install the washbasin notes so that the use of more convenient

Install The Washbasin Notes So That The Use Of More Convenient

install the washbasin notes so that the use of more convenient

One: depth is proportional to intensity
The water splashed over me, which I’m afraid is the least comfortable for the consumer. As a rule, the depth of the washbasin is proportional to the strength of the flow of water above the faucet, i.e., the deep pool is equipped with a strong faucet. Must not be installed at the bottom of the thick shallow pond water, it will make people in the water splash. The bottom of the pool should be of adequate radian , not smooth, or the water will stay in it.

Two: pay attention to height
Whether stand-alone or desktop washbasin, or the surface of the pool table height is 8085 cm, because the pond is too short to lumbago.

Three: pay attention to finish
The side of the washbasin should be slightly higher than the table top, but it must be smooth with the surface of the table. The purpose is to prevent the water splashing on the surface from being wiped back into the pool, and to facilitate the cleaning of the table. The table itself must choose the smooth surface of the material, the edge and corners must be smooth, to avoid bumping. The smoothness of the washbasin itself is also very important. The pool surface with a high finish makes the debris in the water difficult to adhere to the surface, and reduces the number of times it takes to scrub.

Four: spatial decision form
The wash basin is roughly divided into two types: independent type and table type. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small occupation area and convenient maintenance, and is suitable for toilets with little space. But it needs to be equipped with a mirror case or a bathroom rack to facilitate the use of some toiletries and cosmetics in the space above the pond. A desktop sink should occupy at least one small desk space. It can be placed on the table wash utensils, cabinets below can also litter. If the bathroom area is not large, you can consider installing a triangular washbasin in the corner, the pond above can hang a triangular debris rack, in order to store cleaning supplies.