Toilet selection key points

With the shape of a person like, look at the toilet exterior and exterior surface of the glaze is bright, glittering and translucent, whether there are ripple cracks, eye impurities, appearance symmetry, on the ground is stable and not swinging. Pay attention to the selection of toilet porcelain, porcelain delicate, glazed smooth and dense toilet, water and dirt is not easy to infiltrate, easy to clean, both beautiful and easy to clean. At present, the high-end toilet porcelain is also treated with nano glaze, which is easier to handle.

In the choice of water saving toilet, we should understand the principle of water saving, for example, some products are 6/3 double button double punching tank, there is no pressure device inside the tank, it can effectively solve the contradiction between water adding and rinsing. The flush mute of the toilet may be mute, but it is also a good strategy to reform the way of flushing. The siphon jet flush toilet reduces the noise and increases the effect of the rinsing.

The height of the water seal of the toilet is the key to prevent the smell from returning. The small seal less than 50 millimeters is easy to return and is not suitable for use. Check whether the water in the water tank is a factory product, whether it has 3, 6 liters of water-saving function, water tank, the inside of the pipe is not glazed, knocking any part of the toilet to listen to its sound is crisp.

Before buy toilet, we must make clear the exact size of the lower water inlet center from the wall, which is generally divided into 300, 400mm pits, and how much the length of our home is not understood. The toilet outlet is divided into two types, called the front outlet toilet and the rear outlet toilet. The front water toilet is suitable for large wall distance. The quality of the accessories is the guarantee of the durability of the toilet. Most of the toilet parts are made of plastic, the quality is uneven, the quality of all copper fittings is good, and the beauty is not easy to be aged.

The famous brand store of famous bathroom is not only arranged in neat and beautiful, but also usually with a sample room, which puts the qualification certificates which can prove their strength in a more obvious position. Whether the glaze of the toilet is uniform, there is no obvious color difference and deformation, glossiness is bright enough, there are obvious brown eyes, pinholes, spots, cracks, orange glaze, ripples, blotches, falling dirty and so on. If the toilet glaze quality is not good, it is easy to make the dirt hang on the four walls, and the good glaze is smooth, delicate, without defects. After repeated rinsing, it can still be as smooth as new.

The quality of the glazed surface and the green body of the toilet is very fine, and the hand feels the surface without the slightest bumpy feeling. Some of the lower and middle toilets are glazed, glazed and billets are rough, and pores can be found in the light. To observe the glaze of the reverse bend of the toilet, to reach the mouth of the toilet in the toilet, to touch the smoothness of the inside, and to extend far and far. The smooth inside is a good product, which prevents dirt and clogging and is not easy to leak.

The high grade toilet adopts high-grade ceramics, the sintering temperature of this kind of ceramic is above 1200 degrees, and the requirement of all porcelain of sanitary ware is reached, and the hand has a heavy feeling. Middle and low gear is used in the sanitary ceramics medium and low temperature ceramics, these two kinds of ceramics because of its low burning temperature, burning time is short, so it can not meet the requirements of all porcelain.

The most obvious difference between high temperature ceramics and medium and low temperature ceramics is water absorption. The toilet heated by high temperature will not suck into the sewage crack, and will not smell any more. And some medium and low temperature ceramic water absorption rate is very large, so it is easy to enter the sewage, and it is not easy to clean the smell of the strange smell, long time will also happen to crack and leak phenomenon.

The main function of the toilet is flushing, and the most important factor affecting the flushing is whether the piping design is scientific and reasonable. Therefore, the general regular shop has a water test station for customers to test the water. In the normal standard, the requirement is less than or equal to 6 litres of water, three flushes, an average of at least five water-filled table tennis flush out.

Beautiful and clean coexist, bathroom floor tile selection and purchase skills.

In the bathroom, the home environment is very special. The bathroom floor is bathed in water almost every day, and the moisture is very heavy. So, when doing home decoration, what floor tiles are in the bathroom?

Generally, the mosaic tiles with high quality have low water absorption rate, so that they can quickly dry. If the floor tiles does not indicate the water absorption rate, the tea or water drops can be used on the back of the tiles, and the diffusion degree of the water drops will be inspected a few minutes later, the less water absorbs, which means that the water absorption rate is low and the quality is better.

After heat expansion and contraction, the medallion tiles with high water absorption rate will cause the crack of the tiles surface and the whole wall floor tiles, and the decoration of the northern area bathroom in the four seasons is more important to pay attention to this problem.


When choosing bathroom floor tiles with high texture density, when choosing tiles, you can observe whether the tiles surface is smooth, and whether there are pinholes of uneven thickness. At the same time, you can knock the tiles to hear whether the voice is crisp, which indicates that the has high density and good hardness. Such bathroom cabinet are laid in bathroom space, it is not easy to damage, but also easy to maintain and clean.

The choice between the shower, toilet and the basin is dry and wet. It can be well divided by different materials and varieties of bathroom basin, so that they can not interfere with each other, avoid the past kind of splash. This is one of the most common decoration methods in foreign countries.

The color of toilet is first selected according to the overall style of the bathroom, followed by the color that one likes. For most of the small space bathroom, the color of bathroom tiles is the best choice for light colored tiles, not black or dark. Light color can reflect the effect of sight from the light, making the bathroom look more spacious and bright. When choosing bathroom tiles, place tiles on the same color and pattern from outside 0.8m.

