How do I choose the bathroom? BARANA tells you.

The bathroom is a form of expression that best reflects the master’s artistic taste. With the development of society, the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people’s aesthetic ideas, the toilet has also become a fashion theme in the family decoration. Through the collocation of various products, the artistic taste of every family, the status of the master and the space of the modern elegant life are reflected.

Apart from considering the size, style and color of the bathroom cabinet, the following factors should be considered: moisture-proof, waterproof and moth proofing. The quality of materials directly affects the quality of products, preferably with moisture-proof materials. BARANA multi-storey solid wood board has good structural stability, is not easy to deform, and green environmental protection, environmental protection grade reaches E0 level.

The higher the glossiness of the toilet, the higher the density is, the easier it is to clean. The quality of porcelain is directly related to the life of the toilet. The higher the firing temperature is, the better the quality of porcelain is. The flushing performance of the toilet depends directly on the design of the pipeline, and is also related to the height of the water tank and the water parts. Modern popular flushing methods toilet include direct impact, siphon type and so on. The straight pipe has large diameter and strong flushing. The siphon toilet is due to the pressure difference, which causes the liquid to flow from a high pressure water level to a low pressure level and full of siphons. The noise of the flush is small.

The quality of the water determines whether the toilet is used normally, and more than 90% of the problems appear on the water parts. It is necessary to check the water parts carefully when buying. It is best to install it before the factory comes out, see whether the structure is compact, whether the active connection is sensitive and reliable, and whether the sealing water part is smooth. In line with the concept of water-saving and environmental protection, 6 liters of flushing is a trend, 3/6 up to two stalls, good results.

The wheel base of shower room pulley should use materials that are resistant to compression and heavy resistance, such as 304 stainless steel and high-end synthetic materials. The bearing has good sealing performance, water vapor is not easy to enter the wheel, and the smoothness of the wheels is guaranteed. The pulley and the track should be closely integrated and the gap is small, so it is not easy to fall off when external force is struck, avoiding safety accidents.

Related to glass material, can be divided into ordinary glass and tempered glass, ordinary glass is cheap to use unsafe, now more use of toughened glass, according to national standard safety steel glass per 50*50mm area to reach more than 60 pieces. 3C marks are generally certified on a safe glass. 3C certification is the abbreviation of China compulsory product certification. Shower room without this logo can not be sold. The pull rod of shower room is an important support to ensure the stability of Frameless Shower room. The hardness and intensity of the pull rod are important guarantee for the impact resistance of Shower room. It is recommended not to use a stretchable pull rod, but its strength is weak.

It is often necessary to support the weight of tens of kilograms of glass. If the hardness and thickness are not enough, the service life of the shower room will be very short. Check to see if the surface of aluminum is smooth, whether there is chromatic aberration and trachoma, and section finish. When used for waste aluminum, the smoothness of the surface treatment is not enough, there will be obvious chromatic aberration and sand holes, and the smoothness of the section will be dim.

Now the bathroom is to a kind of noble, elegant style change, the popular thing is not necessarily good, the rapid rise of the avant-garde often, for durable consumer goods is out of date and disappear with the product. And the personality and the classic brand, often have a profound cultural background, its elegant taste, unique, combined with the characteristics of the times and traditional culture, creating a very strong cultural products. BARANA, with bathroom furniture as the soul, is committed to creating a fashion, comfortable and friendly living space for more people and becoming a continuing leader in the classic fashion home bathroom.

How to decorate a small space bathroom?

The bathroom is a necessary functional area in the home. Regardless of the decoration effect of other spaces in the home, the washroom must be well decorated. If the toilet area is large enough you can add the required parts according to the daily needs, but if there have the small space bathroom needs more attention in order to achieve the ideal use effect.

A small bathroom has three functions: shower, wash table and toilet. It is the necessary place to solve personal bathroom. Many people plan the bathroom into dry area and wet area, it is convenient to live and improve the quality of life, but the size of the small space bathroom itself is limited, so it can be designed with the help of shower door, shower curtain and so on. The effect is the same. Small space bathroom in the decoration must be more attention to practicality, some looking beautiful but the actual use of material will be avoided, especially the double pole towel rack this comparison occupies space, but in fact, can not hang two towels of material not to choose. The size between washbasin and water taps material needs to be matched with the choice. Wall decoration can also choose some cheap and fine domestic floor tiles and wall tiles to paving.

