How Adding the Finishing Touches?

Stain and finish your wood. First, smooth the board’s surfaces and edges with sandpaper and then clean away any sawdust. Then apply stain to match the color of your bathroom’s other wooden features, if desired. Once it dries, add a coat of wood finish (or, to make things simpler, use an all-in-one stain and finish mix to eliminate a step).

Skip the stain if you want to, but definitely seal the wood with a finish to protect it from moisture. Steam from your bath may warp unprotected wood over time. Use a rag or brush to apply either one. When you do, brush or rub with the board’s grain, not against it. Allow the stain to dry overnight before adding finish. Do the same after adding the finish before proceeding to the next step.

Wear protective gloves when using stains and finishes. Also, use a drop cloth or similar material to protect surfaces in your work area. Add handles. Attach handles to the top of the tray, if desired, for easy transport. Use cupboard pulls or any other type of handle that suits your taste. Follow their directions for installation, since each type of hardware may have its own specific instructions.

However, bear in mind: Cupboards pulls as well as other forms of handles may require you to screw through the bottom of the tray, rather than the top. If so, expect the screw heads to project out of the bottom once they are screwed in. Even if you use flatheads, this may result in the screw heads scratching the rim of your tub.

To avoid this, create a pilot hole by attaching a countersink bit to your screw gun. This will cut both a pilot hole for the screw as well as a slight divot in the wood’s surface that will fit the screw head. Attach grippers. Minimize the chance of your tray slipping off the tub’s rim due to moisture and anything else that may make it slippery, like bath oils.

How Fitting the New Tub and Installing the Drain?

Select a tub that will fit in the designated space. Measure the length and width of the alcove where you will install the tub. Also, measure the height and width of your bathroom doorway to make sure the tub will fit through the bathroom door! Take your measurements to a home improvement store to guide your purchase.

If you’re replacing an old tub, choose a new tub with a similar configuration and make sure the drain and faucets are on the same side and in roughly the same location to make installation easier. Make sure your tub comes with all the faucets, drains, and accessories you will need. Typically, you’ll need a faucet, water handles, and the drain, which includes the drain chute, strainer, strainer cover, trip lever, stopper, linkage, and overflow drain cover.

Dry-fit the tub in the alcove. To ensure the tub fits, place it in the designated area. Check that the drain hole in the bottom of the tub lines up with the P-trap in the floor underneath the tub. Ensure you have the right fittings to connect the water supply lines to the faucet you purchased, as well.

Set the tub somewhere safe after you make sure it fits so you can move onto installing a ledger board. Use caution to prevent scratches or other damage to your new tub! Install a ledger board. Cut a 2 by 4 in (5.1 by 10.2 cm) board to the length of the wall that the long edge of the tub will be placed against. Measure the height of the lip, or flange, of the tub, then mark that height measurement on the back wall.

Use a drill to screw the ledger board to the studs in the wall so that the top of the ledger board is just below the flange when the tub is sitting level in the alcove. A ledger board helps support the weight of the tub and ensures it can be securely attached to the wall.

How to Paint a Bathroom Vanity?

Painting your vanity is the perfect way to give your bathroom a facelift. To prep the vanity for painting, remove all of the drawers, doors, and hardware. Fill in any imperfections with wood putty, then sand and wipe down the surface. Apply primer for a smooth finish and leave it to dry overnight. Apply 2 light layers of paint and let them dry overnight as well. Once you’ve removed the tape and reassembled your vanity, the transformation is complete!

Patch up any surface flaws with wood putty, then let it dry. Fill in any dings, gouges, or deep scratches with wood putty and a putty knife. Make sure to overfill the imperfections so that when the putty dries down, it’ll still fill the damaged area. Wait for the putty to dry and harden before continuing your project.

For shallow imperfections that are less than 0.25 inches (0.64 cm), you can usually sand after 15 minutes. However, with gouges that are deeper than 0.25 inches (0.64 cm), you’ll need to wait 2-8 hours before sanding.

Sand down any extra putty, clear finish, or loose paint. Use 220-grit sandpaper to even out the level of the putty and rub off any gloss finish on the wood. You can also use it to remove spots of loose or damaged paint. Make sure to sand the inside corners of the cabinet as well. This will help create a good base for the paint to stick to.

Clean up the dust with a vacuum and a damp rag. Remove the sanding dust by gently vacuuming the vanity surfaces and the surrounding area. Use a brush extension and a low setting when vacuuming. Lightly dampen a rag with water and use it wipe down the vanity surfaces. This will help pick up any leftover dust. Let the vanity surface dry before moving on to priming.

It is a wonderful way to teach you to expand the bathroom space easily

Clean and orderly bathroom space is an essential part of home life. Good bathroom space provides a comfortable and relaxing life for everyday household life. To create a healthy and warm bathroom space, the key is to have a proper method of receiving the bathroom. In this little editor, we introduce simple and practical tips to you.

