The cold knowledge about toilet that you don’t know

As a symbol of quality of life, toilets are used by more and more families and public places. The emergence of toilets not only makes toilets sanitary, but also makes many developed countries begin to attach importance to the construction of urban tap water and sewage system. It can be said that the history of toilet development also reflects the history of human civilization and sanitation.

However, it should bring convenience toilet to people, but it also brings unexpected troubles. When there is a lot of toilet outside, even if there is a squat toilet, everyone will wait in line at the door. Some people do not talk about public morality, squatting directly on the toilet, stepping on footprints and muddy water. A good bathroom will provide toilet seat pad, but some people feel unhygienic. Dirty is the only consensus that we have of public bathroom toilet.

The toilet is small and healthy is important. Try to use squat toilets in public places. Since there is no guarantee that public bathroom will be disinfected after each use, so public places should try to choose squat toilets. If the old man is not convenient to squat, use paper to wipe the washer toilet. Planners should also be considerate of the concerns of everyone, while adding more humanized design, such as public toilet crouching toilet on both sides of the safety handrail.

Cardiovascular patients choose toilets. When you go out, you’d better take a portable toilet stool, you can change the squat toilet into a simple toilet, to reduce the squat caused by the sudden rise in blood pressure on the upper body caused by the accident. Go to the toilet at home, try not to plug in the door, so that in the event of an accident, the family can be found in the first place.

Cover the toilet seat when flushing. If the toilet lid is opened during flushing, the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can throw germs or microorganisms into the air up to 6 meters high and suspend them in the air for hours, thereby contaminating walls and other objects. We should develop the habit of covering the toilet lid while flushing.

Three days scrubbing, both inside and outside of toilet. Many people will wait until the toilet dirt after cleaning, in fact, by this time the toilet inside and outside the bacteria already dense. It’s best to clean it once every three days. If you have urinary tract infection in your home, it’s best to sterilize toilet with household disinfectant. The outer side of the toilet is also best cleaned. Use a piece of cloth instead of mixing it with other rag.

The old man’s toilet is equipped with an armrest. If there is an old person in the family, the toilet door should be opened outside. If it is opened inside, it is difficult to push the door open after the old man falls down unexpectedly. If conditions permit, the toilet should be equipped with handrails and easy-to-use ringing bells, the elderly in case of an accident can promptly notify their families.