How to Choosing Textures and Materials Create a Farmhouse Style Bathroom?

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for a farmhouse-style bathroom. But there are some general rules you’ll need to follow in order to successfully create a farmhouse feel. Use a minimalist style—choose white, wood, and one or two other colors whenever possible. Look for antique furniture, lighting fixtures, and clawfoot tubs. Stick to wire, glass, and wood for storage baskets and boxes.

Go for a simple style with neutral colors. Use a limited palette consisting of just a few colors and avoid having too much clutter. For instance, you might have light flooring of wood or tile, a green plant or two, and dark wicker furniture. When placing shelves and furniture, line everything up at right angles. Don’t include more lighting, shelving, or storage elements than are necessary. Opt for neutrals and earth tones,like white, beige, light blue, green, and black.

Use dark wood. Wooden flooring is the obvious place to incorporate wood into your farmhouse style bathroom. However, you could also choose to frame your mirror with a rustic, unvarnished wood frame. Wooden picture frames and furniture would also look perfect in your farmhouse style bathroom. Choose wooden furniture or wooden flooring, but not both. Contrasting materials will make your farmhouse style bathroom more stylish. Traditional farmhouses made use of dark, rugged wood rather than light wood colors or stains.

Purchase antiques. Antiques are perfect for a farmhouse style bathroom, especially for things that are used minimally or are merely ornamental. For instance, an antique wooden picture frame, towel ring, light fixture, or mirror will give your farmhouse style bathroom that timeworn look that makes the farmhouse style bathroom so attractive. You can get antiques at your local antique shop or flea market, or online.

Somethings Before Improve a Bathroom

As one of the most frequently visited rooms in the house, the bathroom can quickly start looking a little stale. After a while, that plain white tile and those old bath towels can lose their charm, making you long for something sleek and new. Fortunately, it’s easy to upgrade the look of your bathroom without having to run up renovation or remodeling fees. All it takes is a few simple ideas, a keen eye and a quick trip to your local home goods store, and you’ll be enjoying the calming luxury of your sumptuous new bathroom setting in no time.

Freshening Up the Look of the Bathroom. Deep clean everything. You can often improve the look of your bathroom by simply cleaning it. Before you start making more significant overhauls, simply scrub, wipe, dust and polish everything in sight, from the grout in the floor tiles to the shower curtain liner. Chances are, your bathroom will look newer, brighter and more inviting when you’re finished.

A thorough cleaning can be very restorative for bathroom surfaces, which tend to show grime and discoloration very obviously. You should aim to clean and sanitize your bathroom at least once every couple of weeks.

Add a fresh coat of paint. Most bathrooms are finished in drab, sterile hues. Remedy this by adding a new shade to the walls. With just a couple hours work, a lifeless white washroom can be completely transformed with playful plum or rustic olive tones. Best of all, painting is something you can do as many times as you want, so you can continue to change the motif of your bathroom over the years.

Painting the walls of your bathroom can create a day-and-night difference, even if you don’t change anything else. You could also restain wood floor tiles to improve their finish and durability.

Hide unsightly items. It can be pretty unattractive to look around your bathroom and see it littered with toilet paper packages, dirty scrubbing brushes and bottles of cleaning supplies. Keep the kinds of things out of sight to highlight the comfort and serenity of the room. Use your available cabinet space or a separate supply closet to stash away items that make your intimate space look like a public restroom.

Find unconventional means for storing bathroom necessities, such as a wicker basket for holding toilet paper or a multi-level fruit hanger for organizing  supplies. Place bins full of bath products on shelves above the toilet to keep clutter off the counters.

Buy all new bath accessories. Sometimes you just have to throw everything out and start over. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to fresh bath towels, shower mats and curtains, soap dispensers or even a new toilet brush. Look for goods in different colors and styles than you’ve grown accustomed to in order to break up the monotony and get you excited about a peaceful escape to the powder room again.

Updating little details is an inexpensive and immediate way to breathe new life into a tired bathroom. New towels not only make your bathroom look better, they also make your bathing experience more luxurious.