The bathroom space is given out with the help of the bathroom cabinet. The big whole bathroom cabinet, receiving the bathroom tiles of the size of the items, all the debris have been swallowed by this giant, the whole bathroom space vacated a lot of place, also make the whole space generous, while the fresh log color of the cabinet, bring a sense of comfort and relaxation. Bathroom tiles space is not big, so corner corner because of the narrow corner will also be used, with small corner bathroom cabinet, easy to use local space to accept.

Borrow the wall to keep everything on the wall. How could it be wasted on the spacious walls, pegged a row of hooks on the suitable wall of the bathroom space, picking up their favorite style and the style of the bathroom toilet , hanging their own clothes, and It was no longer bothered to wrinkle the clothes. The private space between the bathroom is not short of the wall, so want to increase the capacity to “borrow” to it right, wall shelf, wall collecting basket, can reflect the master’s wisdom, multilayer trapezoid shelf, layers and can put a lot of things.

The space combination has a formula. The whole set of bath in bathroom is an indispensable household item. The combination of basin and surrounding space will eliminate the trouble of bathroom. Many hanging basin, there are a lot of space below, a good increase in the capacity to make good use of this, or directly to buy a floor basin, with a big box with a large collection. Near to the basin, sometimes in the layout of the bathroom space, there will be a lot of space, just to put a suitable three-dimensional receiving cabinet, so that the whole space can be more neat.

A stealth receipt does not appear. Embedded wall, now more and more popular, not only have personality, but also greatly increase the capacity of bathroom space, embedded a lot of small pieces of articles. In the embedded space, the space is carefully combined to make the bathroom style and capacity. Mirror cabinet is also a good helper, the mirror behind the design of small storage space, wash basin and skin care products, and so on, open the mirror is very convenient to get the things you need.

How To Choose Ceramic Basin

how to choose ceramic basin

First, take a closer look at the wash basin
Excellent quality of the glazed ceramic surface light slippery, leaving no spots, scratches or marks, easy to wash. In determining the choice in strong light, carefully observed from the side of the reflective surface of ceramic wash basin, with little or no surface of small voids and pits as well.

Two, touch the wash basin
When you choose, you can gently touch the surface with your hands, and feel very smooth and fine. You can also touch the back, feel the “sand sand” subtle friction feeling is good.

Three, bomb listen to wash basin
High quality ceramic wash basin, with knock gently, still can hear the sonorous sound of percussion, if the voice is hoarse, and crack on the surface of the product, and then looking is substandard.

Four, water absorption basin
Water absorption refers to the ceramic products have certain adsorption and permeability of water. If the water is sucked into the ceramic, the ceramic will produce a certain expansion, easy to make the surface of ceramic glaze cracking due to expansion. Especially for high products of ceramic washbasin and bibulous rate, easy to dirt and odor in water inhalation ceramics, after long use, will not remove the odor.

bathroom basin how to install

Bathroom basin how to install?

bathroom basin how to install

Undercounter innstallation method

On the stage of the basin installation is relatively simple, just press the installation drawings on the surface of a predetermined position opening, will put in the hole, the gap can be filled with glass glue.

Installation method of table under basin

Undercounter installing a countertop complex installation, first need to install the bracket to customize the size under counter basin, then  basin is installed in a predetermined position, the fixed bracket, will have a good hole in the basin on the table cover. When installing, note that the position of the bracket should be fixed and accurate, besides, the hole should be rounded.

Installation method of column and basin

The general method of installation of column and basin is that first, the launching device of the cylinder is installed, and then the faucet and hose are installed. Then put the column, porcelain column in the corresponding position, put the tray carefully put, pay attention to the water pipe, just inserted into the original ground left the sewer. Then the upper pipe is connected to the upper nozzle. Finally, put a glass of glue along the edge of the column.

how to clean the bathroom sink

How To Clean The Bathroom Sink?

how to clean the bathroom sink

Wash basin cleaning method

Prepare the cleaning tools, such as cloth, detergent, brush and so on. The ring water wash basin surface opening are most likely hiding garbage place, so if there is a litter with trash first clip clip together; then the clean wash basin surface cleaning agent, then dry carefully wipe with a rag; plug ring Launching port wipe with a rag to small, when available brush with cleaning brush. After cleaning, pay attention to wiping the surface water with a dry cloth.

Points for attention of cleaning and maintenance of ceramic washing table

Ceramic washbasin cleaning and maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the use of cloth after wet add detergent can clean up, don’t use strong friction cloth. Daily dust, sand, etc. should be removed in time to prevent wear and tear of the surface. When the surface scratches on the ceramic pots, can scratch painted some toothpaste, with a soft cloth to wipe repeatedly, then wax.