Many small bathroom is located in the inner room, and their daylighting is not enough. Therefore, the selection of lighting in lamps and lanterns should be paid more attention to it, and the special environment of the to bathroom is taken into account. It is better to choose some incandescent chandeliers which can be waterproof and explosion-proof to make up for the shortage of lighting problems. The styling of lamps and lanterns can be simple and fashionable, it can also broaden our horizons. Small bathroom wash area, the choice of the basin, bathroom cabinet and other equipment more inclined to shape small and exquisite, to avoid redundant decoration, especially the wash mirror can choose square. The design of towel rack should also be concise, and the height of the towel rack is the same as that of the basin, which is more convenient for human body engineering. The basin should not be selected for the pedestal basin. The space of the column is basically wasted. The wash basin on the lower counter has better storage and can store scattered items.

Small space bathroom in the color selection of the best use of light color system, can be match with white and some bright yellow, light blue, and so on, this way will not cause visual, spiritual, and other aspects of the depression. There are many functions in the bathroom, and many items are used, such as washing products such as washing face milk, sanitary and cleaning articles such as toothbrush cup, shaving tools and so on, and so on. All of these fragmentary items are added up very much, without receiving it in the bathroom, it is more chaotic. At this time, we can put some multifunctional receiving boxes in the bathroom, and can set up common bathroom cabinet, mirror bathroom cabinet and bottom bathroom cabinet and so on.

What are the aspects should be paid attention in the bathroom decoration?

Although the bathroom is small, it has a lot of functions in home life. Bathroom space is the most afraid of the installation process is careless, resulting in the need to be completely knocked out again in the future. This will not only cost energy, but also increase unnecessary spending. BARANA teaches you how to choose and accept bathroom equipment, and build a perfect bathroom.

Pay attention to the bathroom number of holes in the water. According to the number of water holes to buy, prevent trouble after replacement. The wash basin without holes should be installed on the stage or installed on the wall of the face table. The cold and hot water pipes of the single hole basin are connected to the single handle faucet through a hole, and the bottom of the tap is provided with a silk hole, and is fixed on the hole with nuts. The three hole basin can be matched with a single handle cold and hot faucet or a two handle cold and hot faucet. It is suggested that different wash basin should be chosen according to the number of outlet holes, so that they can not be used when buying them.

Wash basin should pay attention to the overall height relationship, the height of the intake system should be done according to the standard draft. Generally, U type pipe fittings need to be put in place in right way to ensure that water pipes and wall drainage holes are effectively combined and watertight, so as to avoid water leakage. In addition, if damage is found during installation, it should be dealt with immediately to avoid subsequent damage or breakage. The edge of wash basin and mesa should be treated with waterproof and edge treatment. At the same time, if there is a storage cabinet under the table type basin, the bathroom cabinet should choose waterproof material or joint point to do waterproof treatment. Silicone can be used to protect each junction point from water penetration. Fill the gap between wash basin and meshwork and fill up with silicone for waterproofing.

Pay attention to the distance of the tube before installation. The toilet tube distance is usually 30 centimeters or 40 centimeters away. Although some toilet tube distance are not limited at present, if there is a brand or style in your favorite list, the length of the tube should be inquired first , it is suggested that the size of the tube should be asked to avoid the improper installation. Hard plug is prohibited when installation. During installation, it is forbidden to press hard or squeeze hard with strong combination, locking or using heavy objects to avoid cracks. The intelligence toilet needs to be reserved for distribution outlets and water intake installations. When designing, we need to reserve electrical outlets and water intake. Now many new houses are most likely to set up the power supply in the vicinity of the toilet drainage pipe, but the second-hand housing or the old room usually does not have a reservation, and the need for another wire to affect the overall beauty. Therefore, we need to consider whether we need to install smart toilets when old buildings are being transformed. The edge treatment of two-piece toilet. When fixing the toilet, pay attention to the alignment of the base and drainage holes and the treatment of floor tiles, so as to avoid bad drainage and produce peculiar smell.

More drainage holes are left under the bathtub. Bathtub base should pay special attention to waterproof, drainage, waterproof paint and then install a bathtub, do not perfunctory. It’s best to leave a drainage hole below. In case there is a real leakage of water, also can drain from the drainage hole in time without causing down-hole seepage. At the same time, when the bathtub is installed, the supporting degree of the side wall should be considered enough. If the wall is not properly supported, once the water volume will cause the bathtub to move up and down, it will create cracks and water seepage.

