, quickly release the trigger and begin to press again as you continue to create a uniform bead the entire length of seam. Do not stop until you reach the corner. Begin to gently apply seal around the desired area. For best results, hold the gun at a 45 degree angle. You want to apply the caulking in an even and steady manner. Be careful not to apply too much as it can be tricky to remove the excess.

How Using Commercial or Homemade Cleaners?

Clean soap scum with a commercial glass cleaner if you have it. Spray a little bit of the cleaner on a small area of your shower door, then wipe it off with a clean cloth. If this “test spray” works, repeat this process on the rest of the shower door to clean all the soap scum off of it.

You can buy commercial glass cleaners like Windex or Glance at any grocery store that sells cleaning supplies. You can also try removing the soap scum with an all-purpose bathroom surface cleaner, although this isn’t as likely to be effective as a glass cleaner.

Opt for a damp magic cleaning eraser or dryer sheet for small jobs. Soak the magic cleaning eraser or dryer sheet in a small amount of clean water. Then, scrub the scummy area in a small, circular motion to clean it. This is the best option to take if there’s only a little bit of soap scum you have to clean.

You can buy Magic Erasers and dryer sheets at any grocery store. Using a magic cleaning eraser is also the best method to use if you don’t want to put any chemicals or scented products on your shower door. Use a homemade cleaner made out of vinegar and dish soap. Bring a small pot of vinegar to a boil. Then, using a measuring cup, add equal parts of hot vinegar and dish soap to a spray bottle and mix the ingredients together.

Spray this mixture onto the soap scum and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Finally, rinse the mixture off of the door while scrubbing it with a microfiber cloth. Be very careful when working with hot vinegar, as it will burn you if you get it on your skin. For best results, leave the mixture on your shower door overnight before rinsing it off. If there’s any scum that doesn’t come off when you scrub it with the microfiber cloth, switch to a stiff-bristled brush and scrub a bit more forcefully.

How Adding Textiles and Furniture In Your Bathroom?

Add a small, decorative stand or side table. Choose a small stand or a side table that is 12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm) across and tuck it into a niche or corner. Not only will this look cute, but it can double-up as extra storage.For example, you could keep candles or bowls filled with pretty soaps on top of the table. If your table has shelves, roll up your towels and place them inside the shelves. Not only is this a great decorative touch, it’s also practical. Consider placing a nice tray atop the table for your toiletries or perfumes.Consider an upholstered bench for comfort and luxury. Choose a bench that matches the style and colors of your bathroom, then set it against the wall. If you have a small bathroom but still want a hint of luxury, consider an upholstered stool instead.Don’t be afraid to take a bench apart and re-paint or re-upholster it. If you decide to re-upholster the bench, make sure you choose a water-resistant fabric. This is especially important if you plan to sit on the bench while wet or place wet items on the bench. Otherwise, it may develop mold or mildew.Get a shelving unit if you have space for it. Not only can this add a decorative element to your bathroom, but it will also allow you to store other items, such as towels, toilet paper, and so forth. Make the shelf more decorative by adding a plant or a vessel filled with pretty soaps or bath bombs.

How to Accessorize a Bathroom?

A well-accessorized bathroom is both stylish and functional. Towel hooks and decorative containers can both help to create a cohesive look throughout the room and make the bathroom easier to use. Keep a clutter-free bathroom and decorate the space to your liking.

Find a decorative mirror. The mirror is one of the focal points in a bathroom and a decorative mirror can help add visual interest. Play with shapes like round, square, and oval mirrors to find what fits the best in the space. Keep a consistent shape language throughout your bathroom by not using too many different shapes in your decor.

Make sure the decorative mirror is large enough to be functional as well. Securing a mirror from the ceiling with rope or wire can help add a nautical or industrial theme to your bathroom.

Hang a hand towel next to the sink. Make it easier for you and your guests to find a place to dry their hands. Install a towel ring on the wall next to the sink so water doesn’t drip throughout your whole bathroom. As an alternative, get a standing towel holder and place it on the countertop. This is a great option if you’re renting your home and can’t put holes in the wall.

Use small jars to store cotton swabs or cotton balls. Keep your daily toiletries in containers on your vanity hidden in containers to reduce clutter. This way, they’re easy to access for you and anyone visiting that may need to do a quick touch-up. Follow the “rule of 3’s” when decorating. Try to display 3 containers to add a balance. Fill containers with cotton balls, cotton swabs, and even bandages.

