shower room is easy to dirty not good wipe come and learn these tricks

Shower Room Is Easy To Dirty, Not Good Wipe? Come And Learn These Tricks.

shower room is easy to dirty not good wipe come and learn these tricks

Method 1, squeeze a small amount of shampoo into the basin, fully stir, and then dip it with a dishcloth, used to wipe the shower room glass, so you can wipe the glass is particularly bright.

Two, hidden in the glass door of the shower room of the old corner clean dirt, need to find a small watering can, a bag of white vinegar, white vinegar and water 1:1 mix, with a small spray to shower room corner aged dirt position, then old newspapers to clean the glass.

Method three, the black spots on the glass of shower room, squeeze toothpaste on the glass, gently wipe, you can.

Method four, fresh plastic film and wet cloth with detergent can make the glass door which is often stained with oil recover”.
First of all, the shower room glass sprayed with detergent, and then paste the film, ten minutes later, the solidification of the oil was softened, and then removed the film, wipe with a wet cloth. If there is a handwriting on the glass of the shower room, soak some water with rubber, then wipe the place with handwriting, and then wipe it with wet cloth. Glass is painted, cotton dipped in some hot vinegar scrub.

Method five, find a piece of clean dry cloth dipped in some alcohol, and then wipe the shower room glass, glass will shine like crystal.

why do we choose shower room

Why Do We Choose Shower Room?

why do we choose shower room

1, you can design an independent shower space, so you can have a relatively independent bath space, to avoid mutual influence, to facilitate daily life.

2, you can save space, because some families have relatively small bathroom space, bathtubs can not be installed, and shower doors can save a lot of space.

3, with a shower door, bath water will not be sprayed on the outside walls and ground, so that the entire bathroom cleaner.

4, winter bath, shower door can play a role in heat preservation, water vapor convergence in this space, the heat is not easy to emit, people feel more warm.

5, shower door shape rich, fan-shaped, rectangular, can play a very good decorative effect.

we teach you how to choose safe purchase shower room

We Teach You How To Choose Safe Purchase Shower Room

we teach you how to choose safe purchase shower room

Material determines the safety of shower room

The utility model has the advantages of permeability, moisture resistance, good processing performance and little occupation, and is suitable for the space division of toilets. As a result, shower rooms are usually made of glass or plexiglass. Organic glass because of its anti-aging, strength, wear resistance and other aspects of poor performance, the use of it made shower room is less and less. Ordinary glass due to poor rigidity, fragile, so the security is not good. Therefore, the responsible manufacturers of shower rooms are made of toughened glass with strong strength, rigidity and other aspects.

Consumers choose shower room, from the angle of safety and durability to consider, we must choose tempered glass products. But the appearance of toughened glass and ordinary glass, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, so be sure to choose a large scale, high degree of credibility, customer service service guarantees brands and businesses in the purchase of the shower room, to ensure buy high-quality products.

The hinged shower room is more popular

By the way of door switch, shower room is divided into slide type and hinge type. In the early days, the shower room was all slide type, and the slide and the top edge of the shower room were provided with sliding rails. The door was embedded in the slide rail and turned back and forth for the switch. The slide is easy to scale or fall into hard objects cannot be cleaned, the door switch is not smooth and cause damage. Moreover, the slide rail itself has the disadvantages of shorter service life and greater noise when pushing and pulling. Therefore, the shower room with higher grade has been upgraded to hinge type now. The hinge type shower room usually adopts the frameless design, and the appearance is concise and fluent. It is widely welcomed.

Hinge type shower room, glass door weight completely by the hinge to bear, because the glass door is very heavy, the hinge quality requirements are very high, the requirements of corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, bearing capacity. There are two kinds of hinge of different materials on the market: copper plating and stainless steel casting hinge hinge, stainless steel hinge for die casting are slightly better than in appearance, strength, corrosion resistance and other aspects, so relatively well-known brands tend to choose die casting stainless steel hinge, shower room to ensure safe use, prolong the service life.

Some of the European import brand hinge, shower room, the glass door is 180 degrees out of arbitrary switching function, the use of more convenient, it may not be in the shower when the glass door is pushed to the shower room inside, convenient cleaning.

Arc, right angle, or a shape, according to the pattern of the bathroom

Shower room has three main styles: arc, right angle and shape. The first two shower rooms should be installed in the vertical corner, in the bathroom corner of the bath area, more suitable for a larger area, roughly Square Bathroom use. A shaped shower room by in a straight line, with metal hinge connecting the glass door and the glass screen. The two ends are respectively fixed on opposite walls, will be separated into one end of the toilet, bathing area, generally suitable for rectangular or irregular shape of the toilet toilet.

Don’t neglect the function of the sealing strip

he main function of shower room is to wash away the splash of splash, so choose to pay attention to whether the selected products are sealed in the connection of glass and glass, glass and wall. If not, it is difficult to spray nozzle splash block bath, shower room effect is therefore greatly reduced. And high quality shower room sealing strip should not have a breakpoint at the hinge, glass door seal between the magnetic, so that water retaining performance will be better.

The shower room is mainly composed of tempered glass, toughened glass and the edge is relatively weak, when the attention do not use hard knock glass corners, so as to avoid damage. A better choice of glass edge sealing strips are the product, because the seal may be appropriate to alleviate the impact force generated bump, a safety protective effect on toughened glass.

Manufacturers provide free installation better

As the glass shower room is relatively heavy, so the installation of better wall is load-bearing wall, or not less than 15 cm thickness of the solid wall, so that security is guaranteed. But for the use of thin tempered glass shower room, 10 cm thickness of the solid wall can be installed.

High quality shower room requires higher installation accuracy, otherwise it will affect the appearance and use effect. In addition, the shower room is in use if there are problems, such as not factory installed, it is difficult to determine responsibility, easy to cause the wrangling, causing trouble for consumers. Therefore, it is more reliable to provide professional installation by manufacturers, but it may require consumers to pay additional installation fees. At present, some brands in the market offer free installation services.

sit bubble bath vs shower room how to choose

Sit Bubble Bath, VS Shower Room, In The End How to Choose?

sit bubble bath vs shower room how to choose

1, is better than sitting in a cozy bath
What a pleasant thing it is to soak a hot bath. Bath is a favorite of women. It is not only clean, but also important for skin care: milk bath, flower bath, essential oil bath…… So, from the comfort point of view, the shower room seems to be inferior.

2, is easier than cleaning a shower room
There are advantages and disadvantages, although the bathtub is comfortable, but the cleaning is also troublesome, in order to ensure good health, bath before bath, bath should be thoroughly cleaned, so that each bath is very tired.

3,safer than sitting in a bubble bath
If the toilet waterproof is not done, the use of shower room, bath will cause water leakage downstairs, and sit bubble bath does not exist such a problem. In addition, the shower room itself also has security problems, such as substandard glass screen will burst, causing personal injury.

4,more convenient shower room more worry
Use shower room, boil water can be washed directly, and sit bubble bath tub, need to put water of very long time however. Water heater may not be enough to put a cylinder, so sitting bubble bath water is far greater than the shower room, it will be more water.