How to Clean a Shower Head?

It’s important to clean your shower head because mineral deposits from water build up in the holes of the shower head. These minerals will clog your shower head and prevent water from flowing to its full potential. There are a few different ways to clean your shower head, but they all involve vinegar, which will free up the minerals and clean your shower head best.

Put white vinegar in a plastic bag. You should pour in enough to completely cover the shower head when you tie the bag onto the shower. Make sure that the bag is free of holes and can support the weight of the vinegar for an extended period of time. Pour some baking soda into the bag. You should pour in about ⅓ of a cup of baking soda for every cup of vinegar that you pour into the tub. The solution should bubble.

Raise the plastic bag up to the shower head while it’s still connected. Hold the plastic bag open in your hands. Raise it up to the shower head so that the shower head is completely submerged. Tie off the top of the bag. You can use a zip tie, a rubber band, or even a hair elastic. Make sure that the bag is tied such that you can let go without the bag falling.

Wait at least one hour. You can also leave the bag of vinegar overnight for a deeper clean. The more time you leave the shower head soaking, the cleaner it will get. Remove the plastic bag. Throw away the vinegar and the plastic bag. Run the shower for a few minutes, until it does not smell like vinegar anymore. Your shower should be cleaner and run more efficiently!

Dry the shower. Use an absorbent rag or squeegee to dry off your shower completely. You should dry down your shower after every use, but doing a more extensive cleaning with a mild dish soap and water two to three times a week should keep the marble looking clean and fresh.