5 skills make the bathroom space easy

5 Skills Make The Bathroom Space Easy

5 skills make the bathroom space easy

1, push up
Sanitary ware installation in a small space can make use of the whole space, such as: the use of the toilet and wash basin space above a row of bath cabinet, can be used to accommodate a wide variety of bath products; in addition, can also choose the bathroom cabinet wall style, can accommodate more things.

2, downward extension
Place the pipe under the sink into a bath cabinet and collect some commonly used small articles.

3, metope use
Bathroom decoration, must not let the wall empty, you can towels, toilet paper, hair dryer, etc., in addition, lockers can also be inserted in the wall, when pulled out, you can also hide when you do not need to.

4, color collocation
In order to avoid the sense of exhaustion and the sense of crowding in the space, clean and bright colors should be chosen as the main background color, and the color of the lack of transparency and purity should be kept at a distance.

5, clever use of accessories
Small space, of course, choose smaller washbasin or toilet bowl, try not to use bathtubs. And in general and choose white, simple lines and fittings of metal accessories match.