How to Choosing Textures and Materials Create a Farmhouse Style Bathroom?

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for a farmhouse-style bathroom. But there are some general rules you’ll need to follow in order to successfully create a farmhouse feel. Use a minimalist style—choose white, wood, and one or two other colors whenever possible. Look for antique furniture, lighting fixtures, and clawfoot tubs. Stick to wire, glass, and wood for storage baskets and boxes.

Go for a simple style with neutral colors. Use a limited palette consisting of just a few colors and avoid having too much clutter. For instance, you might have light flooring of wood or tile, a green plant or two, and dark wicker furniture. When placing shelves and furniture, line everything up at right angles. Don’t include more lighting, shelving, or storage elements than are necessary. Opt for neutrals and earth tones,like white, beige, light blue, green, and black.

Use dark wood. Wooden flooring is the obvious place to incorporate wood into your farmhouse style bathroom. However, you could also choose to frame your mirror with a rustic, unvarnished wood frame. Wooden picture frames and furniture would also look perfect in your farmhouse style bathroom. Choose wooden furniture or wooden flooring, but not both. Contrasting materials will make your farmhouse style bathroom more stylish. Traditional farmhouses made use of dark, rugged wood rather than light wood colors or stains.

Purchase antiques. Antiques are perfect for a farmhouse style bathroom, especially for things that are used minimally or are merely ornamental. For instance, an antique wooden picture frame, towel ring, light fixture, or mirror will give your farmhouse style bathroom that timeworn look that makes the farmhouse style bathroom so attractive. You can get antiques at your local antique shop or flea market, or online.

Market Introduction Of Toilet Categories

market introduction of toilet categories

Toilet seat —- the toilet in the market is divided into four kinds according to the way of sewage disposal, such as falling down type, siphon down type, siphon jet type and siphon whirlpool type.

Impact toilet: the advantages of cheap price, small water consumption, good sewage effect, the pool has a smaller water area. Drawback is noise when discharging.

Siphon toilet: advantages – there is a complete pipeline, the shape of the side inverted “S”, the wall slope is slow, noise problems improved. Disadvantages —- the water storage area at the bottom of the pool increases.
Siphon injection: the advantages of the siphon type toilet is improved, adding a jet attached way, increasing the flow momentum, speed up the sewage discharge, noise problems have improved. Disadvantages —- pool, memory, water area is larger.

Siphon whirlpool toilet: is the highest grade of a kind. Its structure is similar to that of other siphons, but the water supply pipe is located at the bottom of the urinal and passes into the bottom of the pool. In order to meet the design requirements of the pipeline, in the molding process, the water tank and the toilet are combined into a whole. Its biggest advantage is the use of the two kinds of effects: siphon vortex and vortex can produce a strong centripetal force, the dirt quickly involved in the whirlpool, with the siphon drain away dirt generated, the flushing process is quick and thorough, and the smell of small, low noise.