The bathroom of the new Chinese culture is so long

Today,the trend also swept the bathroom ,wood,carved,window sculpture,window lsttice and other Chinese yuan no longer only appear in the Hall and bedroom.Biography and modern Times yuan’s melting white.the achievements of the new Chinese style of the prevalence.

With color tuble clean crisp,empty Yan layout beautiful generous,take off the traditional Chinese to bring San redundant feeling,more a point of fresh eh.

With the biack mortar two colors of the rich literary feeling

A literary and artistic sense kitchen is the most first single dozen fit square,is all four on the dead tile or half brick half hide,groung asr white grain Tile.Plastic what also try to buy white ah,this can be combined with the background as a whole.

The hanging Ark is more advantageous to the Qing San Ji and accepts

A good quality Health Yan’s compulsory qi is:’wet and dry separation +,Giant+seek floating in the bathroom shabby.


bathroom basin selection strategy quality and brand is the key

Bathroom Basin Selection Strategy: Quality And Brand Is The Key

bathroom basin selection strategy quality and brand is the key

1, the size of the basin

When we buy Bathroom Vanities, first look at the size of the whole bathroom space, if the bathroom space is large, then we should choose a larger basin, this looks more beautiful and harmony. But if the bathroom space is not big, must not choose too large basin, this will appear very abrupt, affect the beautiful, will occupy the bathroom limited space. Under normal circumstances, if the width of the toilet is less than 70 centimeters, it is best to install the cylinder.

In addition, we also consider the location, the height of the water tap, need to set in advance good drainage tube location to buy basin, when install basin would not have the trouble of pipeline reconstruction.

2, the quality and brand of basin
At present, most owners choose the basin material is ceramic. Then how to identify the quality of ceramic basin? The quality of ceramic basin is mainly determined by its manufacturing process. Generally speaking, high temperature firing is better than low temperature firing basin. In addition, the glazed ceramic basin is not easy to be contaminated and easy to clean. So choose a good ceramic basin will make life a lot easier after day.

In the choice of ceramic basin we can against the light the glaze is smooth, whether there is a bubble, pinhole, sand holes, spots etc.. In addition, we can also touch the hand, feel its touch is delicate, gently tap with your hand, if the sound is crisp, so that the ceramic basin is better. If you have chosen is not good, then choose the brand of basin, the basin is more than the quality guarantee hodge.

3, color and style of basin
(1) the color of the basin has always been white, light blue, pink based, but we can also choose the color of the basin according to their preferences. In addition, the color of the basin should be consistent with the style of the toilet decoration and the overall tone, so it will not appear abrupt. At present, there is a transparent glass basin on the market, so the basin looks very refreshing.
(2) the style of the basin now is different from that of the founder or circle. In order to reflect the personality and characteristics, at present, the basin on the market has different shapes, such as tree shape, shell shape, triangle, five angle shape, heart shape, petal shape, etc., which conforms to the modern young people’s pursuit of the trend of psychology.

How To Choose Ceramic Basin

how to choose ceramic basin

First, take a closer look at the wash basin
Excellent quality of the glazed ceramic surface light slippery, leaving no spots, scratches or marks, easy to wash. In determining the choice in strong light, carefully observed from the side of the reflective surface of ceramic wash basin, with little or no surface of small voids and pits as well.

Two, touch the wash basin
When you choose, you can gently touch the surface with your hands, and feel very smooth and fine. You can also touch the back, feel the “sand sand” subtle friction feeling is good.

Three, bomb listen to wash basin
High quality ceramic wash basin, with knock gently, still can hear the sonorous sound of percussion, if the voice is hoarse, and crack on the surface of the product, and then looking is substandard.

Four, water absorption basin
Water absorption refers to the ceramic products have certain adsorption and permeability of water. If the water is sucked into the ceramic, the ceramic will produce a certain expansion, easy to make the surface of ceramic glaze cracking due to expansion. Especially for high products of ceramic washbasin and bibulous rate, easy to dirt and odor in water inhalation ceramics, after long use, will not remove the odor.

What Is The Size Of A Child’s Toilet?

what is the size of a child's toilet

Size of children’s toilet size
Children’s toilet size is different, generally higher than 70 centimeters up and down, the length is about 70 centimeters. Of course, there are smaller toilet sizes, but it’s customized or purchased according to the size of the family. Generally, the size of children’s toilets on the market is everything. Generally, you report the height and weight of children to the sellers, and they will help you choose a child’s toilet suitable for your baby.

Dimensions of children’s toilets — Considerations
Many factors need to be considered when choosing the size of a child’s toilet. Many parents don’t know the size of a child’s toilet. For example, the size of the bathroom in the home, the child’s height, weight, and so on, in order to buy suitable for children’s home children’s toilet. Of course, in the choice of style and shape, parents should listen to the opinions of children, after all, children’s toilet is reserved for children.