Buy ornamental bar soaps to display. Display soaps that are not meant to be used in a small dish next to the hand soap. Not only does this add fun visuals to your vanity, it also helps your bathroom smell better. Soaps can be purchased at home specialty stores.

Soaps can be purchased in a variety of shapes, like seashells or flowers. Find soaps that match the style you’re setting in the bathroom. You can even switch out the soaps based on the season or holiday.

Light candles or use potpourri to eliminate odors. Keep candles or a tray of potpourri either on the vanity or on top of the toilet tank. That way you’re greeted with a fresh scent whenever you enter the bathroom. It also provides ambience and a sense of calm in the room.

Place bathroom sprays in an easy to reach spot to freshen up the room in a pinch. As an alternative, use an oil diffuser to add a natural aroma and spa-like feel.

How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets?

Painting the Perfect Finish. Mix the paint. Make sure your paint is thoroughly blended and free of clumps or separation. You can do this with an electric drill with a paint paddle attachment if the paint has been sitting in storage for a while, or simply give it a stir if you’re just bringing it home. The better the paint is mixed, the smoother coverage it will create. Oil based paints may separate more than other varieties. Do your blending outside and set down a few sheets of newspaper or cardboard to protect from splatters.

Apply the base coat. Paint cracks, crevices and other hard to reach spaces first, using a brush to give you greater control. Afterwards, go over flat, broad surfaces using a dense foam roller. Let the initial coat set up for a couple of hours before applying subsequent coats. Don’t worry too much about making the first coat flawless. You can cover up any visible imperfections with later coats.

Paint additional coats as needed. Most bathroom cabinets will require two to three coats for a seamless finish. For the final coat, use a steady hand and a consistent brushing pattern. Watch out for drips, as these can permanently settle into the complete finish once it dries. When you’re done, the your bathroom cabinets should have a rich, uniform appearance.

Use your best judgment after applying the base coat to decide how many follow-up coats will be necessary. Many new types of paint are self-leveling, which means they won’t run or clot as easily. Working with these paints can save you a lot of frustration in achieving the perfect finish, as well as additional mess during cleanup.

Allow the paint to dry completely. The paint will dry to the touch within 24-48 hours, though it may take up to a week for it to harden to the point that it becomes resistant to scuffs and other marks. Leave the doors open to provide air flow. Keep small children and pets away from wet paint as it dries. Leaving the fan running in the bathroom may help the paint set up at a faster rate.

Replace the doors and hardware. Once the cabinets are dry, reassemble the doors, put all hardware back into place and enjoy the newfound beauty and relaxation of your bathroom. Make sure the paint dries completely before installing the hardware or it will adhere to the paint.

A fantastic ideas can make bathroom decoration requires to more comfortable and perfect effect

We want to break the conventional design of bathroom decoration. The family bathroom decoration effect has both the comfort of the hotel and the perfect feeling of family decoration. Home bathroom is also the most worthy of our creation, through a little wonder, bathroom can become a style inside and outside, farewell monotonous and dull, to meet the distinctive personality bathrooms space.

Creativity and personality. Because bathroom area is limited, so relaxed and simple design style is liked by many people. In general, designers will use rectangular mirrors on the top and wall of the room to enhance the penetration of the room. In the other side of the wall from the bottom to the top of the wall paste colored tiles, shower area and wash area with glass, white tiles, bathroom cabinet, color “wall” and the mirror and light, bathroom is not only refreshing, but also fashionable avant-garde. Some personality designers do not match the color, but choose the full – Caffeine mosaic of the bathroom to carry out full package of bathroom, not only the ground, wall, even the skirt of the bathtub on the whole package of mosaic, perhaps early into the room, feel a little depressed, but more cool people. If you think the whole coffee color is too dull, you can also use the “step by step” type of placement method, transition color.

Retro bathroom design. The smooth and smooth appearance, the color and luster of the visual effect, these are the benefits of stone cast baths, very consistent with the requirements of literary and artistic youth. At the same time, it is also very convenient and convenient in anti fouling and cleaning. The most important thing is that its life is long enough. And through the windows, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.