More attention should be paid to the combination of the bathtub and the side wall. Avoid sharp corners, seams and accumulated water. If you choose freestanding bathtub, the biggest advantage is that you can place your place with joy. When installing, it is usually fixed on the base of the base by using silicone. BARANA suggests using mould proof ingredients. It is not easy to mould and cause the trouble of cleaning in the future.

Massage bathtub test. In the massage bathtub, the motor maintenance holes should be reserved. The location of the socket should not be too long, and the connection must be fixed. Otherwise, it will leak electricity due to loosening. The power supply contacts must be checked, and the leakage devices should be tested. The shower room glass door should be carefully selected. When you install glass sliding doors, you can choose to strengthen the material glass to avoid single point impact damage. In addition, it is necessary to consider the problem of load carrying capacity; the aluminum frame type should pay attention to the combination point, the lubrication of the track, the size level and the water stop effect after closing the closed door.

What are the precautions for bathroom maintenance?

Everyone is familiar with the basin, and the basin is a tool for filling the liquid, which is mainly used to clean the face. Many people used to wash their faces with the basin. Now, although the faucet has been invented, there are many people who will use the basin. The basin is a kind of face washing tool for people’s life. Wash basins can be divided into many types. Stainless steel basins and ceramic washbasins are more common. Some washbasins are made of plastic. Bathroom washbasins are generally divided into three forms: the table basin, the wall-hang basin and the pedestal basin.

Table basin: the general owner of the table basin is mainly suitable for the bathroom with large area. It can be used in combination with the table surface of natural stone or artificial stone. It can also be used as a bathroom cabinet under the table surface. The bathrooms are both beautiful and practical. The table type basin is also a platform for trimming the upper stage basin and the lower floor basin. The upper basin of the trimming platform is directly installed on the stage, and the washbasin trimming can modify the table surface, which is more beautiful compared with the lower basin. The platform is equipped with solid table material and installed under the table. It is easier to clean than the table basin.

Wall-hang basin: hanging basin, also known as hanging wall type basin. Hanging style basin installation is relatively simple, only need to install according to the steps of the installation drawings can be installed, this basin should be built in the decoration of a short wall, the water pipe into the wall. There are many kinds of hanging basins, many families like to use this, and some public places also use more.

Pedestal basin: simple and generous, although it does not possess the nature of receipt, it is convenient and comfortable to use. The pedestal basin is suitable for the low use rate of the toilet, or the simple bathroom. The general pedestal basin can hide the drainage assembly into the pedestal basin, which has a striking visual focus, and the space under the washbasin is more open and easy to clean.

Maintenance method
1.change the bad habit of placing articles on the basin.
2.The daily necessities of larger size or heavier weight on the top of the basin are installed in addition to the storage cabinet to facilitate the collection of daily necessities and avoid placing on the make-up board.

3. Clean at ordinary times: the appearance of porcelain is soft, brush or sponge clean with neutral detergent, but avoid hot water washing to prevent the basin from cracking. If you want to use the basin to hold water, put cold water in the first place to avoid hot burns.
4. Regular maintenance: the bottom of the bay head can be removed, and the accumulated stains can be removed to keep drainage unobstructed.

5. Regularly check whether there is dark crack in the basin, fill the basin with water and pour it into the colored paint for one night. If there is a dark crack, you can see clearly.
6. When cleaning the basin, we should try to use the sponge cleaning agent to clean, avoid the use of the vegetable cloth, or scrub with hard brush, acid alkali chemical agent or solvent, because it will form fine scratches on the surface of the basin and make it become coarse and easy to deposit dirt.
7. When cleaning the basin, you must pay special attention to the dead part of the joint below the table.

How to choose sanitary ware?

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the quality of decoration, and the decoration and purchase of toilets is also one of the most important parts. ut when you go to a sanitary ware shop, you don’t know how to choose when facing the dazzling bathroom products. Now we will give you a detailed account of the selection of sanitary ware.

The utility model relates to a toilet, which belongs to a sanitary appliance in the field of building water supply and drainage materials. The toilet seat, which is characterized by the sitting posture of the human body, is divided into direct impact and siphon type according to the washing method. It can solve the problem of time consuming, costly, unsanitary and so on. In the toilet, the toilet and hand paper basket can be put in the toilet to solve the mess, smell and unclean problems in the toilet.

