BARANA tell you how to choose a good toilet?

The choice and purchase of toilets is an indispensable part of home decoration, how to choose a suitable toilet? How do you choose all kinds of toilets on the market? Toilet type: one piece toilet and two-piece toilet. Whether the toilet is purchased or connected is mainly based on the size of toilet space.

Separate toilet is more traditional. In the later stage of production, screw and sealing ring are used to connect the base and the water tank two layers, which occupies a larger space and the joint seams are easy to hide dirt. The conjoined toilet is more modern and high-grade, with beautiful shape and rich selection. But the price is more expensive.

Sewage disposal mode: rear row type and downward row type. The back row is also called wall row or horizontal row. According to the literal meaning, we can know the direction of its sewage discharge. Back-row toilet should be considered when purchasing the height of the sewage outlet center from the ground, which is generally 180 mm; bottom-row toilet is also known as floor or vertical drain, refers to the sewage outlet in the ground toilet.

The bottom toilet should pay attention to the distance from the center of the sewage outlet to the wall. The distance from the sewage outlet to the wall is divided into 400 mm, 305 mm and 200 mm. Among them, the northern market has a larger demand for 400mm pits. South market has a larger demand for products from 305mm pits.

Launching mode: flush type and siphon type. The purchase of toilet seats depends on the direction of sewage discharge. If it is the back, to buy flushing toilet, with the help of the impulse of water will be directly discharged dirt. The flushing sewage outlet of toilet is larger and deeper, and the dirt is discharged directly by the impulse of the flushing water. The disadvantage is that the sound of the flushing water is loud. If you are in the lower row, you should choose siphon toilet.

There are two kinds of siphon toilet, including jet siphon and swirling siphon. The principle of the siphon toilet is to siphon the sewage pipe with the flushing water to discharge the dirt. The sewage outlet is small, the noise is small, and it is quiet. The disadvantage is that the water consumption is large, and the average storage capacity of 6 liters is used up at a time.

The cold knowledge about toilet that you don’t know.

As a symbol of quality of life, toilets are used by more and more families and public places. The emergence of toilets not only makes toilets sanitary, but also makes many developed countries begin to attach importance to the construction of urban tap water and sewage system. It can be said that the history of toilet development also reflects the history of human civilization and sanitation.

However, it should bring convenience toilet to people, but it also brings unexpected troubles. When there is a lot of toilet outside, even if there is a squat toilet, everyone will wait in line at the door. Some people do not talk about public morality, squatting directly on the toilet, stepping on footprints and muddy water. A good bathroom will provide toilet seat pad, but some people feel unhygienic. Dirty is the only consensus that we have of public bathroom toilet.

The toilet is small and healthy is important. Try to use squat toilets in public places. Since there is no guarantee that public bathroom will be disinfected after each use, so public places should try to choose squat toilets. If the old man is not convenient to squat, use paper to wipe the washer toilet. Planners should also be considerate of the concerns of everyone, while adding more humanized design, such as public toilet crouching toilet on both sides of the safety handrail.

Cardiovascular patients choose toilets. When you go out, you’d better take a portable toilet stool, you can change the squat toilet into a simple toilet, to reduce the squat caused by the sudden rise in blood pressure on the upper body caused by the accident. Go to the toilet at home, try not to plug in the door, so that in the event of an accident, the family can be found in the first place.

Cover the toilet seat when flushing. If the toilet lid is opened during flushing, the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can throw germs or microorganisms into the air up to 6 meters high and suspend them in the air for hours, thereby contaminating walls and other objects. We should develop the habit of covering the toilet lid while flushing.

Three days scrubbing, both inside and outside of toilet. Many people will wait until the toilet dirt after cleaning, in fact, by this time the toilet inside and outside the bacteria already dense. It’s best to clean it once every three days. If you have urinary tract infection in your home, it’s best to sterilize toilet with household disinfectant. The outer side of the toilet is also best cleaned. Use a piece of cloth instead of mixing it with other rag.

The old man’s toilet is equipped with an armrest. If there is an old person in the family, the toilet door should be opened outside. If it is opened inside, it is difficult to push the door open after the old man falls down unexpectedly. If conditions permit, the toilet should be equipped with handrails and easy-to-use ringing bells, the elderly in case of an accident can promptly notify their families.