The claw bathtub with the bar is very pleasant. The style is well designed, and decorating is also crucial: hanging small makeup boxes can put some small items in common use. Metal rings and poles can be inserted into the wall to store towels and toilet paper. Transparent soap boxes, toothcups and so on are directly absorbed on the wall by suction heads, so that it is convenient to change positions at will. The rattan basket can be hung on the side of the bathtub, with bath salts, aromatherapy oil and flowers.

The most potential is the toilet, when others are not white or ivory, do not want ordinary you, whether to break this stuffy Bureau, a colourful change of the body? Small flowers, cartoon characters and cute animal shapes can be used to decorate bathroom. In addition, make a small bar on the edge of the bathtub faucet. When you soak in the bathtub, and the wine with your hands. Is it very comfortable? The bar at home should be used for oneself. It is the leisure space in the family. It should not be kept in the living room. Bathing in a bathtub is the most relaxing time for a person. It is also the most suitable place for bars.

European style classical bathroom design. The European style bathroom design is a consistent and elegant and luxurious route, and the mosaic of big color mosaic tiles can change the different styles in the ingenious combination of light and shadow. The big bathtub edge creates a romantic atmosphere with candles, and the rose petals reveal the women’s love for romance. Functional double hand basin. In the bathroom the most secretive space in home life, the basin’s insignificant role can affect your day’s life. In the early morning, dressing up and dressing up here makes the mood cheerful and confident. At night, I wash away my fatigue and relax my body and mind for a whole day. Therefore, the selection of a love basin is an important part of the decoration of new homes.

5 Bathroom Tips To Share

5 bathroom tips to share

1, space determines bathroom choice
Take the toilet, the hanging toilet is suitable for small space, easy to clean; high-tech computer toilet, the area is larger, suitable for large space.
In addition, in the purchase of toilets, be sure to first confirm the home toilet hole distance, that is, the wall to the drainage center distance, the domestic general 30-40cm based, but there are also 18-22cm.

2, toilets need to pay attention to dirt resistance, durability and practicality
Toilet selection, in addition to shape and function, mainly consider pollution resistance, durability and practicality. The quality of the toilet should be smooth, smooth, no foam, color saturation.
After testing the surface of the glazed surface, you should also touch the sewer of the toilet, if rough, then easy to cause congestion.

3, bath installation should consider family factors
There are children, the elderly, or recommend the installation of bathtubs, bathing what will be more convenient and safe.
If the bathroom space is not large, you can buy a short and deep Japanese bathtub or cask. If the space is large enough, you can choose according to your own needs. Such as love bath, bath bath tub embedded can choose the special.

4, it is recommended to choose strong antibacterial material
Because of the housing construction as well as the weather, summer toilet is easily affected by high temperature, leading to the breeding of bacteria, shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, anti damp smell. A long time, but also prone to wall tiles, tiles fall off and other issues.
Therefore, in the selection of bathroom equipment, must use anti fouling antibacterial material, currently on the market already has anti-bacterial nanotechnology, the price is moderate, you can consider the start.

small bathroom decoration design skills

Small Bathroom Decoration Design Skills

small bathroom decoration design skills

1, due to the small type bathroom often range is narrow, so should use the shower curtain instead of glass partitions, if this separator adopts glass as the shower area, would look very cramped, so in this bathroom space, should shower area in the corner with the 1/4 circular shower curtain as partition of dry and wet area the.

2, in the bathroom cabinet, one is a very good way, generally speaking, this area has a wash, makeup and other functions, so it needs both storage cabinets and toiletries, there must be a dressing mirror, and in this way it will be the two together, but also greatly reduce the cost of renovation.
3, as everyone knows, the mirror has extended the utility of so few mirrors installed in the bathroom, this is the most simple decoration method, also mirror the luminous effect also makes the space more transparent and bright.

4, although the range is narrow, but there must be regional amenities to storage, for example wall type products is a good choice, but also like the combination of bath mirror cabinets and realizing the dual utility function, the other wall hanging type basin not only absorb ability, but also not the ground space, but also to take care of convenient ground.

5, pay attention to the quality of life for some users, the dress is bound to carry out the division of the region, for example, dry wet partition will make life more in order, because the bathtub occupied area, so we can use the shower screen to create a shower, transparent resin glass, which will not affect the visual effect, but also can make the bathroom with a bright debut posture.