Points for attention of cleaning and maintenance of glass washing table
Glass washing table, if you often use soap or facial cleanser and other things to wash your face, it is easy to form a layer of dirt in the basin, it is difficult to clean, you can use vinegar or neutral detergent, or toothpaste and other things clean.

Winter wash basin maintenance precautions: heat conduction of ceramics and the minimum rate, hot or cold easily broken, in the winter the temperature is very low, more should pay attention to not use hot water washing basin.
Hand washing table cleaning method has more than a few, this is one of the important components of bathroom, comprehensive bathroom cleaning, different places need special treatment.

how to clean the yellow dirt on the ceramic basin

How To Clean The Yellow Dirt On The Ceramic Basin?

how to clean the yellow dirt on the ceramic basin

As we all know, in the Home Furnishing life, ceramic tile is very important, however, there will be wear and tear, discoloration and other common problems in the use of a long time, especially the bathroom tiles, because the bathroom itself environment is more humid, so it is more serious, which requires us to pay attention to the maintenance of ceramic tile the details in life!

There is also a convenient and environmentally friendly way to clean your body, using white vinegar and lemon peel. Clean the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware first, then dip the soft cloth on a little white vinegar to wipe the surface of the sanitary ware or wipe with the lemon peel. Only a little while, the sanitary ware will be shining as new, and the fragrance will be sent out.

First, the ceramic basin cleaning yellow dirt nine ways

1,add a little detergent and use a duster.

2,can use disinfectant to blister.

3,the more convenient way is to dip a little toothpaste with a cloth, and then repeated scrub.

4, we just need to put some water in the pot, then add some baking soda, soak for 5 minutes, then wipe it lightly with your hands, it will be clean, and also can be washed with hydrochloric acid.

5, the use of special porcelain cleaning fine, clear lens glasses brandy oil covered with dirt grease, available muslin dipped in some brandy or kerosene to clean, so it is convenient and clean.

common sense Bathroom basin maintenance knowledge

Common sense! Bathroom basin maintenance knowledge!

common sense Bathroom basin maintenance knowledge the bathroom space in the humid environment, accidents to children mostly, because
children bathing; love splashing about, because of environmental concerns, if any
improper actions, such as a foot standing in the bathtub wall edge, the other foot is
put on both sides in the basin around the basin or hands,dangerous behavior. The next,
if accidentally slipped and hit that may cause an accident.

2.change the bad habit of placing objects on the basin.

3.the basin above the shelf make-up board on a larger size or heavier weight of daily
necessities, please install lockers, in order to facilitate the collection of daily
necessities, to avoid placing on the make-up board.

4.usually clean: porcelain appearance soft, brush or sponge dip neutral detergent
cleaning, but must not be hot water flushing or directly to the hot water, lest basin
split. To use a basin to hold water, put cold water in it first, and put hot water in it
to avoid scalding.

5. regular maintenance: below the traps head can be disassembled, the accumulation of
dirt removed, can keep drainage unobstructed.

install the washbasin notes so that the use of more convenient

Install The Washbasin Notes So That The Use Of More Convenient

install the washbasin notes so that the use of more convenient

One: depth is proportional to intensity
The water splashed over me, which I’m afraid is the least comfortable for the consumer. As a rule, the depth of the washbasin is proportional to the strength of the flow of water above the faucet, i.e., the deep pool is equipped with a strong faucet. Must not be installed at the bottom of the thick shallow pond water, it will make people in the water splash. The bottom of the pool should be of adequate radian , not smooth, or the water will stay in it.

Two: pay attention to height
Whether stand-alone or desktop washbasin, or the surface of the pool table height is 8085 cm, because the pond is too short to lumbago.

Three: pay attention to finish
The side of the washbasin should be slightly higher than the table top, but it must be smooth with the surface of the table. The purpose is to prevent the water splashing on the surface from being wiped back into the pool, and to facilitate the cleaning of the table. The table itself must choose the smooth surface of the material, the edge and corners must be smooth, to avoid bumping. The smoothness of the washbasin itself is also very important. The pool surface with a high finish makes the debris in the water difficult to adhere to the surface, and reduces the number of times it takes to scrub.

Four: spatial decision form
The wash basin is roughly divided into two types: independent type and table type. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small occupation area and convenient maintenance, and is suitable for toilets with little space. But it needs to be equipped with a mirror case or a bathroom rack to facilitate the use of some toiletries and cosmetics in the space above the pond. A desktop sink should occupy at least one small desk space. It can be placed on the table wash utensils, cabinets below can also litter. If the bathroom area is not large, you can consider installing a triangular washbasin in the corner, the pond above can hang a triangular debris rack, in order to store cleaning supplies.