Does bathroom need shower room?

Many people want to have a separate bathroom space, but because of the limited space in the bathroom, can only bathroom facilities and sanitary ware in one room. The shower room makes full use of the corner of the room, and clearly divides the shower area by fencing or glass, so there is a shower room.

Separation in dry and wet zone. With a shower room, the water won’t splash out when you shower with a sprinkler and wet the entire bathroom floor. Independent bath space. The toilets and toilet of basin buildings in China are mostly combined, so the installation of bathroom avoids mutual influence and facilitates daily life. Save space. Some household bathroom space is small, can not be installed bathtub, and shower room can save a lot of space.

Decorative insulation. Water vapor gathers in a narrow space, the heat will not quickly dissipate, people feel very warm, and the shower room can also play a decorative role in the bathroom. If you install a shower room, you should decide according to the size of your own bathroom. The shower room not only reduces the workload of cleaning after taking a bath, but also increases the service life of bathroom cabinet, bathroom door and other facilities.

Take care of trouble. If the shower room made of glass is not cleaned in time after bathing, it will soon form a layer of white water and alkali on the glass, which must be cleaned with professional cleaning agent. Bathing space is limited. The space of shower room is standard size generally, the shower room of common size is somewhat narrow for tall and burly person, touch glass wall or other place easily when bathing.

Bath curtain with waterproof strip, both economical and effective dry-wet separation, but remember to regularly refresh the bath curtain. The size of the glass partition needs to be measured by the designer, and the cutting work is handed over to the merchant, so the effect is very beautiful. Waterproof partition wall can not only ornament bathroom decoration, can also be separated from the wet and dry areas around, the overall effect is also very good.

The most important thing to install shower room is to see whether the bathroom area is suitable for installation. If the bathroom area is very small, the installation will make the bathroom look smaller, and its glass wall must be close to the bathtub, sink, etc., not easy to clean, it is better not to install.

How to choose a bathtub that suits you?

In our daily life, bathrooms are inseparable from the use of bathtubs. Through the decoration of the house, the bathroom will be decorated into a warm and practical place, and the choice of the bathtub, the size of the bathtub affects the consumer’s subjective choice. The size of the bathtub is not only related to the size of the space, but also directly related to the function design of the bathtub. The length of the bathtub ranges from 1.2 m to 1.7 m, and the depth is between 50~70 cm.

The bathtub, which is under 1.5 meters in length, is often deeper than the ordinary bathtub, about 70 centimeters. This is the often said bath tub. Because of the small area of the bottom of the cylinder, the bathtub is easier to stand than the ordinary bathtub. It saves space at the same time and does not affect the comfort of the use.

Because of the price crazy now, people buy house space is also smaller and smaller, most of the friends are welcome to small family house, small apartment house decoration is taken into consideration of the size of the bathtub. Because of the small space, large size can not be put down, too small size of the bathtub has no practical value, in fact, small apartment bathroom can choose a rectangular shape of the bathtub. Put them on the vertical wall of the bathroom. The length of the design takes into account the sense of height and space of the room. The minimum size can be designed to 1.3 meters. Their width is seventy centimeters. It occupies a small space and plays a major role.

The best seller in the market is the circular bathtub. The diameter of the circular bathtub is usually 1.5-1.8 meters. The space needed is relatively large, which is totally unsuitable for ordinary small family houses. They mainly appear in apartments or villas, if your bathroom space is large enough, you can make a round bathtub with a diameter of 2 meters. Is there a feeling of sitting in the ocean with a person sitting in bathtub?

Have you seen a fan-shaped bathtub? Their shapes are a little like a fan. They are mainly installed at the angle between the two walls. Small apartment houses are more suitable. Their design is similar to the circular bathtub, and the size of the bathtub is designed according to the diameter. The minimum size of a bathtub can be 1.2 meters. The inner structure is designed as a small stool, sitting inside to enjoy the warmth of the hot water.