Size of children’s toilet — how to choose
Many parents choose children’s toilets, most of which are blind. In the choice of time to look at the way it is drainage, or in the back row, if the wrong will bring home a lot of unnecessary trouble. Also, if you buy a children’s toilet drop type, consideration must be given to the sewage outfall to the wall distance, not big, not small, so that consumers need very careful.

Size of children’s toilet age
In the purchase of children’s toilets, of course, should also take into account the age of children, different age needs different children’s toilet. The average child can start to use the toilet after one year of age, if the baby is unstable, adults should hold more, so as not to fall down and so on. Generally used for a period of time after the children’s toilet, the child will be familiar with the use, and use it more easily.

Size of children’s toilet — Necessity
The children in the toilet, if the toilet is too high or too low is not conducive to the child, the child will be at a convenient time to feel very tired, very not adapt to. Moreover, children use adult toilet is not safe, the fart is easy to stuck in the toilet ring, can be said to be very dangerous, not only will cause physical harm to children, but also get psychological damage.

5 Bathroom Tips To Share

5 bathroom tips to share

1, space determines bathroom choice
Take the toilet, the hanging toilet is suitable for small space, easy to clean; high-tech computer toilet, the area is larger, suitable for large space.
In addition, in the purchase of toilets, be sure to first confirm the home toilet hole distance, that is, the wall to the drainage center distance, the domestic general 30-40cm based, but there are also 18-22cm.

2, toilets need to pay attention to dirt resistance, durability and practicality
Toilet selection, in addition to shape and function, mainly consider pollution resistance, durability and practicality. The quality of the toilet should be smooth, smooth, no foam, color saturation.
After testing the surface of the glazed surface, you should also touch the sewer of the toilet, if rough, then easy to cause congestion.

3, bath installation should consider family factors
There are children, the elderly, or recommend the installation of bathtubs, bathing what will be more convenient and safe.
If the bathroom space is not large, you can buy a short and deep Japanese bathtub or cask. If the space is large enough, you can choose according to your own needs. Such as love bath, bath bath tub embedded can choose the special.

4, it is recommended to choose strong antibacterial material
Because of the housing construction as well as the weather, summer toilet is easily affected by high temperature, leading to the breeding of bacteria, shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, anti damp smell. A long time, but also prone to wall tiles, tiles fall off and other issues.
Therefore, in the selection of bathroom equipment, must use anti fouling antibacterial material, currently on the market already has anti-bacterial nanotechnology, the price is moderate, you can consider the start.

the skill of choosing the squatting pan

The Skill Of Choosing The Squatting Pan

the skill of choosing the squatting pan

1, look at the whole
Whether the sample is placed neatly or beautiful can reflect the attention and intention of the manufacturer to the brand.

2. Touch the surface
High grade squat toilet surface glaze and body are relatively delicate, hand touch surface will not have uneven feeling. The glaze of middle and low squat pan is relatively dark. Under the illumination of the light, it will find the pores, and the glaze and the body are rough.

3, weigh weight
High-grade squatting must be used in high temperature ceramic sanitary ceramics, the ceramic sintering temperature is over 12%, the material structure completed phase transformation, generating structure was very compact glass phase, reached the requirements of sanitary ware, porcelain, hand weigh heavy feeling.
Medium and low-grade toilet is used in low temperature, ceramic sanitary ceramics, the two kinds of ceramic because of its low temperature sintering, sintering time is short, unable to complete the phase transformation, so as not to porcelain requirements.

4, specific water absorption
The most obvious difference between high temperature ceramics and medium and low temperature ceramics is water absorption. The water absorption of high temperature ceramics is less than 0. 2%, the product is easy to clean, will not absorb odor, will not occur glaze cracks and local water leakage phenomenon.
Medium and low temperature ceramic water absorption rate is much higher than this standard, and easy to enter the sewage, not easy to clean, but also send out unpleasant odor, long time will crack and leakage phenomenon.

bathub buying skills sharing

Bathub Buying Skills Sharing

bathub buying skills sharing

Shopping plan 1: Bathtub Safety
When choosing the bathtub, you need to consider the particularity of the members of the family, such as children, the elderly, the disabled, choose the bathtub, it is better to choose the lower side, you can also install handrails in the appropriate place. In addition, the bathtub must be anti-skid treatment, to prevent falls, to ensure safety.

