How to Make Your Apartment Bathroom Look and Feel Larger?

Unless you’re living in your own home, you may find yourself wishing for a larger bathroom. While it’s not a problem for homeowners to completely remodel and redecorate, apartment renters are rather limited. It can be a challenge, because you have to work with what is provided. There’s still a lot you can do without replacing tiles or knocking down walls.

With a little bit of planning, some creative organizational skills and clever use of color, you can easily make your apartment bathroom seem more spacious than it really is. These simple decorating tips are quick, easy, and best of all, cheap.

If your landlord approves, you may be able to paint. Colors of the same tone create an illusion of greater space. Choose soft, pale, neutral pastels for both the walls and the flooring. Use a large rug to cover dark or unflattering floor tiles. Bright, strong and exciting colors (such as red) should be saved for accessories and towels.

Mirrors provide an illusion of expansion without adding a single square foot. Consider a few small mirrors arranged artistically throughout the room. Replace a bulky medicine chest with a wall mirror. Store a first-aid kit in a kitchen cupboard. Try one full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door.

A clean, neat bathroom will always look bigger. Yes, this means you’ll have to spend some serious time organizing your stuff. Cut down on the number of towels, rugs, pieces of art and decorative accessories. Use one large rug or runner instead of several small rugs.