Round bathtub is generally larger, the diameter of 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters in the majority, round bathtub water consumption is relatively large, occupied a large area, most used in villas. The triangle bathtub is generally used less, and there are some irregular shape  bathtubs, used in large bathrooms, family use very little. Oval bathtub most of the size and square of the same, just a length less than 1 meters 4 of the bathtub, the height is higher, the wood is the main, the name is also changed, called bath barrel.

The bathtub length of an ordinary family should not be less than 1500mm.General bathtub size is the size of the shape, the length of the general bathtub from 1.2 meters to 1.7 meters, the conventional size is 1600*750 or 1700*750, depth of 50~70 cm, but the actual use of the size may be reduced by 10-20 centimeters. The minimum size of the bathtub is 120 centimeters long, mainly for children.

Toilet selection key points

With the shape of a person like, look at the toilet exterior and exterior surface of the glaze is bright, glittering and translucent, whether there are ripple cracks, eye impurities, appearance symmetry, on the ground is stable and not swinging. Pay attention to the selection of toilet porcelain, porcelain delicate, glazed smooth and dense toilet, water and dirt is not easy to infiltrate, easy to clean, both beautiful and easy to clean. At present, the high-end toilet porcelain is also treated with nano glaze, which is easier to handle.

In the choice of water saving toilet, we should understand the principle of water saving, for example, some products are 6/3 double button double punching tank, there is no pressure device inside the tank, it can effectively solve the contradiction between water adding and rinsing. The flush mute of the toilet may be mute, but it is also a good strategy to reform the way of flushing. The siphon jet flush toilet reduces the noise and increases the effect of the rinsing.

The height of the water seal of the toilet is the key to prevent the smell from returning. The small seal less than 50 millimeters is easy to return and is not suitable for use. Check whether the water in the water tank is a factory product, whether it has 3, 6 liters of water-saving function, water tank, the inside of the pipe is not glazed, knocking any part of the toilet to listen to its sound is crisp.

Before buy toilet, we must make clear the exact size of the lower water inlet center from the wall, which is generally divided into 300, 400mm pits, and how much the length of our home is not understood. The toilet outlet is divided into two types, called the front outlet toilet and the rear outlet toilet. The front water toilet is suitable for large wall distance. The quality of the accessories is the guarantee of the durability of the toilet. Most of the toilet parts are made of plastic, the quality is uneven, the quality of all copper fittings is good, and the beauty is not easy to be aged.

The famous brand store of famous bathroom is not only arranged in neat and beautiful, but also usually with a sample room, which puts the qualification certificates which can prove their strength in a more obvious position. Whether the glaze of the toilet is uniform, there is no obvious color difference and deformation, glossiness is bright enough, there are obvious brown eyes, pinholes, spots, cracks, orange glaze, ripples, blotches, falling dirty and so on. If the toilet glaze quality is not good, it is easy to make the dirt hang on the four walls, and the good glaze is smooth, delicate, without defects. After repeated rinsing, it can still be as smooth as new.

The quality of the glazed surface and the green body of the toilet is very fine, and the hand feels the surface without the slightest bumpy feeling. Some of the lower and middle toilets are glazed, glazed and billets are rough, and pores can be found in the light. To observe the glaze of the reverse bend of the toilet, to reach the mouth of the toilet in the toilet, to touch the smoothness of the inside, and to extend far and far. The smooth inside is a good product, which prevents dirt and clogging and is not easy to leak.

The high grade toilet adopts high-grade ceramics, the sintering temperature of this kind of ceramic is above 1200 degrees, and the requirement of all porcelain of sanitary ware is reached, and the hand has a heavy feeling. Middle and low gear is used in the sanitary ceramics medium and low temperature ceramics, these two kinds of ceramics because of its low burning temperature, burning time is short, so it can not meet the requirements of all porcelain.

The most obvious difference between high temperature ceramics and medium and low temperature ceramics is water absorption. The toilet heated by high temperature will not suck into the sewage crack, and will not smell any more. And some medium and low temperature ceramic water absorption rate is very large, so it is easy to enter the sewage, and it is not easy to clean the smell of the strange smell, long time will also happen to crack and leak phenomenon.

The main function of the toilet is flushing, and the most important factor affecting the flushing is whether the piping design is scientific and reasonable. Therefore, the general regular shop has a water test station for customers to test the water. In the normal standard, the requirement is less than or equal to 6 litres of water, three flushes, an average of at least five water-filled table tennis flush out.

