toilet cleaning takes only three steps

Toilet Cleaning Takes Only Three Steps

toilet cleaning takes only three steps

One, white vinegar + cola

Pour the right amount of white vinegar into the toilet and soak for about ten minutes. Then soak the vinegar with a rag and wipe the dirty area around it. Finally, press the flush button to flush the toilet, and the toilet will glisten. At the same time, pour a cup of coke into the tank, let the coke in the toilet water tank overnight, so that the coke inside the carbonic acid fully dissolved stains, and then go to the toilet, flush the toilet, you can solve the unpleasant smell.

Two, baking soda + hot water

The common life of baking soda also has strong cleaning ability, the amount of baking soda sprinkled on the toilet inside, and then pour hot water for 20 minutes, this method is simple and reliable, can effectively remove stubborn yellow rust, so the toilet white.

Three, lemon water + toilet detergent

Toilet surface looks dirty, does not mean no bacteria, can be sprayed with lemon water, covering for a period of time after washing and drying, can effectively remove bacteria. In addition, remember in the toilet water tank into a disposable auto cleaning agent for toilet cleaning, can play a very good sterilizing effect.