How To Choose Ceramic Basin

how to choose ceramic basin

First, take a closer look at the wash basin
Excellent quality of the glazed ceramic surface light slippery, leaving no spots, scratches or marks, easy to wash. In determining the choice in strong light, carefully observed from the side of the reflective surface of ceramic wash basin, with little or no surface of small voids and pits as well.

Two, touch the wash basin
When you choose, you can gently touch the surface with your hands, and feel very smooth and fine. You can also touch the back, feel the “sand sand” subtle friction feeling is good.

Three, bomb listen to wash basin
High quality ceramic wash basin, with knock gently, still can hear the sonorous sound of percussion, if the voice is hoarse, and crack on the surface of the product, and then looking is substandard.

Four, water absorption basin
Water absorption refers to the ceramic products have certain adsorption and permeability of water. If the water is sucked into the ceramic, the ceramic will produce a certain expansion, easy to make the surface of ceramic glaze cracking due to expansion. Especially for high products of ceramic washbasin and bibulous rate, easy to dirt and odor in water inhalation ceramics, after long use, will not remove the odor.

ceramic basin selection skills

Ceramic Basin Selection Skills

ceramic basin selection skills

First, glaze finish, brightness
In the purchase of ceramic basin, first with the ordinary white ceramic basin, should focus on the glaze smoothness, brightness. Glazed finish and good brightness good, pure color, not easy to dirty fouling, easy to clean, long-term use is still bright as new.

Two, water absorption index
The so-called water absorption, is to judge the ceramic products on the water absorption and permeability of good or bad indicators. It is understood that the water will be sucked into the ceramic, ceramic will produce certain expansion, ceramic basin is also so, it is easy to make the ceramic surface of the glaze due to expansion and cracking. Thus, the lower the water absorption, the better the quality of ceramic products. According to the relevant standards of national water absorption standards, sanitary ceramics with water absorption below 3% are high-grade ceramics.

Three, process, pattern, color
Most of the basin are used in high-end hand-painted color ceramic glaze technology, which is currently the best ceramic technology, so buy ceramic basin should pay attention to distinguish, to prevent illegal dealers in overglaze underglaze posing as genuine. Underglaze decoration pays attention to fine brushwork freehand brushwork, it must be drawn by hand, not printed, applique, and the color should be bright.

how to clean the yellow dirt on the ceramic basin

How To Clean The Yellow Dirt On The Ceramic Basin?

how to clean the yellow dirt on the ceramic basin

As we all know, in the Home Furnishing life, ceramic tile is very important, however, there will be wear and tear, discoloration and other common problems in the use of a long time, especially the bathroom tiles, because the bathroom itself environment is more humid, so it is more serious, which requires us to pay attention to the maintenance of ceramic tile the details in life!

There is also a convenient and environmentally friendly way to clean your body, using white vinegar and lemon peel. Clean the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware first, then dip the soft cloth on a little white vinegar to wipe the surface of the sanitary ware or wipe with the lemon peel. Only a little while, the sanitary ware will be shining as new, and the fragrance will be sent out.

First, the ceramic basin cleaning yellow dirt nine ways

1,add a little detergent and use a duster.

2,can use disinfectant to blister.

3,the more convenient way is to dip a little toothpaste with a cloth, and then repeated scrub.

4, we just need to put some water in the pot, then add some baking soda, soak for 5 minutes, then wipe it lightly with your hands, it will be clean, and also can be washed with hydrochloric acid.

5, the use of special porcelain cleaning fine, clear lens glasses brandy oil covered with dirt grease, available muslin dipped in some brandy or kerosene to clean, so it is convenient and clean.