Full knowledge of toilet

The flushing principles of toilets in the market are basically two categories: direct toilet and siphon toilet. The direct flush toilet is the use of the flow of water to discharge the stool, the general pool wall is more steep, the water area is smaller, so the hydraulic concentration, the drop of water around the circle is increased, and the efficiency of the pollution is high.

The straight flush toilet flushing pipeline is simple, the path is short, the diameter of the pipe is coarse (the diameter is 9 to 10 centimeters), and the gravity acceleration of the water can be washed clean, and the process of the flushing is short. Compared with the siphon style, the straight flush toilet does not return to the water to take the straight flush, easily punching down the larger dirt. It is not easy to cause clogging in the process of scour, and the toilet does not need to be prepared in the toilet. In terms of water saving, it is also better than siphon toilet.

The biggest drawback of the direct flush toilet is the big sound of flushing, and because of the small water surface, it is easy to appear scaling phenomenon, and the odor proof work can not be as good as the siphon toilet. In addition, the direct flush toilet is currently less variety in the market, and the choice surface is not as large as the siphon toilet.

The structure of the siphon toilet is a “~” type. After the drainage pipe is filled with water, the water level will produce a certain water level, and the suction will be discharged by the suction in the drain pipe. The siphon toilet flush is not the use of the flow force, so the water in the pool is large and the noise of the flush is small. Siphon toilet is also divided into two types: swirling siphon and jet siphon.

The swirling siphon toilet bucket nozzle is located on the side of the bottom of the . When the water is washed, the water flows along the wall of the pool to form a whirlpool. This will increase the intensity of the water flow to the pool wall, and increase the suction of the siphon toilet, which is more conducive to the discharge of the viscera of the toilet.

The jet siphon toilet is further improved on the siphon toilet by adding a spray sideway at the bottom of the toilet, aiming at the center of the sewage outlet. When the water is washed, a part of the water flows out of the hole of the cloth around the ring, and part of the water is ejected from the jet. This toilet flush away the dirt quickly on the basis of the siphon. The biggest advantage of siphon toilet is its low noise, called mute. From the scouring capacity, siphon toilet can easily break off the dirt attached to the surface of the toilet, because the siphon toilet has a higher water storage and better odor prevention effect than the direct flushing. Now, there are a wide variety of siphon toilets in the market, and there will be more room for the toilet to buy.

Siphon toilet flush water first to a high water surface, and then wash the dirt down, so it is necessary to have a certain amount of water to achieve the purpose of rinsing, at least 8 to 9 liters of water each time, relative to the cost of water. The siphon toilet drainage pipe is about 56 centimeters, and the water can be blocked easily when the water is washed, so the toilet paper can not be thrown directly into the toilet, and the installation of the siphon toilet is usually equipped with a basket and a basket.

In combination with the characteristics of the jet siphon toilet and the swirling siphon toilet, the flush port is placed on the side of the bottom of the toilet, and the bottom of the toilet is added to the bottom of the toilet, aiming at the center of the drain. When flushing, part of the water is ejected from the toilet lip flushing nozzle, forming a vortex along the wall of the pool, increasing the flushing intensity of the water flow to the wall of the pool, and the other part is ejected from the nozzle.

It is a wonderful way to teach you to expand the bathroom space easily.

Clean and orderly bathroom space is an essential part of home life. Good bathroom space provides a comfortable and relaxing life for everyday household life. To create a healthy and warm bathroom space, the key is to have a proper method of receiving the bathroom. In this little editor, we introduce simple and practical tips to you.

The bathroom space is given out with the help of the bathroom cabinet. The big whole bathroom cabinet, receiving the bathroom tiles of the size of the items, all the debris have been swallowed by this giant, the whole bathroom space vacated a lot of place, also make the whole space generous, while the fresh log color of the cabinet, bring a sense of comfort and relaxation. Bathroom tiles space is not big, so corner corner because of the narrow corner will also be used, with small corner bathroom cabinet, easy to use local space to accept.

