How Adding Accessories and Storage?

Bring some character with candles or decorative items. Things like pillar candles, figurines, and vases all make great bathroom accents. Find some items that match the color and theme of your bathroom, then display them in an out-of-the-way area, such as a side table, a shelf, or the corner of the counter. If you are getting pillar candles, consider getting 3 candles that are the same color, but different heights and thicknesses. This will create some interesting variation. Make sure that the items you choose can withstand humid conditions. Avoid using breakable items, such as glass, if you have curious children or pets.

Bring in some greenery with a plant or 2. Choose a plant that requires low levels of sunlight. Even if your bathroom has a window in it, it likely won’t provide enough sunlight for your plant. Match the pots to your bathrooms tiles, towels, mat, or shower curtain.

Every so often, move your plant into a bright window for a day or 2 so that it can absorb sunlight. Air plants are a great option for your bathroom! They’ll thrive in the humid bathroom environment and require little care. Hang some fake, green floral garlands along the ceiling. Ivy is a classic choice, but you can also try ferns or wisteria.

Store extra towels and toilet paper in baskets. Instead of keeping towels and toilet paper stacks on a shelf, put them into decorative storage baskets instead. Measure the depth of your shelf or cabinet first, then purchase some square or rectangular baskets that match those dimensions.

You can also use wire or canvas baskets. Container stores, fabric stores, and craft stores generally have a vast selection. If you have space next to your sink or toilet, you can keep the baskets there as well. You are not just limited to towels and toilet paper; you can store other items that you want to keep out of sight too, such as hair styling tools.