The small bathroom has great knowledge

Looking at the room selection, we noticed that many units have two Bathroom, one is a public Bathroom, and the other is a Bathroom with the master bedroom. Bathroom this daily use frequency is relatively high place, when choosing and purchasing, should pay attention to what aspects of the problem?

The advantages and disadvantages of the main bedroom belt Bathroom. The master bedbelt Bathroom is more convenient, there is more private space of their own, even if three generations live together, the couple also has their own independent space. When the family has a large population, there is no need to line up in the Bathroom.

Shortcomings: The Bathroom is the place where the water vapor gathers, is humid, and the smell is relatively big, easy to float to the bedroom. Sound insulation effect is not good, the upper floor of households in the toilet flushing, bathing and other running water sound, will affect the owner’s rest. If you want to transform the Bathroom of the master bedroom into a cloakroom, small study, etc., more difficult, not easy to transform.

What should we pay attention to in choosing Bathroom? Whether there is a window in the Bathroom, it is easy to ventilate. No matter where you are, Bathroom in your home should be protected from darkness. If the Bathroom in the master bedroom has windows, the problems of dampness and odor can be solved.

Look at the location of the Bathroom, public Bathroom door should not be facing the door, to pay attention to the privacy of the Bathroom. The Bathroom of the master bedroom should not be opposite to the bed, because the large amount of water vapor produced by bathing in the Bathroom every day will rush directly to the bedroom with the air flow, and bedding is extremely easy to absorb water vapor.

Look at the pattern and size of the Bathroom. Many people like dry and wet separation and three separated Bathroom. Like to pay attention to the size and pattern of the Bathroom, whether it is easy to arrange as they like. In addition, we should pay attention to the number and location of floor drain. Bathing area needs a floor drain for drainage, and there is also a floor drain in this area. Pay attention to the location of the floor drain is reasonable, whether easy to place the shower area, but also to ensure the utilization of toilet space.

Pay attention to the privacy of Bathroom, whether it is easy to be peeped by other tenants. Some Bathroom windows are designed outside the apartment. In order to be sanitary, the Bathroom windows are set in the corridor, that is, the outside of the house. The small Bathroom has a great function. When buying a house, we should not neglect the Bathroom. We should pay attention to the matters we should pay attention.

Make Japanese style decoration simple style bathroom space

Living in a noisy city, it is inevitable to yearn for fresh and natural living environment. The decoration of bathroom with small apartments is also a key point for rational planning and storage. The light and simple and generous furnishings of the Japanese style decoration, with the elegant design of the bathroom sanitary wares, add some fresh to the home, as if to bring people back to the pastoral life and feel a warm and comfortable life.

The simple Japanese style bathroom, with the main tone of the wood color, combined with the use of mosaic and the green ornament, adds a few fresh feelings to the bathroom. The white wash basin and the original wood feel the bathroom cabinet, with the pure white light, let the interior as a whole emit a soft temperament.


Small space bathroom is small, but the simplest design can also highlight the simplicity of the whole, the metope of diatom mud can help indoor humidity and taste, and the bathroom is rich in the bathroom. And the unique ceiling lamp in bathroom also makes the bathroom feel glossy and shiny.

The bath shower is an essential part of life in Japan, so the choice of bathtub is also very important to them. The round warm color light bulb is coloured with dark wall, so that every part of the wall is clearly visible, and it also highlights the clean and tidy interior.

Use white as the keynote of bathroom, clean and generous. Use colored tiles as decorations on the partition to make the space more artistic. Transparent glass has been placed as an item placing bar, and daily necessities can be placed at will, neat and convenient to clean up. The oval antique mirror brings the old flavor.

The bottom of the wash basin and the partition board create two storage materials, the bamboo basket is used to place the smaller daily necessities. The lower space can be placed in the garbage bin or the large collector basket. On the left hand side of the washing basin is a simple towel hanger, which makes the bathroom in good order. A small bookshelf made of wood at the corner is simple and novel.


Japanese style decoration is in simple and Zen. The simplest white collocation of raw wood texture often brings the best explanation to the fresh decoration style. Although the bathroom is small, it can also add a lot of clean sense to the whole by meticulous decoration, so that the interior is more clean and orderly.


Precautions for the maintenance of the flower shower head

When most people are in the shower, they find that the longer the shower head is used, the smaller the water flow is, that is because the maintenance of the shower is not noticed and the shower head is blocked. The shower head is not installed for a long time, but it is blocked by the head. This may be caused by the poor quality of your shower head. But if your shower head has been installed for a long time, use long time, meet the shower head blockage, this is due to the long time water spray head, the impurities in the water will accumulate into the shower head, long time will cause the shower head blockage, belongs to the normal situation.

If it is due to the poor quality of the shower head, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of shower head when choosing and choose a qualified shower head. In general, it is necessary to buy regular and large-scale commodity inspection, and can not greedy for small cheapest, choose the shower head of plastic and other products, and the shower head of copper should be selected to prevent the quality problems such as plugging and cracking in the shower head.

If it is caused by the long time use of the shower, we need to clean the shower head regularly in our daily life. Generally, we can use white vinegar to remove scale: Every three months to carry out a cleaning work, the shower head is dismantled, soaked in a basin with white vinegar, time is about 4-6 hours, then the spray head clean, installed back, in the water after the scale will be outflow, so that the cleaning of the scale, the elimination of fine bacteria effect.

Manual cleaning needs to remove the net cover of the flower spray, or remove the other scale from the scale and clean it with the brush before installing it back to its original place. Some flower shower head sprinklers will be equipped with some special dismantling tools at the time of purchase, so that they can be conveniently used by consumers. Some of the outflow of its outlet is used in the design of rubber particles, its touch is comfortable, soft, not fouling, but also very convenient to clean, as long as the fingers are used to light the particles will be able to clean the scale. This is the cleaning method chosen by using the characteristics of materials. It is a popular way of cleaning in the market. Many of the shower head are made up of special structures. They can be cleaned automatically when they are used. Flower shower head with cleaning needles, which do not need manual cleaning, can bring out the scale. It is very convenient.