Shopping plan 2: bathtub size
The size of the bathtub should be determined according to the size of the bathroom. Before buying, the size of the bathroom should be measured first. Different shapes of the bathtub, occupied floor area is not the same, if installed in the corner of the triangle, heart-shaped bathtub bathtub in general more than rectangular space, before buying, the need to consider whether the bathroom can accommodate.|

Shopping plan 3: bathtub weight
Because of the different materials, the weight of the bathtub is also very different. Before buying, you need to consider the bearing capacity of the bathroom floor, choose the weight within the load-bearing range of bathtub products.

Purchase plan 4: bathtub outlet height
The bath water outlet height also needs to be considered, if love depth, the bath position of the outlet is higher, if the water level is too low, once exceeded this height, it will drain out from the water outlet, the bath water depth to meet the requirements of depth.

Purchase plan 5: bathtub function selection
The bathtub has the ordinary bathtub and has the massage function and so on the massage bathtub the cent, chooses the bathtub time, needs to consider whether oneself really needs some other functions, whether can afford. If you choose a Jacuzzi, you need to take into account the bathtub is to use electric pump to flush, the water pressure, electricity requirements are very high, so you need to consider the water pressure of the bathroom, the power is in line with the installation conditions.

introduction to maintenance skills of solid wood bathroom cabinets

Introduction To Maintenance Skills Of Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets

introduction to maintenance skills of solid wood bathroom cabinets


1, keep the bathroom air circulation, wet and dry separation to accommodate the bathroom cabinet
Wooden bathroom cabinets have relatively harsh requirements for the bathroom environment, that is, wet and dry separation. The shower is separated from other areas, and the shower water does not splash around and keeps the space outside the shower dry. At present, the bathroom between Europe and the United States is generally wet and dry separation.

2, clean solid wood bathroom cabinets, cabinet cleaning agent best use of neutral reagents, such as: wipe with toothpaste, soft cloth wipe, is also a simple maintenance method, also can be sprayed on the cabinet.

3, avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove stains. If there is a stain on the bathroom cabinet, we must not wipe it vigorously. We can gently remove the stain by warm tea. When the water evaporates, it will smear less light wax on the original part, and then polish it several times to form a protective film;

4, put the memory cabinet cleaning supplies, plastic pad a layer below the best cleaning convenient pad or small towel.

5, away from the heat source, to avoid direct sunlight, in order to prevent local wood cracking, deformation and local discoloration of the paint film.

shower room is easy to dirty not good wipe come and learn these tricks

Shower Room Is Easy To Dirty, Not Good Wipe? Come And Learn These Tricks.

shower room is easy to dirty not good wipe come and learn these tricks

Method 1, squeeze a small amount of shampoo into the basin, fully stir, and then dip it with a dishcloth, used to wipe the shower room glass, so you can wipe the glass is particularly bright.

Two, hidden in the glass door of the shower room of the old corner clean dirt, need to find a small watering can, a bag of white vinegar, white vinegar and water 1:1 mix, with a small spray to shower room corner aged dirt position, then old newspapers to clean the glass.

Method three, the black spots on the glass of shower room, squeeze toothpaste on the glass, gently wipe, you can.

Method four, fresh plastic film and wet cloth with detergent can make the glass door which is often stained with oil recover”.
First of all, the shower room glass sprayed with detergent, and then paste the film, ten minutes later, the solidification of the oil was softened, and then removed the film, wipe with a wet cloth. If there is a handwriting on the glass of the shower room, soak some water with rubber, then wipe the place with handwriting, and then wipe it with wet cloth. Glass is painted, cotton dipped in some hot vinegar scrub.

Method five, find a piece of clean dry cloth dipped in some alcohol, and then wipe the shower room glass, glass will shine like crystal.

how to choose a toilet

How To Choose A Toilet ?

how to choose a toilet

Skills of water saving toilet
To select the qualified toilet in addition to the regular store brand products, consumers also want to have a pair of piercing eye. Mainly from four aspects can roughly determine the quality of water-saving toilets. The first is to look at the ceramic body: if is the OEM toilet, or unlicensed toilet, technology is not enough stress, the sintering temperature is only eight or nine of centigrade, so easy to cause the body absorption rate is relatively high, is used for a long time will be yellow. So, when choosing toilet, we should pay more attention to the quality of the body.

Second look glaze: brand-name unlicensed toilet outer usually use ordinary glaze, not smooth, easy to stain residue, which will appear repeatedly wash clean phenomenon. In addition, less smooth, more bacteria will stay, affecting health. Good toilet will use high quality antibacterial glaze, smooth, easy to clean.

Look at the water again: water is the most critical part of the toilet, which directly determines the service life and flushing effect of the toilet. Many people will find the toilet at home for a period of time will appear stiff, press play button up or not to flush, which means you choose a piece of poor quality toilet water, if the warranty is not in place, it will only replace the toilet.

Finally, we need on-site test: most stores will have a trial device. Consumers might as well try directly to flush the toilet.