The basin is a kind of sanitary ware, a porcelain basin for washing and washing hands in the bathroom. The wash basin is divided into two kinds: the platform basin and the lower basin. This is not the difference between the basin, but the difference in installation. The platform is called the platform basin, and the basin is completely sunken under the table.

The bathroom cabinet can be divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking varnish, glass, metal and solid wood. The substrate is the main body of the bathroom cabinets, which is concealed by the surface material. Substrate is the deciding factor of bathroom cabinet quality and price. During handling, light lifting should be carried out rather than dragging hard. When placed, the ground is not flat, and the legs should be padded.

The faucet is the popular name of the water valve, which is used to control the size switch of water flow, and has the effect of saving water. The regeneration rate of the faucet is very fast, from the old cast iron technology to the electroplating knob, and also to the stainless steel single – temperature single – controlled faucet, the stainless steel double – temperature double – control faucet and the kitchen semi – automatic faucet.

The bathtub is a water pipe device for bathing or showering, usually installed in the home bathroom. Most modern bathtubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass, and also contain iron and steel on ceramics. Shower room is a separate shower compartment, modern home for bathroom facilities more and more high, many families want to have an independent bath space, but because of the room’s limited sanitary space, only bath facilities and sanitary ware in one room. The shower room takes full advantage of the indoor corner and clears the shower area with fences to form a relatively independent bathing space. The flower sprinkler was originally a device for watering flowers, potted plants and other plants. Later, some people converted it into a shower, making it a common device in the bathroom. The installation height of flower sprinkler can be divided into two types according to the type of shower: invisible installation and external installation.

Bathroom hardware accessories, refers to the hanging wall type metal products installed in the bathroom for hanging clothes. For example, towel rack, towel bar, hanger hook and so on. It can be broadly divided into copper, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and so on. Ground leakage is an important interface to connect the drainage pipe system and the indoor ground. As an important part of the drainage system in the house, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air, and it is very important for the control of the odor in the bathroom.

The modern style bathroom space appears to be relatively simple and fashionable, bringing a sense of leisure and comfort to modern life. Less complicated solid wood combination cabinets, combined with the whole bathroom style, dominate the modern simple atmosphere of the whole bathroom space.

Traditional European style, full of classic mixed bath style, thick rural pastoral flavor of the traditional European classic classic classic, through historical precipitation, the humanities and nature of the fusion of a breath, people fascinated. The dark coloured bath cabinet is precisely this kind of precipitation, the charm which one kind of style sends out.

The Mediterranean flavor is fresh and elegant, and a blue sea breeze is blowing lightly. It makes people feel comfortable accepting the scenery here. The bathroom space with blue tones, such as the clear water in the sky, is clear and refreshing, with a lot of plants.

A fantastic ideas can make bathroom decoration requires to more comfortable and perfect effect

We want to break the conventional design of bathroom decoration. The family bathroom decoration effect has both the comfort of the hotel and the perfect feeling of family decoration. Home bathroom is also the most worthy of our creation, through a little wonder, bathroom can become a style inside and outside, farewell monotonous and dull, to meet the distinctive personality bathrooms space.

Creativity and personality. Because bathroom area is limited, so relaxed and simple design style is liked by many people. In general, designers will use rectangular mirrors on the top and wall of the room to enhance the penetration of the room. In the other side of the wall from the bottom to the top of the wall paste colored tiles, shower area and wash area with glass, white tiles, bathroom cabinet, color “wall” and the mirror and light, bathroom is not only refreshing, but also fashionable avant-garde. Some personality designers do not match the color, but choose the full – Caffeine mosaic of the bathroom to carry out full package of bathroom, not only the ground, wall, even the skirt of the bathtub on the whole package of mosaic, perhaps early into the room, feel a little depressed, but more cool people. If you think the whole coffee color is too dull, you can also use the “step by step” type of placement method, transition color.

Retro bathroom design. The smooth and smooth appearance, the color and luster of the visual effect, these are the benefits of stone cast baths, very consistent with the requirements of literary and artistic youth. At the same time, it is also very convenient and convenient in anti fouling and cleaning. The most important thing is that its life is long enough. And through the windows, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.

