clean bathroom 4 fine: make bathroom clean and bright

Clean Bathroom 4 Details: Make Bathroom Clean And Bright

clean bathroom 4 fine: make bathroom clean and bright
1, the toilet

To add the right amount of water in the toilet, take the toilet brush to clean it, then pour about 5-10 ml of detergent or hydrochloric acid solution, scrub with a brush coated evenly, such as dirt heavier, can pour a little detergent soaked after brushing, and then washed with water until clean, dry clean.

2, shower head

The dirt surface of the nozzle after cleaning with pliers and unscrew the nozzle outlet interface, the filter inside the clean water nozzle is not smooth, with a needle to each outlet patiently through it, if the needle tip is sharp, and no patience with brute force to dredge it is likely the damage caused to change the direction of the water outlet.

3, bathroom cabinet

When cleaning the bathroom cabinet should pay attention to good, do not choose a dry cloth, so as not to scratch the surface, to avoid the water washing, to avoid corrosion, if the surface stains, can not use alcohol, gasoline and other chemical solvents, a better choice of neutral cleaning agent.

4, bathtub

Clean the bath generally have three methods can be used in vinegar, rag soaked in vinegar, then cover the stains on the next morning, the baking soda and vinegar tune into a paste, and then use the brush to clean, it is easy to clean; outdated old newspapers can also be used to clean the bathtub; in addition the above two, generally is the most commonly used special bathtub cleaning agent, bath can not only remove stains, and time-saving, no damage to the surface of the tub is good, clean bath method.