Apart from paying attention to cleaning, we should also pay attention to the daily maintenance of its surface. When we need to use it, keep its surface clean, usually soft cloth, dip the flour to wipe its surface, rinse with clean water to keep its surface clean and prolong its service life. Regular cleaning, white vinegar can be used to soak and rinse the surface and interior of the shower head, and then use cotton cloth as the outlet of the shower head to clean it. This can not only reduce the impact of the scale on the spray, but also play the role of sterilization and disinfection.

For the surface of the shower head, it can be cleaned regularly with flour and rinsed with water, so that the surface of the shower head can be as bright as new. When cleaning the scale, remember not to use strong acid to clean it, otherwise it will easily damage the surface of the shower head. Do not disassemble and maintain the shower head itself, and prevent incorrect methods from damaging the appearance or internal structure of the shower head. The use of the daily use of the environment should not exceed 70 degrees, otherwise it is easy to reduce the life of the shower head, therefore, the installation of the spray should be far away from the electrical source.

What’s the problem will be encountered in the shower room decorate?

Nowadays, people like to have a hot bath in an independent and comfortable shower room. For a busy day of working people, drag the weary body back home, take off the clothes, go into the shower room and twist the switch, let the manna drop from the “day” wash your body, flow in every inch of your skin, take all weariness, and who does not love this kind of shower?

Many people like to spread the flower shower head to a great extent when they are in the bath, and feel that the bath will be more comfortable. But bathroom experts suggest that you try not to make it too much when you use it, because a large amount of water is designed based on the strength that a big European man can accept. If it is used for a long time, it can cause dermis cells to tear and accelerate aging. At the same time, because the pressure of water column will make the spine, shoulders and waist force transition, so Asian women generally use 2/3 is enough.

When bathing, when the water level exceeds the heart position, the burden of the heart will increase, so too long bath time can easily lead to myocardial hypoxia. Especially in the rapid change of cold to heat, blood vessels suddenly open, blood pressure will drop instantly, if it is the elderly who have cardiovascular disease in a hot bath, it is easy to faint and even have life risk.

When winter comes, enjoying the pleasure and joy of bathing in a steaming shower room is a great pleasure in life. However, when you are immersed in a happy shower, the crystal clear shower room may become a “hidden bomb”. The shower room has explode many times, and the bloody lesson has caused people to worry about the safety of the shower room.

In fact, there are many reasons for the self explosion in the shower room. Under normal circumstances, the self explosion rate of the shower room is very low, but if the details of the product are not standardized, such as the glass door does not prevent derailment, or the pull rod above the shower room is a telescopic pull rod, it is easy to lead to the derailment of the shower room, or the deformation, which will increase the probability of the self explosion of the shower room. Therefore, it is very important to buy a quality guaranteed shower room.

Take some safety measures in daily use to improve its safety performance. First of all, slowly increase the water temperature, effectively reduce the probability of explosion. The interior of the shower room is a closed space. The accumulation of high temperature and high pressure will create pressure on the glass screen, which leads to the uneven heating of glass, and is more likely to cause the toughened glass to burst. Therefore, it is advised not to use high temperature hot water suddenly when taking a bath.

Second, try to avoid collision and slow down. Although the strength of tempered glass is relatively high, the characteristic of the tempered glass is more sharp than the ordinary glass, while the shower room is fixed, the upright wall will affect the safety of the tempered glass, and if the collision is further collided, it is very easy to cause the whole explosion. Attach safety explosion-proof membrane to eliminate the danger of glass explosion. On the glass of the shower room, a fine transparent and safe explosion-proof film is attached to the glass, which can increase the glass strength by more than 6 times. Even if the glass burst, it can also stick the self explosive glass fragments together through the adhesive force of the explosion-proof film, and it can play a safe and protective effect.

bathub buying skills sharing

Bathub Buying Skills Sharing

bathub buying skills sharing

Shopping plan 1: Bathtub Safety
When choosing the bathtub, you need to consider the particularity of the members of the family, such as children, the elderly, the disabled, choose the bathtub, it is better to choose the lower side, you can also install handrails in the appropriate place. In addition, the bathtub must be anti-skid treatment, to prevent falls, to ensure safety.

Shopping plan 2: bathtub size
The size of the bathtub should be determined according to the size of the bathroom. Before buying, the size of the bathroom should be measured first. Different shapes of the bathtub, occupied floor area is not the same, if installed in the corner of the triangle, heart-shaped bathtub bathtub in general more than rectangular space, before buying, the need to consider whether the bathroom can accommodate.|

Shopping plan 3: bathtub weight
Because of the different materials, the weight of the bathtub is also very different. Before buying, you need to consider the bearing capacity of the bathroom floor, choose the weight within the load-bearing range of bathtub products.

Purchase plan 4: bathtub outlet height
The bath water outlet height also needs to be considered, if love depth, the bath position of the outlet is higher, if the water level is too low, once exceeded this height, it will drain out from the water outlet, the bath water depth to meet the requirements of depth.

Purchase plan 5: bathtub function selection
The bathtub has the ordinary bathtub and has the massage function and so on the massage bathtub the cent, chooses the bathtub time, needs to consider whether oneself really needs some other functions, whether can afford. If you choose a Jacuzzi, you need to take into account the bathtub is to use electric pump to flush, the water pressure, electricity requirements are very high, so you need to consider the water pressure of the bathroom, the power is in line with the installation conditions.