The claw bathtub with the bar is very pleasant. The style is well designed, and decorating is also crucial: hanging small makeup boxes can put some small items in common use. Metal rings and poles can be inserted into the wall to store towels and toilet paper. Transparent soap boxes, toothcups and so on are directly absorbed on the wall by suction heads, so that it is convenient to change positions at will. The rattan basket can be hung on the side of the bathtub, with bath salts, aromatherapy oil and flowers.

The most potential is the toilet, when others are not white or ivory, do not want ordinary you, whether to break this stuffy Bureau, a colourful change of the body? Small flowers, cartoon characters and cute animal shapes can be used to decorate bathroom. In addition, make a small bar on the edge of the bathtub faucet. When you soak in the bathtub, and the wine with your hands. Is it very comfortable? The bar at home should be used for oneself. It is the leisure space in the family. It should not be kept in the living room. Bathing in a bathtub is the most relaxing time for a person. It is also the most suitable place for bars.

European style classical bathroom design. The European style bathroom design is a consistent and elegant and luxurious route, and the mosaic of big color mosaic tiles can change the different styles in the ingenious combination of light and shadow. The big bathtub edge creates a romantic atmosphere with candles, and the rose petals reveal the women’s love for romance.

Functional double hand basin. In the bathroom the most secretive space in home life, the basin’s insignificant role can affect your day’s life. In the early morning, dressing up and dressing up here makes the mood cheerful and confident. At night, I wash away my fatigue and relax my body and mind for a whole day. Therefore, the selection of a love basin is an important part of the decoration of new homes.

Problems to be solved in the bathroom decoration

It is difficult to decorate a small bathroom space. The survey data show that most of the bathroom spaces in the common people are below 10 square meters. How to make the best use of this part of the space has become the focus of most people. The compact bathrooms space requires that we integrate the basic functions and bathroom features as much as possible in the decoration, and strive to make the limited space visually open. In small bathrooms, wash basin and toilet should be choose as small as possible to save the space. In addition, the toilet bowl and wash basin can also use suspended wall to make the bathroom feel more space. In color matching, all the faucets in the small bathroom and equipped with the best uniform light color system, if the choice of more than two kinds of main color, the whole space will inevitably appear to be too messy. Similarly, we must take full consideration of the uniformity of size, color, pattern or texture in the selection of sanitary ware, accessories, and ornaments for such small spaces. In this way, no matter what kind of decoration, it can maintain the continuity of style.

It is difficult to match space and products. In the process of bathroom furniture, it is unavoidable to meet such “disappointed things” – a cheerful choice of their own sanitary ware, but the original idea can not meet the requirements of the installation of products. No alternative but to change the original design, which makes it difficult to satisfy the choice. Usually, the installation of sanitary ware must be carried out by professional construction personnel, and different manufacturers have different requirements for installation conditions. Therefore, before buying sanitary products, we must consider the existing design and feasibility of future construction and how to install it. For example, the faucet needs to bury the appropriate water line, the bathroom cabinet needs to reserve enough space, the toilets seat needs to consider the wall distance, the shower room needs to consider the load-bearing wall, the location of the floor leak, and so on. These conditions must be done well in the home decoration construction process, otherwise the sanitary products may not be installed and used. Therefore, the correct steps should be to understand, select the product before, and then enter the stage of decoration, so that in the construction, we can set up space in accordance with the specific installation requirements and technical parameters of the selected products, transform the pipeline, create the installation conditions, thus creating a perfect bathroom in your mind.

It is difficult to use the space of malformation. Whether it is large space or small space, there will always be such or such a space in the toilet, they are usually small, irregular shape and become the “deep hatred” in space decoration and use. In fact, as long as we spend some time in mind, these odd space can be turned into a bright spot in bathroom space. For example: the lower part of the toilet and basin water tank, can be used to do storage room: set a lattice plate under the water tank, each plate with screws and bracket fixed, The number of lattice plates and the size of the rack can be determined according to the size and convenience of the wall space and the required storage products. In addition, a small storage cabinet can be built behind the mirror, which will undoubtedly provide more space for the small objects commonly used in the home.

The design is not flexible, and a slight error in construction will cause a series of rework. If the socket on the wall is fixed, it is found that the height of the ceiling is just in conflict with it, but it is hard to change the tiles. If the washing basin is installed in place, it is found that the pipeline is not able to pass normally, and only a few more turns must be taken out of the bathroom cabinets. For example, the faucet needs to bury the appropriate water line, the bathroom cabinet needs to reserve enough space, the toilet needs to consider the wall distance, the shower room design needs to consider the weight bearing wall, the location of the floor leak, and so on. Some conditions must be done well in the house installation, otherwise the sanitary ware can not be used in an installation.