Borrow the wall to keep everything on the wall. How could it be wasted on the spacious walls, pegged a row of hooks on the suitable wall of the bathroom space, picking up their favorite style and the style of the bathroom toilet , hanging their own clothes, and It was no longer bothered to wrinkle the clothes. The private space between the bathroom is not short of the wall, so want to increase the capacity to “borrow” to it right, wall shelf, wall collecting basket, can reflect the master’s wisdom, multilayer trapezoid shelf, layers and can put a lot of things.

The space combination has a formula. The whole set of bath in bathroom is an indispensable household item. The combination of basin and surrounding space will eliminate the trouble of bathroom. Many hanging basin, there are a lot of space below, a good increase in the capacity to make good use of this, or directly to buy a floor basin, with a big box with a large collection. Near to the basin, sometimes in the layout of the bathroom space, there will be a lot of space, just to put a suitable three-dimensional receiving cabinet, so that the whole space can be more neat.

A stealth receipt does not appear. Embedded wall, now more and more popular, not only have personality, but also greatly increase the capacity of bathroom space, embedded a lot of small pieces of articles. In the embedded space, the space is carefully combined to make the bathroom style and capacity. Mirror cabinet is also a good helper, the mirror behind the design of small storage space, wash basin and skin care products, and so on, open the mirror is very convenient to get the things you need.

How does the bathroom be anti-seepage and mildew?

The walls of the bathroom are mostly paved with tiles. In order to keep them clean and bright, you can use multifunctional decontamination cream to clean them. As for bathroom tiles crevice, first use toothbrush to dip a little decontamination cream to remove dirt, then brush with a brush at the gap. This can not only prevent seepage, but also prevent the growth of mould.

A clever way to clean the bathroom glass basin. The glossy mirror and windows will be blurred because of their close contact with water for a long time. A spray type glass basin cleaner can be used to spray a large X shape on a whole glass, then fold the dry rags and wipe one round in one direction until the glass seven points dry, then wipe it again with a dry cloth. It can also be wiped with old newspapers. The ink of paper can make the glass shine as early as possible and wipe away stubborn dirt.

The faucet is perfectly change cloth. Water faucets often dip into various baths, shampoos, and detergent, which will make the surface of the faucet chrome plated. You can spray neutral deter gent on soft cloth and gently wipe the faucet once a week. Do not use acid or abrasive cleaners or wire brushes to “torture” faucets.

Make a whitening mask for the toilet. First, put a proper amount of water in the toilet, rinse the toilet brush again, then pour about 5~10 milliliters of detergent or hydroelectric acid, then wash it evenly with a brush, if the dirt is heavy, then a little detergent can be soaked and washed until clean, then rinse with clean water.

Bathroom ceramics are as bright as new. There is also a convenient and environmentally friendly way to clean sanitary ware, which is white vinegar and lemon peel. First, clean the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware, then dip the soft cloth into a little white vinegar to wipe the surface of the sanitary ware or wipe with the lemon peel. Only a little time, the clean will be bright as new, and it will send out the fragrance.

Create a “oxygen bar” in the room. Today, “negative ion” air, you can keep some of the shade of plants, you can also buy a kind of oxygen bar, an oxygen bar similar to the murals can play the role of fresh air and plants, and do not take care, but also decorate the bathroom room, let the bathroom room “oxygen bar”, you may try.

Create an elegant fragrance. There are many kinds of air fresheners on the market, you can choose according to your own preferences. When using the bathroom in the elegant fragrance atmosphere, the music will be relaxed and comfortable at the same time. The simplest way to clean bathroom air is to put a cup of vinegar or a box of cool oil in the bathroom, and the smell will disappear.

How much space is it enough for the bathroom?

Bathroom function is most people choose room and decoration easily overlooked part, a suite should design several bathroom accessories, I am afraid the opinion is more difficult to unify. A room with a bathroom cabinet is absolutely genuine local tyrant. For most people, what kind of bathroom ideas is the most reasonable?

At present, the design of commercial housing, less than 90 square meters of small space more than a bathroom , 90-140 square meters of large and medium-space basically two bathroom,main bathroom +guest bathroom. Toilet mainly put three pieces of sanitary ware, that is, wash basin, toilet and bathtub or shower, so it should be more than 3 types. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient for people to turn in the inside.

