How to Adding Bathroom Elements Create a Farmhouse Style Bathroom?

Choose your lighting. There are a range of acceptable options for farmhouse style bathroom lighting. The most common option is a downward-curving sconce in a vintage style of silver or copper. Use bare bulbs or a simple glass covering over your bulbs. Alternately, antique hanging light fixtures might work, or light fixtures that resemble a candelabra with candle-style bulbs. Avoid fixtures that look contemporary or modern, such as stainless steel, chrome, or polished nickel.

Use round hanging mirrors. Instead of the traditional wide, rectangular, across-the-wall mirror that you find in most modern bathrooms, choose a round hanging mirror. Alternately, use boxy mirrors with a square or rectangular shape instead of round hanging mirrors. If your existing mirror is unframed, frame each side with rustic wood for a quick fix.

Install a tub. Tubs, not showers, are the preferred bathing technology in the farmhouse-style bathroom. A simple white tub elevated on four legs (known as a clawfoot tub) is the best option.  Avoid installing a plastic shell-style tub. They are inappropriate for a farmhouse-style bathroom. If you can’t do without a shower, choose one with simple subway tile or vintage wood-plank-style tile. Choose a stationary glass shower door with a dark frame, such as one made from wood or bronzed metal, instead of a shower curtain.

Add some foliage. A small glass vase of lilacs will look great on a shelf in your farmhouse-style bathroom. Alternately, place a tin or copper bucket with wild flowers or ferns on your counter. Opt for silk or fake flowers instead of real ones, as they will last longer. You might also like white flowers like daisies to match your white décor. Avoid bold colors like bright red or orange. Stick to a single color or species when selecting foliage for your farmhouse style bathroom.

Select your artwork. Imagery will help emphasize your bathroom’s farmhouse theme. Pictures of farm animals like chickens, cows, or horses are good options, as are scenes depicting crops and fields. Choose art that evokes farm life to put the finishing touch on your farmhouse style bathroom. You might also choose to incorporate antique signs that gesture toward small-town life of a previous era. Metal signs with words like “Soap” or “Wash Up” on them would look great in a farmhouse-style bathroom.

how to choose shower

How To Choose Shower

how to choose shower

First, see whether the surface coating is smooth and smooth.
Generally speaking, from the surface of the shower, the naked eye can see the more bright and delicate, the better the plating process.

Two, look at the merits of the material.
Most of the plastic used for ordinary showers, high-quality showers generally use copper tube, copper pipe percussion sound crisp, cast iron pipe sound muffled. Or you can hold the tube 2, 3 seconds after the release, such as pipe body mist lingering, it is very likely that the cast iron pipe, if left hand tube almost no change, basically you can determine copper.

Three, look at the shower switch spool material and service life.
Quality shower switch valve core is made by special process, high hardness ceramic made, the service life to meet the national standard of 200 thousand times.

Four, look at the sprinkler function.
Many showers in addition to a variety of water functions, there are energy-saving, self-cleaning, constant water temperature and other diversified functions, and some showers there are multiple sprinklers. According to the actual situation of their own, select the right function, the less function, of course, the lower the price.

Five, look at the intensity of irrigation.
This should be based on their own water pressure, and if the house adopts water tower and other equipment, the water pressure is low, low pressure sprinkler should be used to ensure that in low pressure circumstances, the sprinkler water has a certain degree of irrigation. Of course, under normal circumstances, the water pressure less than 1.5 kilograms in the most suitable shower use will cause pressure, water pressure is too small a shower, the shower can not be used normally.