When choosing sanitary ware, decorations and other materials, we must give full consideration to the uniformity of size, color, pattern or texture. In this way, no matter how specific the bathroom style is, or what kind of combination it is, it can maintain a strong style consistency. And this design can also make the bathroom have a large space of visual appeal. Also from the practical point of view, small, comfortable and elegant chairs, fine walls and vertical curtains can create a traditional romantic mood, but to pay attention to the high humidity and water stains, it will make the small space easy to damage, destroy the elaborate visual effects, and cause unnecessary trouble for the use of their own days.

How To Choose Ceramic Basin

how to choose ceramic basin

First, take a closer look at the wash basin
Excellent quality of the glazed ceramic surface light slippery, leaving no spots, scratches or marks, easy to wash. In determining the choice in strong light, carefully observed from the side of the reflective surface of ceramic wash basin, with little or no surface of small voids and pits as well.

Two, touch the wash basin
When you choose, you can gently touch the surface with your hands, and feel very smooth and fine. You can also touch the back, feel the “sand sand” subtle friction feeling is good.

Three, bomb listen to wash basin
High quality ceramic wash basin, with knock gently, still can hear the sonorous sound of percussion, if the voice is hoarse, and crack on the surface of the product, and then looking is substandard.

Four, water absorption basin
Water absorption refers to the ceramic products have certain adsorption and permeability of water. If the water is sucked into the ceramic, the ceramic will produce a certain expansion, easy to make the surface of ceramic glaze cracking due to expansion. Especially for high products of ceramic washbasin and bibulous rate, easy to dirt and odor in water inhalation ceramics, after long use, will not remove the odor.

bathroom basin how to install

Bathroom basin how to install?

bathroom basin how to install

Undercounter innstallation method

On the stage of the basin installation is relatively simple, just press the installation drawings on the surface of a predetermined position opening, will put in the hole, the gap can be filled with glass glue.

Installation method of table under basin

Undercounter installing a countertop complex installation, first need to install the bracket to customize the size under counter basin, then  basin is installed in a predetermined position, the fixed bracket, will have a good hole in the basin on the table cover. When installing, note that the position of the bracket should be fixed and accurate, besides, the hole should be rounded.

Installation method of column and basin

The general method of installation of column and basin is that first, the launching device of the cylinder is installed, and then the faucet and hose are installed. Then put the column, porcelain column in the corresponding position, put the tray carefully put, pay attention to the water pipe, just inserted into the original ground left the sewer. Then the upper pipe is connected to the upper nozzle. Finally, put a glass of glue along the edge of the column.

how to clean the bathroom sink

How To Clean The Bathroom Sink?

how to clean the bathroom sink

Wash basin cleaning method

Prepare the cleaning tools, such as cloth, detergent, brush and so on. The ring water wash basin surface opening are most likely hiding garbage place, so if there is a litter with trash first clip clip together; then the clean wash basin surface cleaning agent, then dry carefully wipe with a rag; plug ring Launching port wipe with a rag to small, when available brush with cleaning brush. After cleaning, pay attention to wiping the surface water with a dry cloth.

Points for attention of cleaning and maintenance of ceramic washing table

Ceramic washbasin cleaning and maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the use of cloth after wet add detergent can clean up, don’t use strong friction cloth. Daily dust, sand, etc. should be removed in time to prevent wear and tear of the surface. When the surface scratches on the ceramic pots, can scratch painted some toothpaste, with a soft cloth to wipe repeatedly, then wax.

Points for attention of cleaning and maintenance of glass washing table
Glass washing table, if you often use soap or facial cleanser and other things to wash your face, it is easy to form a layer of dirt in the basin, it is difficult to clean, you can use vinegar or neutral detergent, or toothpaste and other things clean.

Winter wash basin maintenance precautions: heat conduction of ceramics and the minimum rate, hot or cold easily broken, in the winter the temperature is very low, more should pay attention to not use hot water washing basin.
Hand washing table cleaning method has more than a few, this is one of the important components of bathroom, comprehensive bathroom cleaning, different places need special treatment.