Bathroom floor tile specifications are more common size 300mm*300mm, bathtub water absorption rate is generally around 1%. The decoration materials for the wall and floor of the bathroom are glazed tiles,polished tiles and mosaic tiles. The specifications for bara tiles are 300 x 300mm and 330 x 330mm. The bathroom space is smaller than the living space, and the corners are many. Try not to use the large marble porcelain tiles. Because big size tiles cutting frequency is high, the waste is bigger, also does not suit the floor drain, the inconvenient ground leveling, causes the waste.

When choosing shower tray, it can be identified by judging the thickness of glaze layer on tiles. The surface of the polished tiles can be scratched with hard objects. If there is scratch, it means that the glaze is not enough. When the thin glaze layer on the tile surface is polished, the tiles surface will be easy to store dirt, and it is difficult to clean up and lack safety. And some floor tiles which no glazed, generally unsuitable for a wet and closed environment, because the pores on the tiles can not absorb water and can not be diverged, and can also lead to the appearance of mould.

bathroom basin selection strategy quality and brand is the key

Bathroom Basin Selection Strategy: Quality And Brand Is The Key

bathroom basin selection strategy quality and brand is the key

1, the size of the basin

When we buy Bathroom Vanities, first look at the size of the whole bathroom space, if the bathroom space is large, then we should choose a larger basin, this looks more beautiful and harmony. But if the bathroom space is not big, must not choose too large basin, this will appear very abrupt, affect the beautiful, will occupy the bathroom limited space. Under normal circumstances, if the width of the toilet is less than 70 centimeters, it is best to install the cylinder.

In addition, we also consider the location, the height of the water tap, need to set in advance good drainage tube location to buy basin, when install basin would not have the trouble of pipeline reconstruction.

2, the quality and brand of basin
At present, most owners choose the basin material is ceramic. Then how to identify the quality of ceramic basin? The quality of ceramic basin is mainly determined by its manufacturing process. Generally speaking, high temperature firing is better than low temperature firing basin. In addition, the glazed ceramic basin is not easy to be contaminated and easy to clean. So choose a good ceramic basin will make life a lot easier after day.

In the choice of ceramic basin we can against the light the glaze is smooth, whether there is a bubble, pinhole, sand holes, spots etc.. In addition, we can also touch the hand, feel its touch is delicate, gently tap with your hand, if the sound is crisp, so that the ceramic basin is better. If you have chosen is not good, then choose the brand of basin, the basin is more than the quality guarantee hodge.

3, color and style of basin
(1) the color of the basin has always been white, light blue, pink based, but we can also choose the color of the basin according to their preferences. In addition, the color of the basin should be consistent with the style of the toilet decoration and the overall tone, so it will not appear abrupt. At present, there is a transparent glass basin on the market, so the basin looks very refreshing.
(2) the style of the basin now is different from that of the founder or circle. In order to reflect the personality and characteristics, at present, the basin on the market has different shapes, such as tree shape, shell shape, triangle, five angle shape, heart shape, petal shape, etc., which conforms to the modern young people’s pursuit of the trend of psychology.

bathroom basin how to install

Bathroom basin how to install?

bathroom basin how to install

Undercounter innstallation method

On the stage of the basin installation is relatively simple, just press the installation drawings on the surface of a predetermined position opening, will put in the hole, the gap can be filled with glass glue.

Installation method of table under basin

Undercounter installing a countertop complex installation, first need to install the bracket to customize the size under counter basin, then  basin is installed in a predetermined position, the fixed bracket, will have a good hole in the basin on the table cover. When installing, note that the position of the bracket should be fixed and accurate, besides, the hole should be rounded.

Installation method of column and basin

The general method of installation of column and basin is that first, the launching device of the cylinder is installed, and then the faucet and hose are installed. Then put the column, porcelain column in the corresponding position, put the tray carefully put, pay attention to the water pipe, just inserted into the original ground left the sewer. Then the upper pipe is connected to the upper nozzle. Finally, put a glass of glue along the edge of the column.

common sense Bathroom basin maintenance knowledge

Common sense! Bathroom basin maintenance knowledge!

common sense Bathroom basin maintenance knowledge the bathroom space in the humid environment, accidents to children mostly, because
children bathing; love splashing about, because of environmental concerns, if any
improper actions, such as a foot standing in the bathtub wall edge, the other foot is
put on both sides in the basin around the basin or hands,dangerous behavior. The next,
if accidentally slipped and hit that may cause an accident.

2.change the bad habit of placing objects on the basin.

3.the basin above the shelf make-up board on a larger size or heavier weight of daily
necessities, please install lockers, in order to facilitate the collection of daily
necessities, to avoid placing on the make-up board.

4.usually clean: porcelain appearance soft, brush or sponge dip neutral detergent
cleaning, but must not be hot water flushing or directly to the hot water, lest basin
split. To use a basin to hold water, put cold water in it first, and put hot water in it
to avoid scalding.

5. regular maintenance: below the traps head can be disassembled, the accumulation of
dirt removed, can keep drainage unobstructed.