How to Cleaning Area Around Toilet?

Cleaning a toilet is a task that often gets postponed, but it’s essential to keep toilets clean. A dirty toilet will look bad, smell bad and breed germs. However, as with many of life’s less pleasant tasks, cleaning your toilet now can save you headaches later. With these instructions, you’ll get through this task quickly and efficiently.

Remove items from atop and around the toilet. Before you begin, clear the toilet of things that may obstruct you while cleaning – tissue boxes, photos, etc.. Because you want to give the toilet a thorough cleaning, you’ll need to be able to reach every nook and cranny. Clearing items away from the toilet won’t just allow you to clean under and around them – it will keep them out of the way, safe from harmful cleaners, and will prevent any accidental drops into the toilet.

Rinse or dust the items that were on or around the toilet. You don’t want to make your sparkling clean toilet impure by transferring dust onto it from an unclean picture frame or tissue box. Put on clean gloves, then give the items that were on or around the toilet a quick clean.

Wet and lightly scrub them if they’re waterproof, or, if they’re not, just give them a quick pass with a brush. Wipe the items clean with a paper towel and put them back in their places. When you’ve finished, take your gloves off and wash your hands as a precaution against the spread of bacteria.

Spray the floor around the toilet with the disinfectant spray. Often, if your toilet‘s dirty, the floor around it is too. You don’t want to get your feet dirty every time you use the toilet, so take the opportunity to clean the surrounding section of floor. Use a brush or broom to sweep up any loose hair or debris around, and especially behind, the body of the toilet. Wipe the area clean with wet paper towels, disposable wipes, or a cloth.

How To Refining Your Bathroom Decor?

Get color coordinated. Even if you don’t lay down new tile or paint over your monochromatic walls, you can liven the place up a bit by simply introducing new color schemes. Keep things quaint and homey with bright pastels and elegant designs, or create an “executive suite” feel by doing your towels, mats, curtains and other accents in black and gold. Bath accessories come in a huge range of colors and patterns, so don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to mixing and matching.

Buy multiple sets of towels and other items and swap them out periodically to keep things looking and feeling fresh. Different bath accessories can be used to alternately complement or provide a pleasant contrast to the color and lighting of the bathroom.

Include some artwork. It may be that your bathroom is just missing something. A few pieces of well-displayed artwork can really help tie together the furnishings of the room and make it feel more full. Keep an eye out for tasteful photographs, traditional paintings or zany modern works that you think might make your washroom more visually interesting. A single captivating piece can be the difference between empty and engaging.

When shopping around for bathroom art, consider your own personality and go with something that reflects your own style and interests. Remember that moisture builds up in bathrooms, so choose framed pieces and be sure to hang your expensive artwork elsewhere.

Add a little flora. Flowers aren’t just for your kitchen table. Try placing an arrangement of chrysanthemums on the counter alongside your sink, or work a fern or a few stalks of bamboo into a vacant corner or a nook opposite the shower. The natural appeal of plants can pleasantly offset a bathroom full of hard, flat materials like porcelain, tile and metal.

Orchids make great flowers to keep in your bathroom because they develop beautiful, vibrant coloring and tolerate heat and moisture well. Bamboo is another great option as it is easy to maintain and doesn’t require much light. The vibrant green adds a pop of color and a spa-like feel.

Give the room a theme. Devise a theme for you bathroom and hand pick your decorations accordingly. Why settle for a plain white-on-white when you could perform your daily hygiene in a hunter’s lodge or Victorian garden aesthetic? By choosing complimentary fixtures, accessories and ornamentations, you can distinguish your bathroom and give it even more personality than other rooms in the house.

For example, you could deck out a half bath with a beach or nautical theme, complete with seafoam and coral tones, jars of sand and seashells and a framed watercolor painting of a schooner. You might also do a bathroom in a “farmhouse” style, with unfinished wood racks and cabinets and a repurposed old-fashioned toolbox to hold your soaps and shampoos. If you have multiple bathrooms in your home, decorate them all in different visual themes.