In the bathroom tiles setting, if it is a bathroom  with a bathtub, the net width of the toilet should not be less than 1.6 meters; if it is a shower toilet, the net width should not be less than 1.2 meters. However, is the bathroom adequate for these designs enough? It is still not enough.

According to the three room of 120 square meters, if two generations live, most of them are four families, and three generations are at least five. Look at what functions as a “qualified”  bathroom bathtub : hand washing basin, bathroom cabinet, toilet, shower room, laundry, make-up table, and storage box. A bathroom actually needs to bear so many functions. We have to do so many things in the bathroom.

Two bathroom can do so many things, in fact, it is not enough, or will “crash”. When more and more people realized this, housing decoration began to introduce the concept of “dry and wet separation”. After the dry and wet separation bathroom is renovated, the “dry area” is used for daily washing, storing and washing, and the “wet area” is used for bath shower and going to the toilet.

This design can make the bathroom meet the different needs of the two parties in the same period, and solve the problem of “crash” in the bathroom to a certain extent. Bath shower, wash basin, toilet, wash clothes are all in a large bathroom, but they can be used at the same time, do not interfere with each other, a bathroom can allow four people at the same time.

Apart from the design of bathroom area and functional area, its distribution is also very particular. The bathroom should be adjacent to the bedroom, and the door should not be right to the living room. If the bathroom is directly facing the living room, the front room should be set in the toilet, and the washing machine can be placed in the front room. And most importantly, the size of the bathroom should be consistent with the area standard of the whole building.

Beautiful and clean coexist, bathroom floor tile selection and purchase skills.

In the bathroom, the home environment is very special. The bathroom floor is bathed in water almost every day, and the moisture is very heavy. So, when doing home decoration, what floor tiles are in the bathroom?

Generally, the mosaic tiles with high quality have low water absorption rate, so that they can quickly dry. If the floor tiles does not indicate the water absorption rate, the tea or water drops can be used on the back of the tiles, and the diffusion degree of the water drops will be inspected a few minutes later, the less water absorbs, which means that the water absorption rate is low and the quality is better.

After heat expansion and contraction, the medallion tiles with high water absorption rate will cause the crack of the tiles surface and the whole wall floor tiles, and the decoration of the northern area bathroom in the four seasons is more important to pay attention to this problem.


When choosing bathroom floor tiles with high texture density, when choosing tiles, you can observe whether the tiles surface is smooth, and whether there are pinholes of uneven thickness. At the same time, you can knock the tiles to hear whether the voice is crisp, which indicates that the has high density and good hardness. Such bathroom cabinet are laid in bathroom space, it is not easy to damage, but also easy to maintain and clean.

The choice between the shower, toilet and the basin is dry and wet. It can be well divided by different materials and varieties of bathroom basin, so that they can not interfere with each other, avoid the past kind of splash. This is one of the most common decoration methods in foreign countries.

The color of toilet is first selected according to the overall style of the bathroom, followed by the color that one likes. For most of the small space bathroom, the color of bathroom tiles is the best choice for light colored tiles, not black or dark. Light color can reflect the effect of sight from the light, making the bathroom look more spacious and bright. When choosing bathroom tiles, place tiles on the same color and pattern from outside 0.8m.

Bathroom floor tile specifications are more common size 300mm*300mm, bathtub water absorption rate is generally around 1%. The decoration materials for the wall and floor of the bathroom are glazed tiles,polished tiles and mosaic tiles. The specifications for bara tiles are 300 x 300mm and 330 x 330mm. The bathroom space is smaller than the living space, and the corners are many. Try not to use the large marble porcelain tiles. Because big size tiles cutting frequency is high, the waste is bigger, also does not suit the floor drain, the inconvenient ground leveling, causes the waste.

When choosing shower tray, it can be identified by judging the thickness of glaze layer on tiles. The surface of the polished tiles can be scratched with hard objects. If there is scratch, it means that the glaze is not enough. When the thin glaze layer on the tile surface is polished, the tiles surface will be easy to store dirt, and it is difficult to clean up and lack safety. And some floor tiles which no glazed, generally unsuitable for a wet and closed environment, because the pores on the tiles can not absorb water and can not be diverged, and can also lead to the appearance of mould.