How to Clean a Toilet?

The more thoroughly (and firmly) you scrub the bowl, the cleaner it will get. Make the most of your toilet cleaner – since it’s accumulated in the water at the bottom of the bowl, dip your brush in it a few times to work up some suds, which will give your scrubbing extra cleaning power.

Flush the toilet. Flushing rinses the bowl and the brush. Continue to scrub as the water drains from the toilet, as the motion of the water may not be enough to rinse all of the dirt away. If you have persistent stains, repeat the cycle of applying toilet cleaner, allowing it to sit if needed, scrubbing, and flushing until the stain is removed.

Clean the rest of the toilet with a disinfectant cleaner. After you’ve cleaned the bowl, you should clean the rest of the toilet, even if it’s not as dirty. When you’re done, not only will your toilet have a beautiful, even sheen – it’ll also be free of harmful bacteria.

Use a spray bottle of “all-purpose” or “bathroom” disinfectant cleaner to mist the entire toilet. Make sure to get both the top and bottom of the seat and the entire exterior of the bowl, including its base. Use light pressure with a cloth or paper towel to work in and wipe away the cleaner.

Clean the handle thoroughly. The handle needs to be extra-clean because you touch it every time you use the toilet. If it’s a breeding place for bacteria, that bacteria will be on your fingers after you flush! Be sure to give the handle a generous coat of disinfectant spray. You’re more likely to give yourself germs from the handle than you are from any other part of the toilet, so clean it well.